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Cool (2039)
18th Century Fashion on Games For Boys 18th Century Fashion
This fashion story is based on 18th century type of clothing, of how they dressed countesses and princes in those days. Prepare the lady from 18th century, choose the dress, hairstyle and accessories, which are belong on baroque style. Use the mouse to play this game.
1943 Airplanes on Games For Boys 1943 Airplanes
We're in 1943, in a territory occupied by Nazi Germany. Your plane is equipped with a short range radar system, but this only works with air borne objects. Press S to throw bombs and follow the directions of officers.
20th Century Limited on Games For Boys 20th Century Limited
The 20th Century Limited cool games with train, best games for little boys 20th Century Limited debuted in 1902 as the New York Central's luxury train operating between New York and Chicago, free online games with little trains, online trains flash games 20th Century Limited
2D Scenery on Games For Boys 2D Scenery
We have to work every day, using our imagination for a better world. A great world of tremendous puzzles and challenges of different kind is here just for you. There you can create anything you want, using just your imagination. Each level has a drag-and-drop circle with which you can move objects in the level. All green objects need to get on the green field. Follow on screen instructions for controls.
3D Cosmic Goal on Games For Boys 3D Cosmic Goal
Collect your lost cargo and find your way home. 3D cosmic games for boys. Use Space to Jump, arrow keys to move. Need to recover all the missed things, everyone waiting for you at home. A 3D adventure in distant worlds!
4th of July Pie Recipes on Games For Boys 4th of July Pie Recipes
Classic old-fashioned all-American pie recipe are tasty, delicious and healthy. Boys, let's have creative fun with a quintessential American dessert. Who wants to learn this secret American Pie recipe? Start this cooking class and prepare your ingredients before you start cooking it. Invite your friends to taste your super American Pie recipe. Have a happy cooking day! Use the mouse!
56 Street Car Wash Service on Games For Boys 56 Street Car Wash Service
Car wash is all about interior and exterior cleaning. We provide services such as Super Wash, Rain Repellent and Carpet Shampoo. Your car needs this special treatment every time you notice dirt on it. In this case the car wash is self-serve so you are the one who is going to clean it up. You can also change your tires, the color and some extra accessories. Use the mouse to play this game.
A Better Painter on Games For Boys A Better Painter
Maybe we are not as talented as Vincent van Gogh, Monet, Rembrandt or Munch but we must try to improve ourselves every day. Select a picture and start to paint with creativity, joy and elegance. Print your colored or black white picture or save it as a desktop background. Use the mouse to play the game.
A Catchy Dance on Games For Boys A Catchy Dance
A Catchy Dance cool games for boys, best online music games for boys dancing in public, fresh games for boys with dancing moves step by step
A Cute Girl And Her Robot on Games For Boys A Cute Girl And Her Robot
All the girls will be dressed cute and be appreciated in this game. Our boys will apply latest clothing trends from fashion's greatest designers. Everything has to look unique, colorful and interesting. Our little cute girl and her robot friend are back. Go shopping and eat together. Let's prepare these two for a happy day, choose outfits for them and make sure they look adorable! Use the mouse!
A Cute Seahorse on Games For Boys A Cute Seahorse
A seahorse is a unique fish, very nice and appreciated on gamesforboys. What a cute seahorse! You can choose different colors and styles for this little buddy under the sea! Use the mouse to play this game.
A Gingerbread House on Games For Boys A Gingerbread House
Best holiday recipes are those made from the soul. We have to put organic ingredients, less sugar and more joy. Use vegetable oil, gingerbread, cinnamon. This is a recipe to make a delicious and impressive dessert for Christmas. Use the mouse and be happy!
A Happy Christmas Story on Games For Boys A Happy Christmas Story
Winter warms the soul stories with their kindness and candor. Boys, this one is for us! Let the Christmas spirit touch you with a beautiful Christmas story. You can create the most amazing Christmas trees in beautifully designed places. Use the mouse to decorate.
A Horse Named Jimmy on Games For Boys A Horse Named Jimmy
Horses are animals who enjoy color and greenery. The Arabian horse, Danish Warmblood, Australian Draught Horse or Kaimanawa horses, all are the same for the boys who love animals. Click with the brush on the color you want and then on the part of the picture that you want to paint. Use the mouse to play this game.
A Matter of Honor on Games For Boys A Matter of Honor
Archer and A Matter of Honor
A Military Blockade on Games For Boys A Military Blockade
You must besiege enemy tower to rescue some people. Concentrate your forces for a quick, powerful, destructive attack. A military blockade in great online games for boys. Check out how the enemy has positioned his troops in this static defensive position.
A Powerful Kick on Games For Boys A Powerful Kick
A kick in the ass is a big step forward. Sometimes, progress must be made ​​by force. Help Jake to kick Finns ass as hard as possible. Earn upgrades after each round to fly further.
A Snowman For Pou on Games For Boys A Snowman For Pou
Pou have to decorate a snowman. Boys must advise him with fashion tips, to help him choose the most beautiful pieces of clothing. Pou celebrates Christmas for the first time and you have to encourage him! Use the mouse to play this game!
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