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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (4044)
Luna Hotel Luna Hotel
Batty Blinded Bat Batty Blinded Bat
We will help a bat to fly around! Because of an accident, he lost his night vision and the boys must guide him through dark caves and caverns. Navigate your way through a cave system using nothing but your built-in bat sonar. Use the mouse and have a long flight!
Dutiful Bubble Shooter Dutiful Bubble Shooter
Crazy bubble shooter chapter, technologized with mechanical matters and a lot of concentration. Try to shoot more balls of the same color, at once. These bubbles are trouble. How many of them can you pop? Use the mouse to play this game.
Arcade (827)
Apples Apples
Catch the falling apples in the basket. Don't miss or grandma will be mad.
Plunge Penguins Problems Plunge Penguins Problems
The Penguins went for food. They are slightly hungry and therefore they are angry and irritable. The boys will learn some things about fishing with emperor penguins. The snow has begun to melt, and it s time for Penguin to go fishing. Help Penguin through the waters and land a good catch! Use arrow keys to move, use Space to jump!
Barty Barty
Fly over the grasslands as a bird, drop bones on the stones to break them and gain points.
Hidden Objects (1267)
Midnight in Pimlico London Midnight in Pimlico London
London police has sent the best man for this mission. Detective Frank is a boy that really enjoys his job. This night detective Frank is called at midnight, for another case. This house is located in the old part of the city of London, where the body of certain Terry, Henry's longtime business partner and friend, was found. Use the mouse, find hidden items and have some fun with the game.
Airport Emergency Services Airport Emergency Services
Today's newspapers write about a new investigation on the Airport. Our boys are already there. You can be part of such an investigation. All the flights on the New York Airport are delayed. FBI detectives have encircled the whole airport and are looking for the thieves of big sum of money from the Central Bank. Any evidence would bring them closer to the criminals. Use the mouse and find hidden objects!
Great Picnic Day Great Picnic Day
Clean air and nature are the perfect ingredients for a perfect day for a picnic. All the boys are invited. High in the mountains there is lots of snow, but here down by the lake everything is clear and the sun shines bright. I think that we choose a great day and we will enjoy it together. Use the mouse, find hidden objects and have some fun at the picnic.
Motorcycle (435)
Ninjutsu Bike Ninjutsu Bike
Ninjas use unconventional warfare style to control a rigid bike, to reach the battlefield with it. Ninja is not the best rider but has a lot of courage. While anybody can drive a motorcycle, only ninja can perform crazy moves, stunts and jumps. Use arrow keys to play the game!
Hulk Bike Ride Hulk Bike Ride
Hulk is one of the best bikers in the world and he is capable of extreme speed when the race becomes difficult. Hulk is a boy who fell in love with speed and adrenaline. Help Hulk ride the motorcycle and keep from flipping over or crashing. Use the mouse and have some fun!
Monstropolis Bike Monstropolis Bike
The green monster took his license and began to ride the bike through the city. Play by helping him to cross all the 10 levels and master the motorcycle. Although funny, he takes things seriously !
Matching (494)
Nutritional Food Link Nutritional Food Link
Food should be organized in well segmented by categories. Boys, let's collect food by clearly defined criteria. The food link must be designed by the good nutritional criteria. Look for two identical tiles with a clear path between them. There cannot be more than two 90-degree turns between the tiles. Use your mouse to click one tile, then the other, to remove them from the board.
Connect Halloween Theme Objects Connect Halloween Theme Objects
Halloween based games begin to surface during this time of year. Boys, it comes to matching objects in a manner unseen. In this game you need to clear the board by removing all the items. You can remove a pair at once. For removing a pair first you need to find a pair of two identical items, which can be connected with 3 or less than 3 lines. The line can not overlap other items. Use the mouse to match them all!
Bejeweled With Minions Bejeweled With Minions
Minions are bored again and want to have a little fun with an interactive game, a tale about matching objects. Get together 3 or more equal objects to score points, hurry up! the time is about to finish and their mission Will fail. Use the mouse to interact in the game and match them all!
Puzzle (1774)
Square Square
Click on the squares atleast two or more remove all to win.
WorldCup Differences WorldCup Differences
The best players at the World Cup are trying to play tricks with our eyes. Pay attention at both images and to find the differences between them. It's not hard at all, but you have to be careful, because the time is running out and you have to move quickly to complete the level. Focus and use the mouse to play the game.
Tower Construction Tower Construction
Builder's dream is to create something great, something great, something that would remain for generations. In this game you must build a tower as high as possible. Follow instructions. This game is played with the mouse.
Cool (2039)
Simplest Thanksgiving Turkey Simplest Thanksgiving Turkey
We need a special turkey dish this Thanksgiving Day. The boys are renowned as the best chefs in the world. Once you have cooked the turkey in the oven, garnish it with fresh leaves and fruits. It would look really tasty to both your eyes and mouth. So get this cooking game started and learn this wonderful recipe today. Use the mouse and have some fun with this game.
Dream Home For A Puppy Dream Home For A Puppy
Every puppy dreams of a beautiful and spacious house. The boys will make a creative journey with architectural segments. You could play the free mode to decorate the puppy house freely as you want. You could also choose the challenge mode to decorate the house exactly as the picture shows. Use the mouse and have some fun!
Baby Surfing Brands Baby Surfing Brands
Kids surf clothes and accessories are more popular in certain areas of the world. Those boys are out for the summer fun surf sailing the beach! Use the mouse to play this game.
Racing (1800)
Wild West Parking Wild West Parking
The Texas cowboy must adapt to demands twenty-first century. Cowboys don't own cars, but they still have to park their vehicles! Help them maneuver in their small cowboy villages, make sure you do not bump into houses or trees, and park fast to achieve the best score.
American 3D Race American 3D Race
Enjoy a race with powerful American cars, friendly and impressive vehicles. The Fifties were the years in which these cars have made history on the road. Collect bonuses acceleration to increase speed and beware of oily stains. Use arrow keys to drive.
Street Race Cruisin Street Race Cruisin
Temperamental guys have competitive spirits and they are not afraid when it comes to a race that will go down in history. All four cars and eight tracks have been extensively tweaked to give an excellent racing feel and difficulty curve throughout. Use arrow keys to drive the car, use X for turbo boost.
Multiplayer (147)
Cable Car System Cable Car System
Use arrow keys to control this mysterious cable car. Dodge the obstacles so that passengers do not fall. Our dear passengers must arrive at the destination unharmed. Cable car is down sharply, according to gravity. This game can be played with a friend!
Antarctica Gentoo Penguins Antarctica Gentoo Penguins
Antarctica Gentoo Penguins online multiplayer games on the Antarctic Peninsula, great 2 players games for boys Gentoo Penguins at Paradise Bay in Antarctica, free multiplayer online games for the winter
Volleyball And Tea Volleyball And Tea
A strange version of volleyball at doubles, dedicated to those who drink tea daily. This game is played with the arrow keys and Space Bar. Try to convince your friend in this double challenge.
Back to School (394)
Math Equator Math Equator
Mathematics is the science with a wide range of malleability. Numbers make life more calculated. Make simple mathematical questions. The first two numbers are either added, subtracted, multiplied or divided. Follow on screen instructions for more details. Use the mouse to play the game.
Math is Rapid Math is Rapid
Solve as many mathematical calculations in a short time. Under the pressure of stress, the results are difficult. The countdown is only 10 seconds, but you get a small time bonus for each right answer. Solve ten operations in a row to restart the countdown. Use the keyboard.
Tree With Numbers Tree With Numbers
Tree With Numbers in learning games for boys. An interesting game with which boys can learn the secrets of mathematics. Learn to add numbers and improve your math level.
Shooting (983)
WWII Soldier WWII Soldier
Blast through the trenches, shoot down the enemy Nazi troops and get off Normandy Beach.
Alloy Alloy
Control alloy to attack the enemies. Find out about combo move for maximum damage and score
Amazons vs. Athenians Amazons vs. Athenians
In this game you go around in a way fighting the other team.
Sports (737)
Ringside Manager Ringside Manager
We need a good boxing manager for a great boxing simulation adventure. Train your boxer, choose his fights and send him up on the ring to test his might. Use the mouse to select trainings, book fights and buy training equipments. Click on special moves icons at the bottom left of the screen or use the keyboard short cuts. Have fun!
Silly Golf Silly Golf
Play an extremely fun mini golf game.
Ragdoll Goalie Drills Ragdoll Goalie Drills
Ragdoll goalie is the funniest simulator for boys who want to take up football and become gatekeepers. Footwork and positioning are essential. Goalkeeper coaching is vital on gamesforboys. Prove you are the greatest goalkeeper in the world with this funny ragdoll physics game! Use the mouse to interact!
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