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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (2444)
Pokémon in China Pokémon in China
Pokemon is in a secret mission in faraway China. You can choose a character to the beginning of the game and you have to finish each level with him. Have all the fun in the world with Pokémon Red, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Wally. Use WASD to move, use J to attack.
Return To Arkham Return To Arkham
Villains must be caught every day for people to live in peace and tranquility. Today you are Batman and solve the maze to re-capture Joker and bring him back to Arkham Asylum. You got a limited movements to do it, so think carefully.
Lifesaver On Duty Lifesaver On Duty
Lifeboats must reach the people who are in danger of drowning. Rescuers can become heroes and role models for today's youth. Click to remove yellow objects for the lifeboat to move forward. Don't let the energy to reach zero! Use arrow keys and AD to move, use the mouse to remove objects!
Arcade (642)
Cosmic Warriors Cosmic Warriors
Shoot up the opponent UFO using your lasers but avoid crashing into stray asteroids.
Clash 'N Slash Clash 'N Slash
Shoot down the invading alien ships with your guns and protect the planet from their attack.
Desktop Invaders Desktop Invaders
Hidden Objects (234)
Circus Relationship Circus Relationship
The world of circus has always been surrounded by mystery and unknown. The boys should infiltrate and find as many objects relevant to our case. The Circus need to open doors for the truth. Our task is to unlock every world and gather the three special keys. With these keys we can unlock the final bonus game. Use the mouse and find hidden objects!
Relive the Vintage Dream Relive the Vintage Dream
Memories are the most precious assets and people should do only good things to have good memories. Boys will seek objects lost in the memory of time. Mary visits her friend in her apartment and she finds herself very surprised that the place looks same as before 30 years! Use the mouse to play this game.
Audi RS3 Cab Letters Audi RS3 Cab Letters
Audi is one of the best-selling cars in the world. Models like Audi RS3 Sportback, TT Coupe, S6 Avant, RS5 Coupe Sport Edition or the old Audi quattro are used by taxi drivers in many cities for their reliability and performance. Find out all the hidden letters in images with Audi cabs before time runs out. If you do more than five mistakes the game will over for you. You have 300 seconds of each image. Use the mouse and find them all!
Motorcycle (353)
Ducati Multistrada Ducati Multistrada
Ducati Multistrada free online motorcycle games for boys, best motorcycle games with Ducati Multistrada 1000 DS, great racing games with Ducati Multistrada bike
Honey Lemon On A Bike Honey Lemon On A Bike
Disney characters are amazing and they never disappoint us. Honey Lemon must be helped by boys because it's her first day on the bike. Big Hero 6 is waiting for her at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. Help Honey Lemon to complete all the levels! Use arrow keys to control the motorcycle and have a long ride!
Eric Cartman Bike Eric Cartman Bike
Eric Theodore Cartman wants to ride and we need to encourage him in this situation. Eric will ride on his motorcycle through the snowy landscape of South Park. Help Cartman through this landscape and make sure he won't fall. This is another great adventure from South Park.
Matching (118)
Match Dig And Smile Match Dig And Smile
Multiple blocks should be broken one by one, in groups of three or more, until you reach the end of the platform. Boys have in front of them a double edged mission. Click all blocks of the same color and escape from the falling ceiling. Use the mouse to play this game.
Mahjong Match Memory Mahjong Match Memory
Asians know how to match things in order and proper position. We need concentration and distributive attention in this game. Find two of the same mahjong tiles to remove them from the screen. Use the mouse and match them all!
Ding Dong Match Ding Dong Match
Candy Crash has found a rival in the tumultuous world of creative boys. These objects have to find mates and disappear into nothingness. Match adjacent characters through horizontal or vertical movements. Match more blocks for more bonuses. Try to get a higher score to advance to the next level. Bombs blow away everything around them, so use them cleverly!
Puzzle (1004)
Crossed Dots Crossed Dots
Dots must be joined, one by one. Our logic must be punctual and effective. Cross all the dots! Drag the pattern from it;s area to play field and choose the right position for it. Yon can not apply it on dots which are already crossed but you can move already applied patterns. Use the mouse and have some smart fun!
You Da Fly You Da Fly
Be the fly for once.
Ben 10 Hidden Objects Ben 10 Hidden Objects
Our hero needs help in this mission that requires attention and concentration. We need to find all the items well hidden in this set. Find all hidden objects in this image of Ben 10, Use the mouse to search the area for them.
Cool (804)
Truck Parking Online Truck Parking Online
Truck Parking Online col games for boys, 18 Wheeler parking guidelines, online boys games with big cars, you have to learn how to back the truck into a Parking Spot‏, truck parking adventure - find an open parking spot
Brain Defense Brain Defense
Intelligence will save us in the end and we will move forward. Defend the human brain is a tower defence adventure. Be careful that zombies do not come into the area. You can purchase weapons from the store.
Sewing Christmas Sewing Christmas
A sewing doll or object can last forever. Choose the right color and the best material to restore the nicest pictures of Christmas symbols. Press Space to continuously point with colors. Use arrow keys to play the game.
Racing (1499)
Puppy Speed Puppy Speed
How fast can a dog race, try to be the fastest in this race, Use Arrow keys to turn left and right and to accelerate and brake. Use Spacebar to jump and C to shoot.puppy race games for boys, new racing games for little boys, how to stay safe while enjoying your newfound freedom in the drivers seat
Parking Preparation Parking Preparation
Even professional drivers have started with toy cars. Do not rush, try to park the car without a scratch. Steer through the obstacle course to park your wheels safely. Use arrow keys!
Smash Driving Stage Smash Driving Stage
This is the best opportunity to demonstrate that you are the best driver. The competition is extremely difficult. You have to drive with guts and not afraid of rival cars. Head to the arena and ram your way to victory. Use arrow keys!
Multiplayer (82)
South Park Track South Park Track
Our heroes are crazy and they want to show all that speed is just a challenge for them. Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick make us laugh every moment. South Park is back with a great adventure and a great bike trail. Use arrow keys!
Friends And Snowflakes Friends And Snowflakes
Another platform multi player game for little boys. Player one use WASD to move and jump, player two use arrow keys to move and jump. When standing on the cannon,press S or down to launch it. Avoid the water and spiked or you will die. Grab all gems and arrive terminal position safely to finish level.
Mario Brost Forest Ride Mario Brost Forest Ride
The famous princess was kidnapped again by this wretched. Mario and Luigi began a new adventure trip, to save her and to destroy the monster. They must cooperate with each other, use their different abilities to complete the levels and arrive the end! Use arrow keys and WASD to move around have have some cooperative fun!
Back to School (267)
Mendeleev Layout Mendeleev Layout
Educatioanl games for boys who want to make chemists. Chemical elements are hidden in the grid. Find them before time runs out. There are three difficulty settings, each having less time to find the words, and nine levels, each with increasing numbers of words to find. The faster you find a word, the more points you will get for finding it. Make a mistake and lose points !
Math Freezing Rain Math Freezing Rain
Math Freezing Rain cool puzzle games for smart boys, best smart games for boys Basic Math Tutorial, online learning games Subtraction of Whole Numbers, flash games Subtracting with Decimals
Proper Spelling Proper Spelling
Learn to type quickly with this educational game. Extreme Spelling is a fun castle defense / typing game where you need to type the words to stop the enemies from destroying your castle.
Shooting (678)
Soldier SpongeBob Surprised Soldier SpongeBob Surprised
SpongeBob is the perfect soldier, the man capable of any sacrifice for his people. SpongeBob is the fearless boy from wise guys movies. He always can protect his people. This time, evil comes to his land and they are going to destroy the earth, ruin all the things. It's a cruel war, without holds barred. Use the mouse!
Sharp Pirate Targets Sharp Pirate Targets
We need to be more precise, do not miss targets that we come your way. Your goal is to hit as many pirate targets as possible. Try to be as accurate as possible and use as less ammo as you can to gain more cash. Spend the cash in the shop to upgarde your skills and equipment. Use the mouse and 1234 for weapons!
Counter-Strike Counter-Strike
Shoot down enemies as they pop up before they shoot you first.
Sports (599)
Time For Bowling Time For Bowling
Amateur bowling championship for boys begins today and we need well-trained competitors. Pull the front arm down strongly toward the hip. Click on Push button and then click again to stop it in the middle. Stand straight, and swing the ball with each step you take, for it to take an unstoppable output.
Blast Billiards Blast Billiards
In this billiard game, you have limited time to pocket all the ball, or else the bomb will explode
Nitro Ski Challenge Nitro Ski Challenge
Get on skis and try to do the coolest tricks. Side is difficult and full of obstacles so be careful not to fall. Collect coins to do upgrade your equipment for better results. Use the arrow keys and Space Bar. Good luck and adrenaline!
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