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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (3889)
Luigi's Hard Day Luigi's Hard Day
Luigi from Super Mario Bros is more than a character, in the eyes of many of us is a superhero. Luigi is taller and thinner than his brother, kinder, more attentive to detail and always available for all missions. Use arrow keys to guide him around and have some arcade fun!
Zuma Fruition Zuma Fruition
Fruits are vital for our boys. Oranges, tangerines and minolele, apples and pears, bananas and kiwi, all these fruits have to be basic elements in the chemistry of our children. Today we combine a string of fruit with a Zuma mission. Move the mouse to control the direction and click on the left button to shoot. Shoot the fruits of the same color! Have another tasty fun with Zuma!
The Fly Animation The Fly Animation
This is a funny animation
Arcade (822)
Bunch Bunch
Move the balls around and hit collect when you have them bunched up.
Spheroids Spheroids
Guide your ship with the arrow keys and fire the laser with spacebar at the proper sequence of numbered spheres.
Air Heads Air Heads
Fly your balloon across building but avoid the smog above.
Hidden Objects (1256)
Hidden Tableaux Exhibition Hidden Tableaux Exhibition
After an attempted robbery, the Art Museum suffered significant damage. Many paintings were thrown on the floor, the statues must be rearranged and boys must engage wholeheartedly in decorating this place. You must clean it of all unwanted objects to make it ready for visitors. Use the mouse to play this game!
Crisp Summer Wines Crisp Summer Wines
Viticulture is an occupation that is transmitted between generations. Foe a long time now, I know you are curious about the process of wine making, and now the day has come letís get started, I will show you everything. Use the mouse and find all hidden objects!
Castle Of Hidden Stars Castle Of Hidden Stars
Conwy, Malbork, Bodiam, Bran or Ch‚teau de Chillon, all have in common an architecture capable of camouflage. This old castle hide hundreds of shiny stars. Search carefully through the arrow loop, the courtyard, the barbican, the bastion and the drum tower. Boys must find each star to advance to the next level. Find all the stars in the picture. Use the mouse to play this game.
Motorcycle (427)
Ducati Multistrada Ducati Multistrada
Ducati Multistrada free online motorcycle games for boys, best motorcycle games with Ducati Multistrada 1000 DS, great racing games with Ducati Multistrada bike
Ben10 Accelerates Ben10 Accelerates
Ben10 in cool motorcycle games for little boys. Help Ben10 take his girl on an ATV racing around this racing field. Stay with them and guide them to the finish line without any kind of problems. Speed the obstacles, keep your balance, drive safety!
Mario World Class Stunt Mario World Class Stunt
Supermario was trained to enter the world of professional motorcyclists. He's got one of the best motocross bikes and needs your help to get over this attempt. Help mario be a true stunt champ by going on the bumpy routes and full of obstacles. Use arrow keys to ride and Space to jump! Have some fun with Mario!
Matching (475)
Jello Mello Blocks Jello Mello Blocks
Color brings a wave of joy in this game. Boys must bring together the funniest elements. Everything snaps in a split second. Fun collapse game with five game types. Use the mouse and match them all.
Chest Breakout Story Chest Breakout Story
A chicken was lost. The boys sent a representative to save him. You must help him to return home alive and unharmed. Drag and angle fans to glide the chick threw the air to reach all the eggs and the exit. Use the mouse to interact in the game. Get all achivements!
Owl Remotion Owl Remotion
All these creatures have to live together, cheerful and happy. The boys are here for a matching mission with large eyes and a flat face. Collect owls by arranging a row of 3 similar owls. Pick them with the mouse and arrange them according to need. Each shift is counted as a move. You will get great score if you use as less as possible moves for making a match. The difficulty increases with higher levels. Have some fun!
Puzzle (1770)
Similar Christmas Toys Similar Christmas Toys
Holiday gifts should be unique. Christmas is full of ornaments, decorations, presents, reindeer and snowmen. You have to find brothers and sisters, to find two similar. Mouse left click on the gift box to see the toy in it and two immediate similar toys to make a single match. Have a great Christmas!
SpongeBob Skate Puzzle SpongeBob Skate Puzzle
SpongeBob is always fashionable, especially when it comes to sports. Today, he decided some practical lessons of skateboarding. The boys are here to fix this intricately puzzle. Have fun with a typical SpongeBob puzzle game in which you will have to put the pieces in their correct places to be able to complete the whole puzzle together. Use the mouse to play this game.
Maximum Rotation Maximum Rotation
re-arrange the 4x4 grid into its original position
Cool (1899)
Marvel Dress Up Time Marvel Dress Up Time
Fictional superheroes from comic books adored by boys like you. Monica Rambeau, Genis or Carol Danvers are just some of them. Today, we will deal with these superhero costume and weapons. Can you help our superhero to choose his suit? Use the mouse and make it fun!
Easter Bunny Servant Easter Bunny Servant
Easter arrived with surprises and good vibes for all creative boys. You need to decorate eggs and make this celebration a unique and charming moment. The happy Easter bunny wishes you all the best. Dress him up in all sorts of cool outfits and help him decorate all eggs. Use the mouse to interact in the game.
Amazing War Pilot Amazing War Pilot
Use the mouse to control the aircraft. Press left mouse or Ctrl to fire the machine gun or drop bombs. The fate of the war depends on how well you fly this plane. Our freedom and equality depend on this aircraft.
Racing (1793)
Moon Patrol Moon Patrol
Transportation on this unknown area is a challenge for us all. People have started an unstoppable race to conquer the universe. In the near future, when people have justified the moon, you are the moon cop who comply with an order on a new planet. Use arrow keys to drive.
Ultima Volta F1 Race Ultima Volta F1 Race
Formula One circuits are accessible to all talented boys. Autůdromo do Estoril, Bahrain, Circuit de Monacodagger or Circuit Gilles Villeneuvedagger are just a few of them. Overtake opponents by driving in the slipstream created by their cars. Just aim their rear light with your car's nose. Follow on screen instructions for more details. Use arrow keys to control the monopost.
Spiderman Kink BMX Race Spiderman Kink BMX Race
After several years of teasing and harassing, Sandman challenged Spider-Man. Those boys are ready for the best race of their lives. Use regular transport bicycles on which to pass a very long way to the finish line. The road will be dangerous for their hillocks and slopes, they are an inexperienced driver can easily tip over, and here you need agility to control the bike and not fall from it. Have a great ride!
Multiplayer (146)
Monsterland Cuisine Monsterland Cuisine
Mulriplayer is better! Friends and friendships are found in the world of strange characters. In Monsterland, a group of few hungry monsters are competing with each other in a fast food eating game, where the fastest monster could be the next eating champ. Have fun eating watermelons, cherries, apples and even fresh jungle bananas! Use A for player one and left arrow for player two! Have fun with friends!
Find My Treasure Please Find My Treasure Please
Gold Rush has reached a new dimension. Luffy and his partners Nami found many things on the island but there are many monsters who will assume the role of guardians. Use WASD and arrow keys to control the characters. Be brave and get the gold!
The Forest Temple The Forest Temple
Multi player adventures for little boys. In the platform puzzle game called the Forest Temple III you need to make use of teamwork to collect the diamonds and reach the exit point of each level. Teamwork is essential in this mission.
Back to School (394)
Starship Typing Lesson Starship Typing Lesson
The free typing lesson caught color on gamesforboys. The letters and words should disappear quickly. These days, typing is almost an everyday necessity. The boy must defend himself by typing the text to eliminate enemies. Words would be more difficult in each wave in level. Use the keyboard to type and Space for special skill.
Earth's Oceans Earth's Oceans
Now is the time for geography test. Today we need to see how well you can answer some questions about the world's oceans. Do you recognize the differences between the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic? Choose the correct answers and have fun learning!
Subtraction Worksheets Subtraction Worksheets
The brain has to work nonstop, like a Swiss watch. Test your math knowledge! Use the mouse, click and drag the correct answer. You must find all the right answers and move quickly from level to level. Have fun!
Shooting (960)
Luchador Bubble Shooter Luchador Bubble Shooter
Heavy artillery has been employed in this precision game. The boys will use the cannons for stories about records and heroes. Fire the Luchadores out of the cannon and make sure they don't collapse the stage. Use the mouse to aim and shot!
Extreme Billiards Two Extreme Billiards Two
Billiards has reinvented itself, was transformed into a new version of Zuma. Boys must deliver a lesson of precision and accuracy. Remove every ball from the board before them reach the hole. Use your mouse and have some fun!
Tank Assault Tank Assault
Sports (722)
Miguel Indurain Miguel Indurain
Cycle games for boys with Miguel Indurain, games for health, press the left and right arrow keys alternately to speed up. Use the up and down arrows to avoid obstacles.
Pro Bowling Pro Bowling
A great and groovy bowling game.
Ultimate Football Ultimate Football
Play as the Quarterback and throw passes to your teammates.
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