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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (4044)
Hamstix Startix Hamstix Startix
The collaboration between smart boys and cute animals is the most effective. In this game, the boys will embody a brave hamster who wants to help his friends. In each level, he'll have to set the bats free by pushing their cages to break them, then to reach the exit door. The hamster is capable of eating wooden crates to throw them on his enemies. Use arrow keys to control him and have some fun.
Michel The Recycler Michel The Recycler
Recycling is important and the boys must learn this since kindergarten. Used materials are converted into new products and the planet's resources will not be affected. Help Michael pick up all the litter in the park and stop all the litterbugs before the time runs out! Use the mouse and respect the environment!
Adaptor Reactor Adaptor Reactor
We must calculate and adapt to every move. A boy can do it for us all. This adventure is a platformer with a funny twist! The controls of the game changes depending on the block the player is stepping on. Master the controls and get the best time! Three star system and best time system promises high replay-ability.Outrun the main enemy to the exit portal while trying to avoid obstacles.
Arcade (827)
Storks and Babies Storks and Babies
As we all know babies are delivered by storks! They work in a huge Blimp floating around in the sky. This is a highly addictive priority management game. You are the stork manager, you are in control and you are responsible.
Balloon Duel Balloon Duel
Fly around with two balloons land on opponent to pop theirs and buy accessories like wings.
Hostile Skies Hostile Skies
Hidden Objects (1267)
Will Records in Scotland Will Records in Scotland
Wills and succession are capital concerns. Inheritance law in Scotland will be a problem discreetly approached by our boy in these moments. Mary, Sarah and Joseph are your distant relatives from Scotland. Your grandfather from Scotland has left you a certain heritage so now you are in Scotland, visiting your relatives there for the first time. Use the mouse and find hidden objects to solve the case.
Be Right on Time Be Right on Time
This man is invited to take a part in this conference that takes place in the neighboring town. He decides to take a train, he knows the schedule and everything, he is on the train station right on time but the train is late few hours. Search all the situations and help him get on time. Use the mouse, find hidden items and solve the case!
Easter Items at Grandmas Easter Items at Grandmas
Holiday searches are electrified and funny. All the boys will have some fun with this one. The eggs were hidden in strange places. The Easter holidays are coming. Everyone is getting ready to celebrate in the best way they can. Find the Easter eggs and some other hidden items. Use the mouse to play this game.
Motorcycle (435)
Bikers From Guangzhou Bikers From Guangzhou
A new motorcycle competition for talented boys takes place these days in China. The circuit is full of color and positive energy and all you have to do is to entertain the audience. Try to spin in the air and do tricks such as the Cancan, the Cliffhanger, double grab, Indian air or the rodeo. Use arrow keys to control the bike and have a great ride!
Latest Bultaco Motorcycles Latest Bultaco Motorcycles
Latest Bultaco Motorcycles cool games for little boys, best bikes games for boys European Trials Championship, Bultaco Alpina online gamnes Bultaco Frontera, Bultaco Mercurio free games with bikes, boys games Bultaco El Tigre
Motocross Riding Tips Motocross Riding Tips
Motocross Riding Tips cool motorcycle games for boys, new flash games with Motocross Corner Speed, latest motorcycle racing games for boys about Motocross Cornering Racing tips
Matching (494)
Minion Cullinan Match Minion Cullinan Match
Scarlet Overkill, Stuart, Kevin, Bob, Fabrice, Tina, Lou and Geoffrey Ames have reached the largest holding of diamonds in the world. The boys will help them with this rare diamonds matching. Allnatt diamond, Moussaieff Red or Wittelsbach, all should be places on categories. You will have to match three or more jewels of the same type and color and gather a target score so that you can go further in the game. Use the mouse and have some fun with Minions!
Cube Swap Defilement Cube Swap Defilement
The cubes are waiting to be arranged according to color and the boys have in front of them dozens of records waiting to be beaten. Matching cubes has become a daily habit for us. Quickly swap deck cubes and catch matched color cubes. Stay focused and beat evolving rush! Use the mouse to play this game. Follow the tutorial!
Bloons Bubbles With Tom Bloons Bubbles With Tom
Tom and Jerry, the funniest cartoon characters in the world, have come into the world of boys with a new bubble shooter game. Only we control the color wheel. The most important thing is that you can understand and know how to properly fold the three balls in a row, and then they get the same of the same color. Use the mouse!
Puzzle (1775)
Weird Bicycle Game Weird Bicycle Game
Avoid the teddy bears while riding your bike and go faster down the path.
Chicken Reader Chicken Reader
Let the chicken guess the number. He's smart, especially for a chicken.
Deere Hidden Numbers Deere Hidden Numbers
John Deere, Massey Ferguson or Ford are a few names that farmers dream at night. Find all hidden numbers in this rustic setting in which the tractor is the main character. Focus and find them all to complete the game. Use the mouse to interact.
Cool (2039)
Creepy Coloring Ideas Creepy Coloring Ideas
The most beautiful colors can make this picture a monument for joy. We have some black and white images with various evil spirits. Using various instruments and various artist paints we paint them different colors. What is the image we create, scary or fun - it all depends on you. In addition, you can even print your creation and place in a frame if you wish!
Self Defense Techniques Self Defense Techniques
Self Defense Techniques cool games for boys, best online fighting games, free games for boys special forces hand-to-hand close cmbat, boys flash games training manuals of the world's best units.
Baby Bathtime Steps Baby Bathtime Steps
Babies have sensitive skin and they must be washed daily, or at least several times a week. Boys need to learn some essential things about daily hygiene. Use a bath thermometer, a bowl of warm water for face, use several clean pieces of cotton wool. Follow on screen instructions for more details.
Racing (1800)
Log Truck Driver Log Truck Driver
You must equip, drink your orange juice and start your trucker mission. We need drivers who know how to judge the distance and corners. Boys will drive and park it in the most difficult places, on this industrial platform. Use the arrow keys to drive the vehicle and Spacebar to break.
Tunnels Between Planets Tunnels Between Planets
You have to pass this dangerous tunnel, to return home, on Earth. Race through the tunnel dodging all obstacles and grabbing power ups. Use the arrow key to control the spacecraft!
FORD F350 Ambulance FORD F350 Ambulance
FORD F350 Ambulance cool games for boys, best online driving and racing games for boys with trucks like FORD F350 or CHEVROLET 3500, get your ambulance drivers certificate, learn how to drive the ambulance or assist the ambulance driver
Multiplayer (147)
Multiplayer Cricket Multiplayer Cricket
The best cricket players gathered for a demonstration game. We must learn from them how to play like true professionals. This is a multiplayer game, you can play with a friend, a buddy or a neighbor.
Alien Top Transporter Alien Top Transporter
Transporting passengers from place to place can be boring. But it's much more exhilarating when you're flying a rocket-powered ship inside of caverns filled with falling rocks, missile traps and exploding barrels! Fly the aliens from place to place, refuel your ship and collect coins while keeping your ship intact. Use WASD and arrow keys to play it!
Volleyball With Pets Volleyball With Pets
All animals entered in this wonderful sport. The boys will help an elephant, rhinoceros, giraffe or pork to reach the highest step of the podium. Choose your favorite character and play with your opponent in volleyball. In order to win, try to avoid hitting the ball into the net, falling on your part of the playing field or beyond. Any of these omissions will lead to another goal and another step will bring you closer to loss. Use the mouse or arrow keys and become a legend!
Back to School (394)
Wise Word Quest Wise Word Quest
The letters and words are the elements that make life more interesting, interactive and educational. Words and let us conquer almost everything. With letters at hand create as many words as you can within 90 seconds! Each word created will increase a limit! The longer the words you give the higher your score will be!
Monster High Memory Training Monster High Memory Training
Monster High doll franchise went on educational stories on games for boys. Mnemonic techniques are more varied in the online world. Exercise everyday and have some fun. Removed from the field on two cards with the same images of witches. Use the mouse and learn new things about Draculaura, Toralei, Nefera de Nile, Abbey Bominable or Frankie Stein.
Guess All Shapes Guess All Shapes
Today, small boys have to show us how much they learned in terms of objects, shapes and details. Forms are fascinating and they represent what is most beautiful in the small world of childhood. Click on the shape when you hear the voice. Press the start button when you are ready. Be fast and have some fun!
Shooting (983)
Anti Submarine Gunboat Anti Submarine Gunboat
Enemies have improved their military equipment and came into our territorial waters with submarine and submersible boats. Boys must protect coastal border with honor, dignity and a lot of courage. Use arrow keys to move the ship, use Spacebar to drop bombs on submarines.
Aliens attack Aliens attack
A simple invader clone
Chipettes Bubble Breaker Chipettes Bubble Breaker
Alvin, Simon, Theodore, Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor propose an online game that might interest us. Aim the arrow to burst the matching Chipettes bubbles, in order to burst the bubbles you will need at least three of the same Chipettes. Use the mouse and have some fun!
Sports (737)
Pongoal Arena Pongoal Arena
The biggest champions are found in this competition. Enjoy this mix of soccer and pong with a bit of fun. Use mouse to move goalie up and down. If you hit the ball with the center of the goalie, you shoot fast fire-balls. Some object may be interacted with mouse-click. You can also slightly change ball direction if you press back and forward direction keys.
Field Goal Field Goal
3 on 1 3 on 1
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