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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (3979)
Catland Alliance Catland Alliance
Catland is immersed in the thousands of problems that seem unsolvable. You must collect all stars in all levels but they don't know how to do it. Will you be able to help the poor cats? Group them into big figures and finally reach the stars. Follow on screen instructions!
Mario Caballerial Mario Caballerial
Rodney Mullen, Tony Hawk and yan Sheckler left their mark on his sports career of our hero. Mario has taken up a new favorite activity, urban skateboarding, Collect coins and pull some insane jumps as you control mario in his awesome adventure. Use arrow keys to control him and have some fun!
Help The Holy Pig Help The Holy Pig
The pig is back with new stories of adventure. Boys want to help them fly to a safer places. Monsters are preparing to attack your city. Your objective in this cool defense game is to defend the city at all costs by building defense towers to attack the monsters. Use the mouse to play this one.
Arcade (825)
Bunny Snake Bunny Snake
The animals have gone crazy and started a course of mutual alienation. Move the snake around the maze to eat all the rabbits. Each rabbit you eat adds more sections to the snake. Try to eat all of them without biting your own tail.
Dressing Room Similarities Dressing Room Similarities
The dressing room is no longer the same and the boys must find the original. The smallest differences can be found in minutes. And of course, this time around you would not need to share your dressing room with your co-stars, as all those who play a lead role in the musical gets his or her own dressing room. Use the mouse!
Mario Level 2 Mario Level 2
Dodge the bad guys and get to the end of the level to save Mario's brother!
Hidden Objects (1264)
Forsaken Mines Forsaken Mines
The mining industry has given birth to many tales of adventure and suspense. The boys will descend to underground galleries to unravel new mysteries. We arrived at Jacob City to find the well known mine by the name Tuego. This mine is full of diamonds, but also has many tunnels, 21 tunnel to be exact, and itís very easy to get lost. Make sure you stay close so you donít get lost. Use the mouse and find hidden objects!
Real Fortune Teller Real Fortune Teller
Items covered by this mystical fragrance becoming more difficult to find. Boys will make a journey into an imaginary world. In one small gipsy village lives a woman that is believed to be very skilled in predicting the destiny and discovering lost objects. She is visited by one very respectable man. The fortune teller sends the man deep into the forest where he will supposedly find that great treasure. Use the mouse to play this game, have some fun and find them all!
Chosen Picnic Weekend Chosen Picnic Weekend
We have fruits, condiments, salt, pepper, cups and plates, serving utensils, we have all of these. The boys are ready for picnic. We are ready to go on a trip to my husbandís birth place. We havenít been there for a long time. And the nature there is beautiful, with clean fresh air, beautiful green areas and crystal clear lake. I canít wait to get there. Use the mouse and find hidden objects!
Motorcycle (432)
Ninjutsu Bike Ninjutsu Bike
Ninjas use unconventional warfare style to control a rigid bike, to reach the battlefield with it. Ninja is not the best rider but has a lot of courage. While anybody can drive a motorcycle, only ninja can perform crazy moves, stunts and jumps. Use arrow keys to play the game!
Viking Bike Ride Viking Bike Ride
Viking motorcycles are made to withstand any type of terrain. Those boys need the toughest motorcycle ever made. Take control of the motorcycle and help the stranger from the past to master the future of transport and safely reach the finish line, collecting along the way different subjects. Use arrow keys to play this one.
Supercross Motocross Supercross Motocross
In this game you have the chance to ride a modified motorbike and do some spectacular tricks for public enjoyment. Unlock tricks and powerful bikes if you place high enough on the levels. Use the arrow keys to move and rotate the bike while pressing the space bar for Nitro Boost and the number keys for tricks.
Matching (487)
Astonishing Turtle Matching Astonishing Turtle Matching
Matching games are amazing, especially when animals are involved. Boys should help these cute turtles and bring them back together. The turtle always travels in the pack in order to sustain the baby turtles from getting lost. Help the parentís pair up the baby turtles before they are delayed for the journey. Use the mouse!
Deeply Loony Chain Deeply Loony Chain
A chain so long seems that never ends and the boys are asked to find a solution to the story. Connect 3 or more creatures of the same type to discover the next link of the chain. Earn and upgrade bonus actions that will help you to move forward. Use the mouse and have some fun with this game.
Clarence Victuals Match Clarence Victuals Match
Clarence is the best organizer of all our acquaintances. He started a matching campaign on international scale. He wants to math all the pizza slices, chicken ganin, coconut cake and glasses of juice. Switch objects so that 3 on more are on the same line. Use the mouse to play this game.
Puzzle (1775)
Match Celebrated Gems Match Celebrated Gems
Entangling mixing creates chaos in these festive days of celebration. Match with care and think one step ahead to take all points. Swap gems horizontal or vertical by clicking one after another. Match 3 or more items of the same color to score. You have 90 seconds. Try to make as many points as possible! Have all the fun in the world!
Geography Game - S. America Geography Game - S. America
Educative game that make geographic fun; This game is on South America
Metal Truck Puzzle Metal Truck Puzzle
Metal trucks with customized designs and modified engines have become very popular among boys from all over the world. The metallic bodywork induces a state of rock and roll. Learn more about those type of vehicles from our puzzle game. In sliding mode you can turn on background if you need more help. Use the mouse and fix this puzzle!
Cool (1975)
Tasty Donut Academy Tasty Donut Academy
Donuts are made in heaven, are tasty, savory and always delicious. Now you can make sweet and soft donuts all by yourself. First, find all ingredients from the cupboard. After the dough is thoroughly kneaded, roll it out with the rolling pin and use the shape cutter to cut out your donuts. Now, place your donuts in the fryer and fry it until it becomes crispy and golden brown. Use the mouse to play this game.
Sleeping Kingdom Sleeping Kingdom
Sleeping Kingdom cool games for bouys, puzzle games for little smart boys, everyone is sleeping in the kingdom on games for boys, combine wood parts to wake up the Royal Family. Use your mouse to stack stuff and generate chain reactions, special games for boys british royal family.
Elsa With Acne Elsa With Acne
Pimples are small skin lesions which are annoying and unpleasant for everyone. The boys will act like skin doctors in this game. Pimples are trouble of every young girl or boy, including beautiful Elsa, the star of Frozen. Cure Elsa's pimples step by step, and finally you can help her recover her pretty face! Use the mouse, follow instructions and have some fun!
Racing (1794)
Rodent Racer Rebuilt Rodent Racer Rebuilt
The mouse was unhappy because he was not allowed to drive a car or ride a bike. The boys will help him to participate in a crazy race, on a tab story about speed and locomotion. You play as a mouse driving a car, trying to complete each track before running out of time. Use WASD to drive, Z to fly and X for booster!
Drive the Garbage Truck Drive the Garbage Truck
Drive the Garbage Truck cool online games for boys, winter and summer garbage truck driving, free truck games for boys...This garbage truck needs no driver.
Ferromagnetic Drift Ferromagnetic Drift
The most interesting trails await you in this competition of drifting. Pull the steering wheel to bring smoke out of the wheels. Bypass the bends, upgrade your car, collect stars and win the races! Use magnets to direct the cars round the corners drifting fast.
Multiplayer (146)
Royal Constellation Royal Constellation
Two brave boys, two close friends, are invited to take part in a crucial mission. Their evolution must be at least satisfactory for success. Two cute elves would like to give humans the opportunity to rehabilitate. Use WASD to move and S to attack for Player One and use arrow keys to move and down arrow to attack for Player Two. Have fun with a friend!
Tic Tac Toe Retribution Tic Tac Toe Retribution
Tic Tac Toe took revenge on the daily boredom. In this game we can surpass limits with surprising attacks. If the player has two in a row, they can place a third to get three in a row. You can play against the computer or alongside a friend, in the multiplayer mode. Use the mouse and play it by clicking on the free platform.
Dino Ice Age Return Dino Ice Age Return
With the help of boys, dinosaur adventure goes further! Dinosaurs have just reached with new continent but they couldn't reach their goal yet. Dino dad and his son both feed themselves and protect themselves from wild animals and ice fire. Protect yourselves from the blizzards which happens suddenly and proceed to new continent where you can live more easy. Use WASD to move, use G and H for action. Player Two use arrow keys and K L for action.
Back to School (394)
Gutsy Math Defender Gutsy Math Defender
Math is the science that knows how to reward us with lucky numbers. The boys are fearless knights defending math against ignorance and indifference. Each bird monster has a code number on it. You have to fire the feather on the bird monster using your cannon. Clicking on wrong bird will take a life. If you loose all the gems in a level or loose all the life. Use the mouse!
Wonders of Science Wonders of Science
Children must be pushed towards science through education. You have to tell stories about the great inventors, experiments of quantum physics and wonders of chemistry laboratory. You will get an average amount of both solar and wind power. Beware of the floods. Use the mouse!
Little Pony Typing Class Little Pony Typing Class
Learn how to type faster from Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Babs Seed. My Little Pony founded a school for boys. It is all about typing at the speed of thought. Be fast, be precise, be great!
Shooting (974)
Bazooka Paratrooper Bazooka Paratrooper
Portable antitank rocket launcher weapon is known worldwide as Bazooka, or Stovepipe. The boys will not use it against armored vehicles or machine gun nests, this time we made a peaceful demonstration. Fighting against people who escaped from prison and is hiding in cities. Grab your bazooka and discard targets into the air. The less shots you make, and the better your score at the end you get. Use the mouse, be precise and have a blast!
Grave 2 Grave 2
Use pistol, shotgun, machine gun and shoot down the enemies within the building.
Play one of the best shooting games of all time.
Sports (732)
Disney Air Hockey Disney Air Hockey
The animated characters of Disney have started to play air hockey. Play with Pluto, Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck or Goofy. Use the mouse and try to score as many points!
Basketball Hoopz Basketball Hoopz
Specialized basketball training is on right now for our boys. Learn some things about basketball fundamentals. If you shoot the ball into all the hoops, you can move to next level but it is not very easy as there are some moving hoops. Press and leave the mouse to release the ball into the hoops. Have some fun, be precise, be the best!
Ping Pong Is Fun Ping Pong Is Fun
Best table tennis players have a big secret that you will which will be shared today. The secret ingredient in the recipe for success is the hard work. The boys must not forget it. Click on service button and then move the mouse to where ever the ball comes a game shall be won by the player first scoring 11. Use the mouse to play this game.
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