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Most Popular Games (3)
Motor Bike Motor Bike
Bike your way through rough terrain.
Sonic vs Mario Sonic vs Mario
Sonic is the second most popular video game mascot of the 16-bit era and beyond! We will begin this collection with the classic VS. movies.
Tom and Jerry Game Tom and Jerry Game
Tom and Jerry Game, Games For Kids with Tv Cartoons
Action (4044)
Arduous Mummy's Path Arduous Mummy's Path
Have you ever thought that you will be in a position to help a mummy? Brave boys are called a transient excursion in ancient Egypt, to solve the case of the sad mummy. Make the head roll back onto his shoulders and try to collect all stars and bonuses on each level. Use the mouse.
Mining With Robots Mining With Robots
Underground galleries are like highways for professional miners. Boys will dig for viable resources. Find minerals, find clays, mica, perlite, bauxite, manganese, iron one, copper and gold. Deeper are diamonds, rubies, emeralds. Refuel at the place where the gas station is located. Use arrow keys to play this game.
Royal Rider Sketch Royal Rider Sketch
Medieval Knights gave birth to the most beautiful stories of courage and heroism. Kings needed reliable people, well-trained, ready to go into battle against anyone, anytime. Ride your horse to battle in your quest to crush the dark wizard and get back the peasant treasure. Use arrow keys to play the game!
Arcade (827)
Tweety's Letters Tweety's Letters
A fictional yellow canary is ready for a sample of creativity. Tweety is very fun and all the boys will honor her with this game. Use the mouse and connect all the letters to recreate the character of the sketch. Have some fun!
Beaver Brother Beaver Brother
Help the Beaver Brother to colect all the bricks that scattered in all the floors
War On Spam War On Spam
This game can be played byt 1 or 2 players and have 3 difficulties level
Hidden Objects (1267)
That Secret Entrance That Secret Entrance
A secret entrance could mean rewriting the whole story. Boys will look for objects with symbolic and sentimental value. The cave of Arpo is full of treasure. It is located near the famous castle of Karslry that is few miles away from here. Up until now, no-no has discovered the treasure, but it is believed that it is still in Arpo. Use the mouse, find hidden objects and find out more about this place.
Palace of Beautiful Flowers Palace of Beautiful Flowers
Some hidden objects must be found to elucidate a scented chapter on gamesforboys. We could use this phrase as a metaphor but can you believe that there is actually a place that gathers all of them? Well that is the palace of flowers, a place where all flowers can be seen, for real, and you could enjoy their wonderful scent, or let's say more precisely, numerous different scents! Use the mouse, find hidden items and complete the story.
Healthiest Vegetables Numbers Healthiest Vegetables Numbers
Find all the hidden objects to ensure your daily protein requirement. Boys, it's all about vitamins, nutrients and fiber. This game looks very tasty. This is because the game is composed entirely of delicious fruits and vegetables. Some numbers are missing from these vegetables. We have to find all the hidden numbers immediately. Use the mouse to play this game.
Motorcycle (435)
Custom Built Motorcycles Custom Built Motorcycles
Custom Built Motorcycles on games for boys, free online games with bikes, latest motorcycle games for little boys with models like ninja style street bikes motorcycle or Bobber Motorcycles Street Legal Bikes
Giddy Neno Motorcycle Giddy Neno Motorcycle
An evening bike ride can bring gold coins and a lot of relaxation. Neon lights make this race a little giddy. Drive the motorcycle safely to the finish Line in each level without causing much damage. Use arrow keys to control the bike and have fun in this adventure!
Motorcycle Rental Business Motorcycle Rental Business
A motorcycle franchise was opened on games for boys. Take part to a long-term business venture. Boys, this will be fun! Ride a bike using renting and drive all the terrrains and win the race and have fun. Use arrow keys to control the motorcycle and have all the fun in the world.
Matching (494)
Chocolate Party Swap Chocolate Party Swap
Matching different types of cakes can become a sweet mission. Boys are here to taste the sweet taste of victory. Swap places of goodies to over shortcakes were three or more of the same and then the cakes will be ready for delivery. Use the mouse and match them all.
Halloween Glowing Candy Collapse Halloween Glowing Candy Collapse
Candies appear in thousands of designs and variations, especially during Halloween. Boys, matching games have become our specialty for a cold October day. In order to keep them away from witch Click on a group of at least two similar blocks to destroy them. You can also destroy individual block using a bomb. Use the mouse and match them all!
Xmas Choco Match Xmas Choco Match
Luxury chocolates as Marcolini, Neuhaus, Godiva, Guylian or Dolfin is made for cool boys. Match all pieces of Belgian chocolate in horizontally, vertically or diagonally way. Try to make chocolate chains as long as possible. After a number of connections, you will get power-ups such as bombs and lightnings to help you complete the level. Use the mouse to play this game.
Puzzle (1775)
Simpsons Puzzle Simpsons Puzzle
Our heroes from The Simpsons are back with a game for smart boys. Find matching pairs of Simpsons characters of cards by clicking on them. Match all pairs of cards within time duration to go into next level.
Hexxagon Hexxagon
Modified strange othello type game jump your gems over and convert the opponents gems more gems wins.
Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss
Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss is the car chosen for this episode. Drag the pieces into right position using mouse. Multiple pieces can be selected using Ctrl + Left Click. Boys can learn a lot about great German cars from our game. Use the mouse to fix this puzzle.
Cool (2039)
Captain America Eye Check Captain America Eye Check
An excellent field commander needs urgent help of a boy with medical skills. Marvel Comics brings us a superhero to be cared for. Captain America reached the eye doctor and have to sort out a minor problem. Use the mouse to play this game and follow on screen instructions for more details.
Car Destroyer Car Destroyer
Cool online games with cars. In the car game Car Demolisher your duty is to wreck all cars each level using your cars to jump into the structures. First set the ramp. After you can determine the speed sliding the blue block in front of the ramp.
Nedrago Car Revive Nedrago Car Revive
Any car worth a refreshing image every now and then. The boys have completed the auto mechanics course and are ready to change, ailerons, lights, plugs and engine sensors. Get ready for the new car design experience and help Nedrago, Jeacky, Gorilaco and Rabith to get ready for the next car competition. Use the mouse!
Racing (1800)
Tom And Jerry Super Race Tom And Jerry Super Race
I waited a few years for the this day. A boy can become a hero, a legend for the hundreds of years. Tom tired of chasing Jerry and he decided to arrange a competition with the participation of the coolest cars in the world. Choose your favorite hero, get behind the wheel of the car and race to victory. Use driving skills and try to take the lead in the first minute. Use arrow keys.
Perfect Monster Race Perfect Monster Race
Some boys are born to be drivers. Some of them are born champions. You can be both. You can start by choosing the perfect race, taking into consideration that each one has a different combination of speed, force and control. Use your arrow keys to drive it and crash everything in your way, from boxes, to walls or other cars. Your goal is to get at the end of the level as soon as possible, because as the time passes by, you will lose points.
Hulk Rush Hulk Rush
Use arrow keys to drive in this new online game for boys. Hulk is prepared to smash everything and whatever comes his way. Help him ride through the obstacles and reach his goal to finish the level. Collect the points on your way to score.
Multiplayer (147)
The Seventh Bomb The Seventh Bomb
We'll have fun with controlled explosions and well guided bombs. Boys must move seven times faster, control bursts of seven times stronger and gain more points seven times than last week. Player One use WASD and Space for bomb, Player Two use arrow keys and Enter for bombs. Have a great day!
Real Corporate Soccer Real Corporate Soccer
Football acquires new features during this unique game. Those boys are here to have some fun. The corporation has been involved for the proper operation of things. Play soccer with jet packs with up to 3 other players at your keyboard. Use WASD and arrow keys to move the player, YIJK and 4568 for skills. Be the greatest player in the world.
Bubbles With Friends Bubbles With Friends
When you play with a dear friend, the game becomes more interesting. Colors and speed make suspense to increase exponentially. Shoot bubbles and pop those mines in this fun two player arcade adventure. Use arrow keys for player one. WASD for player two.
Back to School (394)
Save your Smile Save your Smile
Dentist Lesson in games for boys. A short visual presentation of teeth in humans and animals. Lions have different teeth to sheep, they also like eating different food. Some animals have no teeth at all. We must learn as much about teeth and keep them healthy throughout life.
Christmas Typing Lesson Christmas Typing Lesson
Santa will bring more gifts if you learn to write faster. Even if it is vacant now, we should not forget the school. The boys must learn to write quickly and correctly, in difficult conditions, under pressure. This wonderful holiday can make you smarter. Enjoy a typing game with Christmas theme. Have a smart Xmas!
Kitchen Safety Basics Kitchen Safety Basics
Being safe in the kitchen is the main concern for our boys and girls. The kitchen is a compelling place and parents should ensure their children are safe through the cutlery and pans. Follow on screen instructions and use the mouse to play this game.
Shooting (983)
Bomber Bob Bomber Bob
Shoot down the planes while protecting your ship.
Flying Sheep Flying Sheep
The sheep have to fly as far as to find new pastures for its herd. Use ASWD to influence the trajectory. Your cannon becomes increasingly stronger as you win medals.
Royalty Against Zombie Royalty Against Zombie
Royal Highnesses took the most difficult decision of their lives. Starting today, they went to war along with ordinary soldiers. In order to protect the castle and the people, the prince and the princess to take up arms against them. Use WASD to move, J to fire, UIKL for various skils. Fore player 2 use arrow keys to move, 1 to fire and 4523 for skills. Help them fast!
Sports (737)
FIFA World Cup Penalty FIFA World Cup Penalty
2014 FIFA World Cup had reached the final stage. You need to trust yourself and a powerful shot. Choose your favorite national team, shoot penalty and tried to come out first in the league. Use the mouse to select trajectory, height and power of the shot.
Air Hockey II Air Hockey II
This is a very nice Air Hockey game.
Turbo Spirit Turbo Spirit
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