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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (3589)
Legend With The Board Legend With The Board
Legend With The Board in games for boys. Grab your board and rule Rocky Mountains. Race, buy new boards, upgrades, collect achievements and most important DO TRICKS and combos!
The Best Pilots The Best Pilots
We expect a difficult mission and you must prove that you are the best pilot of this aircraft, to conquer medals, glory of an entire country and the respect of all.
Rowdy Jetpack Jackride Rowdy Jetpack Jackride
This boy studied and researched for a few years and invented a jetpack. The rest of the boys in the neighborhood envy him for his innovative spirit. This improved backpack allows him to fly, and so to move quickly from one place to another in the city. Fly to avoid obstacles, dangers and to collect money. This will allow you to buy upgrades and to go even further. Try to beat your record and unlock all areas of the city.
Arcade (782)
Snake Snake
A nice remake of the classic snake game.
Stop Marine Pollution Stop Marine Pollution
Because of irresponsible people, the ocean is becoming dirtier. It is a game for boys who have realized increased danger of pollution. Use arrow keys to make Tweety dive, swim and reach the objects littering in the ocean. Watch your Breath-O-meter!
The Stick Game The Stick Game
Check out the way of the exploding stick!
Hidden Objects (1054)
Lego Vehicles Differences Lego Vehicles Differences
LEGO vehicles are the coolest in the world. The boys must identify the smallest differences between LEGO cars as Lightning McQueen, Ultimate Build Francesco and Francesco Bernoulli F1 car. You can turn off the time limitation if you want to play the easier way. Use the mouse and have some fun!
Locomotive Escape Locomotive Escape
Local authorities need the support of committed citizens. The boys are here to help. A sheriff wants to go to the next town, but his car is broken. He tries to repair it, but it takes time. He needs to go to the next town as soon as possible. The sheriff decided to ride a train so he went to the train station. When he arrived at the train station there is also a problem some parts of the train are missing. Use the mouse and help him fast!
Grace On The Coast Grace On The Coast
The bravest explorers and most daring pirates have joined forces in this search. The boys have chosen a brave girl, the only one able to carry out the mission. Grace will find a boat that brought treasure. This will a hard mission, that is for sure but let’s see how Grace will handle it. She may need a little help, so be there for her. Use the mouse!
Motorcycle (412)
Deutschland Mototrial Deutschland Mototrial
The Germans know how to party when it comes to enduro bikes. Boys from Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Düsseldorf entered in this dangerous competition. Take part in German Moto Trial Championship and do your best to get maximum score for each performance. Try different setups for each level and find the best for every specific track. Use arrow keys to ride and Q for acceleration.
Ducati Multistrada Ducati Multistrada
Ducati Multistrada free online motorcycle games for boys, best motorcycle games with Ducati Multistrada 1000 DS, great racing games with Ducati Multistrada bike
Ride a Quad Bike Ride a Quad Bike
Quad Trials competition began and the best riders are fighting for medals. Make sure you don't forget to use the jump button as it really does come in handy for those gaps you can't seem to land or those bits of tree you just can't manage to get enough grip on.
Matching (398)
Match Constellations Match Constellations
Andromeda, Camelopardalis, Dorado, Microscopium or Telescopium are some of the best known constellations. Match them according to membership and try to get a great score. Your objective is to create a line of 3 or more identical constellations. Use the mouse and don't forget there is a time limit for this!
Too Much Breaking Too Much Breaking
Sometimes, too much is never enough for those who want to have some fun. This bunch of colored bricks should disappear immediately. The boys must match them, in groups of two, to make them evaporate. Match vertically two or more blocks to gain points. Use the mouse.
Diamond Fever Match Diamond Fever Match
We need all the diamonds in the world. We need these valuable assets for economic boost and ordinary people's safety. The boys will match them all until will bring them in bank treasury. Try to collect the treasures before the mine collapses. Use the mouse to play!
Puzzle (1704)
Penguin Holiday Maze Penguin Holiday Maze
The penguin is in trouble and needs our help to get rid of this mess. He is confused and should not be rushed. Holiday decor invites us good deeds. Use arrow keys and help the penguin escape the maze.
Subtle Differences Subtle Differences
Enjoy a point and click venture in which we must find the smallest differences. Be like Sherlock Holmes, Columbo, Sam Spade or Hercule Poirot. Look a little more closely and you will see that there are differences between the images. Use the mouse to play the game.
Getting All The Gold Getting All The Gold
The world economic crisis has crippled the budget of each of us. Gold seekers returned and began searches. Gold has become the most precious exchange value on Earth. Find it in every image. Use the mouse!
Cool (1610)
Oppa Gangnam Colors Oppa Gangnam Colors
Gangnam style has become a true mass culture and a social phenomenon. Boys will have another hour of fun with Park Jae-sang. Colors can change all the notes of this song. Funky palette allows you to make the main character of an alien even galloping down the runway. Use the mouse to play this game and be creative!
Swimming Pool Sanitation Swimming Pool Sanitation
Our friend has to deal with cleaning on this exclusive property. Annie likes to swim in swimming pool but the swimming pool is very dirty. No one is in house to help her. Can you please help Annie to clean the swimming pool? Use the mouse to play the game!
Pony Vacation Prep Pony Vacation Prep
Cleanliness must become a habit for us. The boys must learn from real examples. Twilight Sparkle from the series My Little Pony is back on Games for Boys. Enjoy a cleaning and arranging game in which your pony friend would like you to join her and give her a hand in her task of cleaning her home after the holidays. Use the mouse!
Racing (1738)
Police Parking Task Police Parking Task
Even police car no longer find a parking space in the crowded city. Do you think that driving a powerful police car with lots of power and rear wheel drive it's easy? Use arrow keys to balance and drive your car and the Space to break.
Inside Out Christmas Ride Inside Out Christmas Ride
Christmas has arrived, the Inside Out team is here to have some fun. Collect the gifts to give them to the boys. This is the most beautiful time of year. Celebrate the arrival of Christmas with fun and joy. Use arrow keys to control the car, use Space for speed.
KF1 Competition KF1 Competition
This is a professional karting competition, for little boys. Speed and adrenaline can cause you champion. Beat the best lap time and go to the next level! Use arrow keys to accelerate and have fun driving!
Multiplayer (140)
Bubbles With Friends Bubbles With Friends
When you play with a dear friend, the game becomes more interesting. Colors and speed make suspense to increase exponentially. Shoot bubbles and pop those mines in this fun two player arcade adventure. Use arrow keys for player one. WASD for player two.
Wacky Wippo Wop Wacky Wippo Wop
Citizens must regain confidence in local authorities and the boys will help the police in this regard. Wop and try to jump at the right moment to catch all criminals! It's time to put an end to this madness one's and for all. The brothers Juan and Guille are send out to kick those pretentious snob's right into justice! Follow instructions and be brave!
Royal Constellation Royal Constellation
Two brave boys, two close friends, are invited to take part in a crucial mission. Their evolution must be at least satisfactory for success. Two cute elves would like to give humans the opportunity to rehabilitate. Use WASD to move and S to attack for Player One and use arrow keys to move and down arrow to attack for Player Two. Have fun with a friend!
Back to School (383)
The Pocket Calculator The Pocket Calculator
History of electronic calculators is rewritten today on games for boys. The pocket calculator can help you in thousands of situations. If you make a mistake, you can easily reset the specified number. Use the mouse and learn to use this scientific object.
Canada Canada
Learn More about Canada on Games for Boys, vast and diverse geography of Canada
Match School Supplies Match School Supplies
Is an educational game for boys who are in primary school. Find each object pair, a ruler, eraser, notebook, the pen. Use your mouse to turn objects and try to solve them as soon as possible.
Shooting (909)
Ranch Shooters Ranch Shooters
At our farm, everyone is responsible for something. You are a member of the elite shooters brigade. On the ranch you are in control of the food launcher and it is your task to feed all of the animals in each level. Use the mouse to aim and set strength of shot, left mouse button to fire!
Snowy Ruder Snowy Ruder
Santa invent all kinds of games that keep him busy for the rest of the year. Boys must show precision and accuracy in this episode. Ruder is a accurately puzzle, without commas, without errors. Shoot with your cannon to merge them and achieve your goal. Go all the bonus for a great score. Use the mouse to play it. Hold the mouse button to determine the strength of the gun. Be the best!
Fabulous Fortress Defense Fabulous Fortress Defense
We have to follow new defense strategic guidance to resist this siege. The boys must act quickly on all fronts. Successfully defending a fortress is not an easy task. We can use moats and water defences also. Defend the house against the angry hordes of fantasy residents! Use the mouse to play!
Sports (700)
UEFA Euro 2016 Champions UEFA Euro 2016 Champions
UEFA Euro 2016 has many fans among our boys. We are changing tactics in real time for the show to be complete. Payet, Bale, De Bruyne, Griezmann, Kroos, Christiano Ronaldo and Ricardo Quaresma have trained specifically for this game. Choose your soccer team and lead it to the top. Use arrow keys or WASD to move around, use X and N to pass, use C and M to strike!
Wakeboard XS Wakeboard XS
Office Getaway Office Getaway
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