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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (4044)
Master Mind Master Mind
Place the colored pegs in the 4 different slots and try to guess the sequence the computer has set you.
British Commandos British Commandos
Your main objective is to protect the castle from the beret soldiers. Destroy them as fast as possible because once they reach the castle they begin damaging it. Soldiers and rocket launchers can be shot down by aiming with the mouse and clicking.
New York Thieves New York Thieves
You have a limited time to collect diamonds and you must be careful about the Police. Use arrow keys for direction and the mouse to shoot. If you collect more diamonds you get uncrowned king of New York mafia.
Arcade (827)
Throw Pickaxe Throw Pickaxe
Tire on the cubes of the same color to destroy them. Click start to begin and have all the fun in the world. Great arcade games for boys. Gold has always attracted people and many have considered more important than life. You must throw pickaxe in the left pieces.
Spheroids Spheroids
Guide your ship with the arrow keys and fire the laser with spacebar at the proper sequence of numbered spheres.
Xevoz Xevoz
Choose to be Inferno Fury, or the Razor Claw, in this platform game
Hidden Objects (1267)
Wedding Magic Hour Wedding Magic Hour
There is a real magic around a wedding. Boys, find objects and make it funny. Amanda is getting married. Like every other girl she has been dreaming about her wedding since she was very young. There is no time, they are in a terrible hurry so Martha and Debra, but especially Amanda, will be very, very thankful if you help them before it's too late and the wedding day is completely ruined. Use the mouse!
Serious Dinner Guest Serious Dinner Guest
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner on Gamesforboys! Everything is ready for a great evening. Victor Baguette, a famous French food critic is visiting our restaurant tonight, and the place is still a mess! Can you help me? Use the mouse!
Thomas Have Differences Thomas Have Differences
Thomas the Tank Engine is the most interesting means of transport on the railways. This spectacular train is hiding hundreds of subtle differences. Boys need to investigate carefully and find manufacturing issues between the original model and the one in the image above. Find all differences between those two pictures with Thomas. Try to pass all five levels. Use the mouse to play the game.
Motorcycle (435)
Unstoppable Scooby Unstoppable Scooby
In the world of animation, competition is ruthless. Scooby has to race with his shadow to win the game. Ride with your hero on the bike and collect bones to score points. Avoid falling down the hill and reset to restart the race. Use arrow keys to race, spacebar for booster!
KTM Back Flip Ride KTM Back Flip Ride
The fun can explode on games for boys with new KTM dirt bikes. Perform the first-ever triple back flip on dirt bike. Complete a monumental freestyle motocross trick in minutes. Perform stunts, collect coins and go for the win in each level. Buy upgrades and more to become the best ever Back Flip Rider! Use arrow keys to move around, use Space for Dive and Pump.
Mario Jape Bike Mario Jape Bike
Mario wants to prove that he can get a legendary biker. Use arrow keys and make a show. Mario is taking a ride on his new bike, in the Mushroom World. Help him to perform cool stunts like backflip and frontflip, and and catch some bonus points.
Matching (494)
Unfreeze Gentoo Penguins Unfreeze Gentoo Penguins
Adelie, African, Emperor, Galapagos or Gentoo penguins were frozen in colored cubes because of a failed scientifically experiment. Boys must band together and help those poor penguins to overcome this difficult attempt. Match 3 or more to succeed in your mission. Use the mouse and unfreeze them all. Use the mouse to play this game.
Bomboozle Boooom Bomboozle Boooom
Bomboozle is an explosive puzzle for boys capable of agility and responsiveness. Find a group of three or more blobs of the same colour, then click and drag to draw a line connecting them. Click on bombs to detonate them, but be careful not to run out of moves!
Twisted Nums Connect Twisted Nums Connect
Maybe we can match all in just minutes? The boys will be organized for this mission? Move the mouse over similar neighboring items, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Release the mouse button to let the match happen. Try to make Expressions chains as long as possible to get best score. Get power-ups such as bombs and lightnings and have some fun with a matching story.
Puzzle (1775)
Bentley Arnage Jigsaw Bentley Arnage Jigsaw
Bentley automotive engineering team need a boy who can recreate a car. Bentley Continental GT, Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner or Embiricos are some examples of cars that are in this puzzle. Recreate the image of this gorgeous Bentley by connecting all the puzzle pieces. Use the mouse to play this one!
BMW X1 Long Wheelbase Puzzle BMW X1 Long Wheelbase Puzzle
BMW X1 Long Wheelbase is one of the most popular cars of the year. Boys can do a virtual test drive at the puzzle lesson. BMW X1 is fast and restless. Drag the pieces into right position using mouse. Multiple pieces can be selected using Ctrl + Left Click. Use the mouse and fix this puzzle in minutes.
Rush Hour Madness Rush Hour Madness
Can you park the traffic in the least moves?
Cool (2039)
Snail Hurried Snail Hurried
Follow the instructions on the screen. We must help the snail to travel through the wide world, to regain place in this world. You can push different buttons to facilitate the route. Great online games for boys about snails which are not rushing anywhere.
Valentine Party Planning Valentine Party Planning
On February 14 we need to organize the most exciting party ever known. All the boys are invited to come with great Valentine party ideas, with stories about creativity and interior design. Valentine’s Day is almost here and you should get ready for the big party. After you clean up each room of the house, decorate the place with special Valentine's items. Use the mouse to interact!
Goofy's Restaurant Goofy's Restaurant
Goofy decided to open a small fast food restaurant, a select location for his loved friends. Prepare multiple meals under pressure, thank your customers to make them return. You will need quick reflexes and good memory skills. Goofy must cross over this hurdle! Use the mouse!
Racing (1800)
Get Rich Driving Get Rich Driving
Test your luck on the Irish fields and try to collect as much gold as possible to get rich. You can either pick up gold coins, or the more rare and more challenging to get, the pots of gold. Each of them give you a certain number of bonus points that will be added to your score. Use your turbo power when you need it and pick up four leaf clovers to fill up your bar.
Frosty Gift Race Frosty Gift Race
Santa's squad needs a driver and a mechanic to help him with his new ATV. You must collect all the gifts abandoned on the road. So let's help Santa in this racing Christmas game collect all the gifts on the road. You must get to the final level in time, so Santa will have enough presents for all the kids. Use arrow keys to control the vehicle!
Afghan Hound Dog Races Afghan Hound Dog Races
Cool racing games for boys, Afghan Hound Dog Races, racing is the sport of racing greyhounds on games for boys, great games for boys sled dog racing, dog run dog.
Multiplayer (147)
Cable Car System Cable Car System
Use arrow keys to control this mysterious cable car. Dodge the obstacles so that passengers do not fall. Our dear passengers must arrive at the destination unharmed. Cable car is down sharply, according to gravity. This game can be played with a friend!
Finn Jake Ping Pong Finn Jake Ping Pong
Pong game is a classic of game for boys and managed to remain so over the years due to the simplicity and interactivity. Pong is a relaxing game even for cartoon characters. Play this classic game of pong of Finn and Jake. Use arrow keys to control the players. The boys can play together with a friend or a neighbor in multiplayer mode.
Foosball For Two Foosball For Two
Many foosball figurines should be able to win every game like it's real. Some boys are born champions, others only participate in the competition. Play a single game mode against CPU opponents or challenge your best friend to an intense foosball cup. Either way, the goal of this two player sport game is to score a goal. Use WASD and arrow keys to control the players and have some fun!
Back to School (394)
Tom Bar Examination Tom Bar Examination
The number of lawsuits has increased and the company needs more lawyers. The boys will learn how to take a law school exam. The law should be one for all. Help Tom with his lawyer exam. Answer all the questions correctly and Tom will get his lawyer diploma thanks to you. Use the mouse!
Basking Shark Colors Basking Shark Colors
The basking shark, angel shark and the cookiecutter shark were chosen by the boys for a story about color and destiny. Sharks are more gentle around color. With your mouse, click on a color and then the area of the picture you would like to make that color. Use the mouse and make him smile! Have fun with colors!
How to Paint a Life How to Paint a Life
Gorgeous paintings games for boys, best games for smart boys, How to Paint a Life perfect games for boys, free Oil Painting lessons.
Shooting (983)
Diego Bubble Shooter Diego Bubble Shooter
Diego heard that a new game is raging in the online world of boys. Bubble shooter relies on matching colors and target. The boys came to advise him to improve accuracy.Help Diego to make groups of three or more gems of the same color in order to destroy them and gain points. Be fast, have fun and use the mouse to play this game.
Jerry the Feared Sniper Jerry the Feared Sniper
Jerry has left the world in order to do justice, in a cool mission with unlimited bullet and unlimited levels. Boys must help him, Jerry is very angry and his rivalry with Tom must end once and for all. Use the mouse to shoot!
Frozen Moons Tactics Frozen Moons Tactics
Advanced military strategies and concepts are perfectly applicable in this moment. Boys can use infiltration tactics, ambush and irregular warfare.. Defend an arctic base on the frozen moon of Jupiter from being overrun by an invasion of aliens that have laid dormant beneath its crust. Gain energy and strategically use it on ship upgrades to build the ultimate fighter! Use arrow keys to move around, use the mouse to shoot.
Sports (737)
Skiing Endurance Skiing Endurance
Keep the skier on track with the mouse. Pay attention to stamina, do not waste it fast. Always wanted to try yourself in winter sports but never did? Now you have an opportunity to become biathlete, skier and curler!
Amazing Golf Pro Amazing Golf Pro
Shoot the golf ball with your putter pick up the golden tiles and then hit the hole.
Toy Cars Toy Cars
Drive your radio model car in this challenging rally and beat the opponents to grab the championship.
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