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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (3227)
Axe Gang Rampage Axe Gang Rampage
Yummy Cheese Barn Yummy Cheese Barn
This friendly mouse is hungry for three days. Cheese that dream has become an illusion in a while. Cheese is everything for him! It sees a big piece of cheese in the room but can't reach it to have a bite. Help the poor little animal to get some food. Have fun!
Assault Part 5 Assault Part 5
Turn on night vision battle against guards and choose your way to freedom.
Arcade (732)
Battle - Lord of the Ring Battle - Lord of the Ring
Battle against enemies with your sword and staff in the shire, moria mines, fangorn forest, minas morgul and plains of mordor.
Breakit 2 Breakit 2
Classic arkanoid break out type game, use your paddle to bounce the ball and break bricks.
Space Fighter Space Fighter
Destroy all of the meteors before they destroy you in this arcade style game.
Hidden Objects (774)
Hidden Tableaux Exhibition Hidden Tableaux Exhibition
After an attempted robbery, the Art Museum suffered significant damage. Many paintings were thrown on the floor, the statues must be rearranged and boys must engage wholeheartedly in decorating this place. You must clean it of all unwanted objects to make it ready for visitors. Use the mouse to play this game!
Exclusive Cruise Adventure Exclusive Cruise Adventure
Boys are looking for last minute cruises to worldwide. Today is the day when one of my greatest wishes comes true. I have always wanted to cruise with a big ship. I choose the route around the Bahamas because there you can enjoy the most exotic beaches in the world. Use the mouse, find hidden objects and have a great journey.
Farm in Greenhill Farm in Greenhill
Eastern part of United States is the location chosen by us for this story. Is not North Carolina or Maryland, is Greenhill. Lilly and Martinís parents were the most famous farmers in Greenhill, but some ten years ago big storm occupied that area and destroyed huge part of the farm. Today their children believe that they can activate their farm once again. Use the mouse, find hidden objects and solve this case.
Motorcycle (389)
Choosy Motocross Arena Choosy Motocross Arena
Motocross motorcycles are difficult to control on rough terrain, you need force and mental strength to ride them. Climb up obstacles, accelerate and take care not to fall. This is not a game for amateurs. Use arrow keys to control the bike!
Impeccable Stunt Champ Impeccable Stunt Champ
Bikes are best friends of brave boys. Start easy, after a thousand falls or so you should be ready for more extreme bike racing. You'll need many hours of practice to succeed in this tough competition. Here you will be taught how to perform breathtaking stunts while driving on high speed and not to crash. Be unbeatable!. Use the Use the arrow keys to move, Space to jump and A, S, D for the stunts. Have fun!
Rough Bike Ride Rough Bike Ride
Motorcyclists have changed the suspension and wheels for this unique challenge. Boys will have to overcome these angular obstacles, on rocky ground of extreme hardness. Balance is everything on this game on two wheels. Use arrow keys to control the motorcycle on this rugged and rocky terrain.
Matching (290)
Second Cube Crash Second Cube Crash
Cubes will make us happy through this reassuring game, in a mixture of lines, colors and agility. Boys will match all the cubes until they disappear forever. Make them fall by matching similar colored blocks in groups of 3 or more pieces. Collect power ups and magic bricks. Use the mouse to play this game.
Connect Halloween Characters Connect Halloween Characters
In the cool end of October, we started matching action of all the characters that celebrate Halloween. Boys must move quickly and fit them into groups of 3, by clothes, hat or figure. Help masked people find their pairs by connecting them together. Follow in-game instructions fore more details.
Boys Memory Boost Boys Memory Boost
Improve your memory using this charming game. We have memory-boosting tricks for boys of all ages. In this game you need to open the cards in an order so that two same card get opened continuously. If you open different cards continuously both cards get closed automatically. Use the mouse and find them all in minutes.
Puzzle (1503)
The Dodge Charger Puzzle The Dodge Charger Puzzle
The Dodge Charger represents for us the American dream in the automotive world. Fix this puzzle with a roadster-style show car, a Dodge Charger from 1983. You have time and you need to finish the game before time runs out, but if you think that you have little time you can stop it on the timer. Use the mouse to play this puzzle.
Mysteries of Titanic Mysteries of Titanic
Sport six differences in each level. You feel that the two images are identical, but if you look more closely, there are differences. Find them all, click on them and find the errors. Use the mouse to play and the HINT for help!
Brainy Puzzle Brainy Puzzle
First you must enter the name. Try to focus your mind and memorize all animals, in the order they appear on the screen. Use the mouse to show pictures. A puzzle for smart boys who want to test their memory and concentration
Cool (1348)
Big Hero 6 Hairdresser Big Hero 6 Hairdresser
Big Hero 6 needs a new image for another TV challenge. The boys are responsible for this mission. He needs a new hairstyle for his new college life. Choose your favorite color, create new hairdo with those barber tools. Maybe the cute big white robot could give you some advise. Use the mouse, be creative and have some fun!
Santa Spa Treatments Santa Spa Treatments
The hardest days of the year follows shortly for Santa. The boys bought a complete spa package for him. Take Santa to the spa and make sure that he will get treated vell. A nice back massage will help him relax and the aromatic oils will warm him up. Make sure that he won't forget anything at home. Use the mouse!
Snow White Baby Care Snow White Baby Care
Snow White is visiting her old friends, the seven dwarfs, with her daughter and needs your help to get her adorable girl ready for a play day outside. Bathe the little princess with natural beauty products and use a colorful toy to make her laugh. Feed the birds, cuddle a bunny, play peekaboo with Grumpy and have all the fun in the world.
Racing (1665)
Parking The Monster Parking The Monster
Great parking games for little boys. Must park this modified monster trick without scratch it and without destroying too many cars. Even if the car is large, everything depends on finesse and turns taken at time.
Driving Academy Driving Academy
Cool driving games for boys, free racing games for smart boys, driving academy online, Safe Driving Secrets best games for boys.
USS Racing Hero USS Racing Hero
Is it hard to be a chased driver? Multitasking and racing don't mix, but in this situation we have no choice. USS competition is just for skilled boys. Drive around the track and hit the speed pads, get weapons and attack the opponent racers. Use arrow keys to drive the car and Space to shoot!
Multiplayer (120)
Excitement In Football Excitement In Football
Winning a new cup frenzy swept us all. The best football teams met for the strongest tournament. You play as a defender or midfielder in this multiplayer venture. Who will be the Champions of Europe ? Player one will use the mouse to shoot, Player two will use Space to shoot. Have a great gun.
Flappy Finn and Friends Flappy Finn and Friends
The flight of those two should be long and smooth. Boys can call a friend, a neighbor, a buddy or relative to play this multiplayer flappy venture. Help Finn and Jake flappy as far as you can! Good luck! Use Spacebar and the mouse to play this game.
Foosball For Two Foosball For Two
Many foosball figurines should be able to win every game like it's real. Some boys are born champions, others only participate in the competition. Play a single game mode against CPU opponents or challenge your best friend to an intense foosball cup. Either way, the goal of this two player sport game is to score a goal. Use WASD and arrow keys to control the players and have some fun!
Back to School (355)
Learn With Lucky Drops Learn With Lucky Drops
Correct answers can get you permissions to move to the next level. Boys will enjoy mathematics in an adventurous and creative way. Help Lucky the Leprechaun get his lucky coins back from the crazy crows. Use Spacebar to jump and arrow keys to move.
Little Mathematician Little Mathematician
Use the mouse to complete the corresponding numbers. Great online learning games for boys. An educational game for those who want to improve their math level. Learn additions and subtractions and become the best little mathematician.
Basic Mathematics Basic Mathematics
Great online learning games for boys. Learn to make additions and subtractions to the speed of light. Click the mouse on the right answer and show us how smart you are. Interactive activities and practice exercise for little boys.
Shooting (837)
Nitendo Duck Hunt Nitendo Duck Hunt
In Duck Hunt, players attempt to shoot down either ducks or clay pigeons in mid-flight. Classic shooting games for boys. Only one duck appears on screen at a time, and the player has three shots to hit it.
Xiaoxiao Police Xiaoxiao Police
Virtual Cop style shooting game with 3D map but stick figure enemies
Bouncy Cannon Strike Bouncy Cannon Strike
Bubble shooter ventures have introduced military cannons in online gaming. The boys are here to write history with glory and success. Fire shots to break all the correct colored blocks and while preventing some guys from falling off. Use the mouse to aim and shoot and have all the fun in the world!
Sports (666)
Iskate Iskate
Strap on your Ice Skating Blades and get into the skating rink to collect all the gifts scattered around.
Volleyball Volleyball
Jump up and spike as many balls over the net as you can before time runs out.
Toy Cars Toy Cars
Drive your radio model car in this challenging rally and beat the opponents to grab the championship.
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