Learn To Prepare Sweets

Learn To Prepare Sweets

Boys and Desserts

No matter what, kids will always want, and after all deserve tasty treats. And nothing says treats to them like a dessert. Boys and girls alike have a passion for dessert; starting with the very moment they taste the first sweet thing.

Everyone says that men make great chefs, and it is true. All great restaurants have a mastermind behind the kitchen counter, and most of the time that person is man. And before he can be a man, and before he can be a true master chef, that person starts off by being a little boy. A tiny kid who has a passion for cooking.And that is why we should not ignore a boy’s inclination towards cooking. Who knows what talents lay within, talents that would go undiscovered if we don’t encourage them to come to light.


But where does it start? It’s simple really, what is the one thing that everyone loves? What is the one thing no one ever turns down, and finally, what is that thing that children die for? Well, it all starts with a delicious, tasty dessert. Be it a cookie, a cupcake or a doughnut, a dessert is still a dessert no matter what you call it, or how simple it may be. And everything has importance when it comes down to creating your very own recipe, and serving it to your friends and family. It may start off with a simple thing, and some of us will keep to that simple thing, but those of us who aren’t afraid of taking leaps will keep trying to improve, and although they have started off with a cookie, they may end up mastering the art of the soufflé.

It’s no wonder kids love cooking, because it is like creating your very own work of art. You mix all the ingredients together, you use your bare hands, you put your soul into it, you patiently wait for it to be ready, you then decorate it the best way you know how and what do you know, something totally delicious is ready to be served.

And the more you cook the same dish, the more you realize it can taste different all the time. Every single time you try the same dish you can discover new aromas and tastes, and that is what makes it a unique experience. Or, you can try doing something else every time. There are so many desserts out there, that we probably wouldn’t finish trying them out in a lifetime. Don’t underestimate the power of surprise, for it is pure surprise to try a different recipe every day, and see how it turns out. It’s like Christmas morning, and you get to open your presents over and over again. Except that presents all have names, like: mini carrot cakes, ice-cream cake, lemon jelly, apple custard tarts, hot chocolate mousse, apple strudels, baked rice pudding, banana and strawberry splits, butter cake or chocolate chip brownie. And that is to name only a few of the options one has when it comes to dessert making. And leaving this aside, who says that kids can’t invent something special, unique, never before done. Then there really is no stopping to what imagination can produce. And the list could go on for ever and ever.

If you think of it, the whole process is nothing but fun. It is all a wonderful game, where the end result is more than the mere satisfaction of winning. It is something totally palpable, something that you can taste and share.

And apart from the fun aspect of it all, it is also a good learning experience. Practice makes perfect, as they say. And the more they experiment the better they get at creating the perfect dessert. You are never too young to learn to follow recipes, to combine ingredients in the correct quantities and so on. Starting at a young age, helps build a date base that the great chef to be can access any time. Tips and tricks about cooking the best chocolate mousse, great ideas about decorating the best vanilla apple pie are but some examples of what an early passion for dessert can do in someone’s life.

But before they have a chance to experiment in their own kitchen, with real ingredients, kids will use fake food, made up food, and special dishes known only by them. What a fun playing session, where you get your friends to taste some of your special, blue berry muffins, with a touch of stardust, and a pinch of happiness. Boys, just like girls, love to invent new dishes to serve on their play dates, and they never stop at the conventional tea and cookies. It is all about the discovery, and that never ceases, not even in their life as adults.

And while playing with imagined ingredients, and fantastic recipes has an undeniable appeal, decorating a computer animated cake, or sprinkling the frosting on a strawberry cupcake, is a great exercise as well. It offers all the fun of the experience, and takes out the getting dirty, or making a mess factor. They have the recipe there; they have all the ingredients at hand, all they have to do is follow the steps carefully, and they create the best desserts ever. And when it comes down to creativity, I can’t think of something more stimulating. Everything is there inside the computer, so many decorations, frostings, sauces, and icings to keep them busy for a lifetime. They can try new designs, experiment with old ones, and basically let their imagination wonder off, trying to create a unique sweet treat.

Playing with colors and designs has never been more fun. Creativity is at its best when they discover that the same decorations can create numerous different designs.

There is also something else to take into consideration, when you think about desserts, and kids for that matter. At the pace we are going in today’s society, all the delight of tasting a delicious chocolate fudge sundae ice cream has been replaced with chemically induced aromas, engineered colors and mass produced items, that suck the fun out of an old fashioned dessert.

So, learning to prepare a dessert helps kids discover the way things are really made, far away from factories and robotic arms, and giant ovens. Making their own dessert will help kids see that hard work really pays off. That it can be fun to get your hands dirty, that making an effort has its advantage that in the end, if you apply yourself something beautiful can come out. Needles to say these are lessons that help them thorough out life in general, and not only with their cake making.

Staying healthy depends on our willingness to apply ourselves, and turn down the artificially flavoured desserts. Be ready to prepare our own tasty treats, having fun, while at the same time staying healthy. And as we know, kids learn by example, so, it is our example they will follow.

All kids have a sweet tooth, boys and girls alike, and if we channel this desire for desserts towards something that can be equally fun, as it is healthy and life preparing, then our mission is achieved. And the great master chefs of tomorrow will thank us that instead of buying them something nice, we took them by the hand, and showed them the interior of the kitchen.

There is a little master chef hiding in everybody, and we all have the desire to create nice things, and have fun, and sweeten our lives. So, why not literally add sweetness to our lives, and help our kids cook great desserts? After all, what did our grandma always say? “Life just needs a bit of frosting” doesn’t it?