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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (4044)
Bart Vs Homer Bart Vs Homer
It is another great day in the American animated sitcom, the Simpsons. Cool games for boys in Middle American town of Springfield. Help Bart bat homer as far as he can, use upgrades to get extra distance and don’t forget to use your cash to buy new products at Apu's Kwik-E Mart.
Tower Defence Tower Defence
Hedgehog Treats Hedgehog Treats
Hedgehogs have left on a difficult task, picking apples. Help them overcome obstacles, fly with balloons and collect all stars. Use the mouse to play it ! Hedgehogs need vitamins to pass this day.
Arcade (827)
Megaman Polarity Megaman Polarity
Platform fighting game using Megaman as characters!
Breeder Breeder
Starting with 2 rabbits, you will be breeding them into a big family
Fearless Colonel Fearless Colonel
Arcade games for boys with stories about field work. Your mission is to destroy your enemy's base or kill all his troops. To do this, you send heavy artillery and men of different corps of the army in the field. Improve your weaponry progressively as you win battles. All controls in this game are the mouse.
Hidden Objects (1267)
Old Temple of Treasure Old Temple of Treasure
Some treasures have mythical values higher than material and the boys are on the scene for another exciting search. Treasure hunters exited and will always exist. It runs in the mankind's blood to look for more, to look for the ways to become richer and have more. Some believe that they can create the eternal material, they can create things with alchemy or they believe they can do so. Throughout the history there are treasure maps that generations have transferred to one another, some probably will achieve to get to the treasure, but for others that would only be a dream never realized. Use the mouse, find hidden objects to complete the game.
Mysterious Disappearances Mysterious Disappearances
Splits of every kind are our specialty. Boys, first of all we have to look after well-hidden objects. Any indication or proof is profitable now. They look for their inspiration in those cases and that's how they write their stories. They are willing to solve this case not just for them but also for this poor gilr who has lost every trace. Use the mouse and find all hidden items.
Enchanted Romance Enchanted Romance
Stories can be easily influenced by our actions and decisions. Jacqueline is a young girl that has never done anything bad to anyone. Prepare yourself for a little bit scary story! We are here to make the things better. Boys must find all hidden objects! Use the mouse to interact!
Motorcycle (435)
Sandy Bike Ride Sandy Bike Ride
Every biker has great emotions when they have to compete through the desert. The sand challenges you to unsuspected skills. Use your driving skill to drive all the way to the end. Perform best trick ever on the highest point of the biker jump and without falling on the landing. Use arrow keys to control the motorcycle!
Bike Resistance Bike Resistance
The bike is more than an adventure, it is a state of mind. Try not to fall and resist as much as possible on this motocross motorcycle. Get over all the obstacles in a level with the most points as possible.
Viking Bike Ride Viking Bike Ride
Viking motorcycles are made to withstand any type of terrain. Those boys need the toughest motorcycle ever made. Take control of the motorcycle and help the stranger from the past to master the future of transport and safely reach the finish line, collecting along the way different subjects. Use arrow keys to play this one.
Matching (494)
Candy Clear Strike Candy Clear Strike
Candy stories are the sweetest in the world. Boys can rewrite history with fast movements and coordonation. Meiji, pocky, puccho, pez and coucougnette are all here. Click At the group of three or more Candyís of the same color and they will disappear. Use the mouse and match them all. Have some fun in colors.
Mario Kart Memory Test Mario Kart Memory Test
Memory must be train every day and the boys will enjoy some interactive games in this regard. Mario is here to help. This game offers different cars, but in the picture and you have to use your memory to remember and guess two same car signs. Use the mouse to click on the squares. Have some fun and find them all!
Zoe's Family Zoe's Family
It is very difficult to remember or to know all members of a family. Boys have to match them into similar groups of three, four or five. Lucky for us they do not have similar figures. Play Zoe fun match to know how fast you can match the faces before the time is up. Use mouse to interact.
Puzzle (1775)
Halloween Memory Halloween Memory
Red Corvette Puzzle Red Corvette Puzzle
Corvette cars really represents the dream of every boy. Corvette means speed, design, adrenaline and respect on the streets. This is a coll puzzle game about a great brand. In sliding mode you can turn on background if you need more help. Use the mouse to play this game.
City of Tokyo City of Tokyo
After a long period, I came in my hometown and I found it modernized, changed and challenging. Tokyo is famous for Harajuku, Meiji Shrine, Roppongi, Minato, or Yoyogi Park. Many things have changed, but there are also some things that are same as before. Follow her and explore the streets of Tokyo together. Use the mouse!
Cool (2039)
Korean Hanbok Costume Korean Hanbok Costume
Korean birthday celebrations are highly personalized, detailed, meticulous and thorough. Boys, we will work as fashion designers for this project. Hanbok or Joseon-ot, they must look flawless. Make her pretty and more cute than before. Pick up some clothes you want. Use the mouse to interact and have some fun with this game.
Chinese Dinner Table Decoration Chinese Dinner Table Decoration
Decorate your Chinese-style dinner table with your favorite tea cups, foods, Chinese tea kettle, etc. This game provides a good set of things needed for this type of dinner table. Use the mouse!
Pixie Scene Creator Pixie Scene Creator
We have dozens of options and some variations. Boys, this is about creativity and originality in design. Fly to Nederland and explore the land of magical fairies. Create both female pixies and sparrow men (male fairies). Use the mouse!
Racing (1800)
Fascinating Ice Truck Fascinating Ice Truck
We have seven reasons to get to the finish line. We need a boy to drive as well as seven other drivers. Drive a truck through seven icy levels of increasing difficulty in seven minutes to complete this game. Use arrow keys to control the vehicle and R to restart the game. Have a great ride!
Hurdler Drive Time Hurdler Drive Time
When you drive a car on a unfriendly terrain, your driver's nerves are stretched to the max. You will need to jump, shoot, speed up and slow down while keeping yourself focused on the track. Use arrow keys or WASD to drive and Spacebar to aim and shoot! Follow instructions!
Gold Truck Is Coming Gold Truck Is Coming
The economic crisis seems unstoppable and boys must invest everything in gold mines. Gold remained the most valuable exchange value, after thousands of years. You need to gingerly transport the valuable gold to the destination. Achieve the target score to pass a level. Use arrow keys to drive the truck!
Multiplayer (147)
Minion Construction Jobs Minion Construction Jobs
Boys will find out which high paying jobs are in the construction field. For starters, we have to get there. Minion and his twin brother are got a job in construction. You need to collect all wrenches on the stage and find his office. USe WASD and arrow keys to control those boys. You can play it along with a friend.
Robo Duel Fight 3 Round Robo Duel Fight 3 Round
The battle between robots reaches a new level. Those boys are back for another chapter. The new booster elements which are named Fire, Earth, Wind and Water, may ensure you instant supremacy against your opponent. Player One use ZXCA, Player Two use 1234. Be brave and have some fun!
Cable Car System Cable Car System
Use arrow keys to control this mysterious cable car. Dodge the obstacles so that passengers do not fall. Our dear passengers must arrive at the destination unharmed. Cable car is down sharply, according to gravity. This game can be played with a friend!
Back to School (394)
Zero Math Logic Zero Math Logic
Math go hand in hand with logic. Boys will make a colored foray into the fascinating world of numbers. We have a math game where youíll try and reduce a Monsterís number to zero using math guns. This is about addition, subtraction and multiplication. Shooting a gun will apply the gunís number and operator to the Monsterís number. So if you shoot a gun with ď+10Ē on it, 10 will be added to the Monsterís number. Plan ahead as a gun can only be fired once per level. Using fewer guns to bring the Monsterís number to zero will give you a higher score.
Snow White Typing Job Snow White Typing Job
The Snow White needs the money and she decided to accept the post of secretary for the queen. The boys will train her to write quickly on the laptop keyboard. Type the correct letter and go to the next level. Watch out the letters will fall faster. Be fast, be smart, be the smartest dwarf!
Two Educational Tests Two Educational Tests
You can learn things easier if you create a fun environment. Kindergarten boys must match the objects in the right place. Do you wanna have fun while you also learn useful things? These two creative games are here are both here to give you your the portion of fun.
Shooting (983)
Air Defence 1 Air Defence 1
Droid On Fire Droid On Fire
Use the mouse to aim and left click to shoot. Use arrow keys or WASD to move, jump and duck. Collect tokens to upgrade your droid and purchase power ups in the scrap shop. Futuristic games for boys. Droid War began and will end with a winner who will dominate the world.
Legacy Of Agony Legacy Of Agony
In this game you go around fighting monsters.
Sports (737)
Simpsons Beach Volleyball Simpsons Beach Volleyball
The Simpsons went on vacation. On the first day on the beach they saw many people gathered in one place. The championship in volleyball is underway on local beach. The finalists came Flanders and Simpsons family. You need to decide which children set to play in the final. Use arrow keys and have some fun with Homer and Bart.
Ping Pong Turbo Ping Pong Turbo
Great Tournament Great Tournament
Aim for the bulls eye and fire your bow and arrow. Score the highest number of points to win.
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