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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (4044)
Elsa Will Lose Weight Elsa Will Lose Weight
When children eat more food than their bodies need, a very delicate issue will arise. Obesity is causing a broad range of health problems and we don't want that. All the boys have to play sports, play outdoors and eat fruits and vegetables daily. Anna to oversee the fat Elsa exercise to lose weight, how can Elsa Anna escaped the supervision, let us help her. Use the mouse and be her personal trainer!
Pokemon Frees Them All Pokemon Frees Them All
Pokemon got tired of injustice, abuses and outrages and wants a better world for all. Pokemon wants to become a legendary lawman. It's time to raise a rebellion under the command of Pikachu and show those nasty exploiters that the Pokémons are living creatures too and are worth living free! Use the mouse to play.
Kingdom Sentinel Kingdom Sentinel
Royal Guard has assumed the role of defending the fortress against barbarian attacks. Guard needs a strategist to organize it, to prepare for what's worst. Honor in battle is part of us! Place and upgrade units along each of the pathways leading upwards to your hero at the end. Use the mouse to play the game!
Arcade (827)
Bomb Disposal Bomb Disposal
Deactivate bombs and destroy the blocks but don't get blown up yourself.
Behind Enemy Lines Behind Enemy Lines
Fly your fighter and destroy enemies, power up, blast attack, or shoot normal lasers.
Birdy - Hawk Birdy - Hawk
Fly around eating smaller birds but avoiding planes
Hidden Objects (1267)
Save Valued Stuff Save Valued Stuff
Emergency services must arrive quickly on the spot. Boys, there are hundreds of objects to be recovered here. My apartment is on fire! The firemen are on the way, but I need to save my stuff before they get here. We have to hurry! Today we decided to look for hidden objects in all sorts of images. We can use a high precision magnifying glass. Use the mouse, focus and find them all.
My Survival Instinct My Survival Instinct
You have to start a intensive search, to move quickly and efficiently. Boys must be extremely careful at every detail. A crew is in trouble and is in danger. They were all fine, the pilot was a very responsible person as well but anyway, something completely unexpected changed the course of the things. The plain has crashed in the middle of the jungle because the pilot got a terrible attack of severe fever. Use the mouse to find hidden objects and solve the case.
Memory Of SpongeBob Memory Of SpongeBob
SpongeBob is a character with multiple personalities and with even more issues. The boys must find the pair on these memory books. SquarePants SpongeBob is the most memorable hero of our generation. Use your brain skills and try to solve this puzzle challenge in the shortest time possible. Match the pairs and get lucky!
Motorcycle (435)
Maximum Bike Ride Maximum Bike Ride
We prepared one of the best motorcycles in the world, one that can compete against Honda CRF 450R, Kawasaki KX 450F, KTM 450 SX-F or BMW 1200 GS Adventure. Boys must accelerate to maximum and to carry the race beyond expectation. Become the biggest biker ever by driving your machine over rough terrains, big ramps and bumpy roads. Use the arrow keys to control the bike and press N for NOS.
La Guajira Moto Desert La Guajira Moto Desert
La Guajira Moto Desert Race cool motorcycle games in northern Colombia, enjoy a ride with the motorcycle around La Guajira Peninsula, best moto games for boys on National Natural Park of Macuira
Pro Motocross Stunts Pro Motocross Stunts
This is the Motocross World Championship. Avoid sandpits, they will slow you down. Use Left and Right arrow keys when airborne to perform stunts. Hit Space before jumps to jump higher and land in balance. You have one of the best bikes of the moment so please win as many points.
Matching (494)
Bright Memo Match Bright Memo Match
The memory can be tickled and perfumed with interactive and colorful games. In this game you need to collect all the cards on the board. If you open different cards continuously both cards get closed automatically. If you are opening a card for first time, there will not be any score penalty, but opening cards again and again will make your score reduced. Use the mouse!
Candy Saga Bubble Smash Candy Saga Bubble Smash
Candy Saga it's simple, popular and relaxing. We have several round balls that should disappear from the screen. Boys, this is a matching game with dozens of options and variants. How about a little fun on Halloween, Enjoy this Halloween game, exclusive to enjoy it for real. Use the mouse to play this game.
Gildan Tshirt Match Gildan Tshirt Match
The best Egyptian cotton shirts were printed in groups of two and the boys will have to organize them in pairs. Find all the pairs of these colorful shirts and get a great score. Use the mouse to flip them. Focus and have some fun!
Puzzle (1775)
Monster Hatch Monster Hatch
Hatch all of the monsters by clicking on the eggs.
Yellow Cab Jigsaw Yellow Cab Jigsaw
Taxi cabs are these yellow dots that colors all cities of the world. Checker Taxi, LEGO Cab or Conrad are just some brands which the boys will learn more with this puzzle. Your job is to choose the mode to play and to get all pieces at right place. You need to get the picture of Taxi Cars before time is out. Use the mouse!
Pipes And Penguins Pipes And Penguins
March of the Penguins stuck in a tech world. They forgot to swim and you must help them overcome this lake. Your goal is to assemble all the pipe pieces correctly for penguins to reach the desired destination. Use the mouse!
Cool (2039)
How To Become a Star How To Become a Star
How To Become a Star cool games for boys, you are guiding a flower with the arrow keys, your mission of each level is to find out all the five stars, new games for boys, explore every corner of each level to find the stars best games for kids and boys.
Car Destroyer Car Destroyer
Cool online games with cars. In the car game Car Demolisher your duty is to wreck all cars each level using your cars to jump into the structures. First set the ramp. After you can determine the speed sliding the blue block in front of the ramp.
Barbie At The Dentist Barbie At The Dentist
Healthy teeth are important, take care of the pulp, bone, cavity enamel and gum. Some celebrities have problems that ordinary people. Barbie have cavities at canines and incisors teeth. Take care of her, fix her dental problems and help her overcome this existential problem.
Racing (1800)
Batman Drifting Trip Batman Drifting Trip
Batman is always on the run. Where the law is not respected he must be there to make things right. The roads are slippery and drifting is the only solution at the moment. Use arrow keys to drive and Space to break. Have a great fun with Batman! Turn into the corner and downshift to build up the revvs. Floor the accelerator for a sensational visual effect.
Londoner Driver Londoner Driver
British routes are full of ups and downs. You can view in the back the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Palace of Westminster. Drive the best off-road vehicle, in London scenery, on the hills and valleys. Collect all the circles and have all the fun in the world!
Hummer Monster Check Hummer Monster Check
A Hummer with modified engine is a monster out of control. Have fun with this unstoppable monster. Cruise through the cars and drive your hummer upon to complete each level. Collect coins to score points. Use arrow keys to control the vehicle!
Multiplayer (147)
Ardent Pong Blaze Ardent Pong Blaze
This is a new pong game, playing with fire ball of the Pacific. Boys should repel the the opponent's ball and win all levels. This pong can be played on doubles, along with a friend. Use WASD to play it and have some fun!
Pong With Tom and Angela Pong With Tom and Angela
We have a classic pong missions and two powerful characters. One of the earliest arcade video games will awaken unsuspected memories. Use arrow keys for Talking Tom and WASD for Talking Angela. You can play against one friend or against the computer. Have some fun with a classic game.
Big Hero 6 Against Skeleton Big Hero 6 Against Skeleton
Such wars are difficult to predict and the boys must intervene quickly and efficiently. The Skeleton Army will attack the humans, Big Hero 6 is the resistance of mankind in this fierce battle. ASDW or arrow to move, J or key 1 to attack or build. When you create a turret, you need to move the hero to move it. Be fast!
Back to School (394)
Little Pony Coloured Memory Little Pony Coloured Memory
Test your memory with the help of color. The boys will learn how vivid colors can enhance memory performance. Pinkie Pie loves yellow, Fluttershy is for purple, Twilight Sparkle breathe Blue and Rainbow Dash is all about pink. They are very offended when fans confuse their favorite colors, so we decided together with you to learn them. Four levels of the game will allow you to once and for all to remember preferences little ponies. Use the mouse!
Learn With Finkles Learn With Finkles
Mathematics is the best friend of wise boys. Every day we learn new things using numbers and figures. If you have a desire to return to the school desk, then this game is ideal for you. Solve various mathematical tasks, such as add, subtract, multiply. Use the mouse to play this game.
The Pocket Calculator The Pocket Calculator
History of electronic calculators is rewritten today on games for boys. The pocket calculator can help you in thousands of situations. If you make a mistake, you can easily reset the specified number. Use the mouse and learn to use this scientific object.
Shooting (983)
Operation SOS Operation SOS
Save the Santa and Christmas from evil penguin in this shoot them up!
Lively Paint Wars Lively Paint Wars
Surgical precision is applicable in these funny and colorful games. Those two hilarious monsters should arrive together to end. Launch the yellow ball a limited times. Grab all the stars & squish the orange balls to win. Use the mouse to aim and shoot!
Rescue All The Eggs Rescue All The Eggs
This is a game of precision, accuracy and target. Boys are engaged in rudimentary anti-aircraft battery. Every bird represents ten points, protect your egg and get more points before use up the arrows. Use the mouse to shoot with great precision and accuracy.
Sports (737)
Avid Bowler Avid Bowler
Flash Bowl - try for the strikes!
Alpine Skiing Alpine Skiing
Ski downhill collecting stars and avoid being shot by angry ski lift riders!
Ten Pin Bowling Ten Pin Bowling
Bowling game that is very difficult to master
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