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Cool (2039)
Babysitting Over Easter on Games For Boys Babysitting Over Easter
The boys will learn how to start a babysitting business at home, starting with a few small steps. Take care of this little girl, she would like to enjoy a really nice bubble bath, you have check the water, to check if everything is in place and to prepare her for Easter. Use the mouse and be the best babysitter ever.
Baked Denver Omelet Recipe on Games For Boys Baked Denver Omelet Recipe
Today we want to prepare a delicious and tasty recipe. Boys, we can use butter, onion, pepper, eggs, ham, milk and cheese. In a small bowl, whip the eggs lightly add some milk, grated cheese then salt and pepper. Melt butter in a large pan. Saute onion, bell pepper and ham in the butter until the onion starts to become translucent. Then mix the whipped eggs with the vegetables and bake them in the oven. Use the mouse to play this game.
Baked Ziti Pasta on Games For Boys Baked Ziti Pasta
Baked Ziti with homemade sauce is our favorite recipe lately. Boys, we can use olive oil, garlic, onions, Italian sausage, red pepper, mozzarella and Parmesan. Monica invites its friends to visit, to treat various tasty and exclusive dishes. Our boys are in love with Italian dish, pasta Ziti with tomato sauce and cheese. Let's help her cope with this task! Use the mouse!
Bakery Manager on Games For Boys Bakery Manager
Grandma opened a bakery a few decades ago. For a while she got tired and needs someone to take over the business. Do your training and slowly learn to manage this family business. Serve your customers according to their preferences. Use the mouse!
Bakery Supplies on Games For Boys Bakery Supplies
Bakery Supplies great cooking games for boys, latest games about food service. Serve your customer's requirements as fast as possible unless you want to start losing profits. When you are out of ingredient, make a call to your supplier.
Banana Chocolate Pops on Games For Boys Banana Chocolate Pops
Chocolate covered banana recipes are our favorites lately. Boys, use bananas, dark chocolate, vegetable oil and lightly salted peanuts. All you need is some chocolate, bananas and a lot of good disposition. Celebrate this wonderful summer day with banana chocolate dessert! Use the mouse and make it tasty!
Barbarian Invasion on Games For Boys Barbarian Invasion
Medieval games for boys and stories about heroes who defended castles and borders. Barbarian neighbours are invading the land. This isolated castle can stop them from pillaging our towns. Use all fire weapons at your disposal to take those savages down.
Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches on Games For Boys Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches
Our sandwich is the perfect choice for a hassle-free lunch. Boys, we can make the best crockpot BBQ chicken sandwich! You will be able to make your own version of barbecue chicken sandwich. Just follow to the steps and you'll surely have the best sandwich ever! Use the mouse, pick the best ingrediends and make it tasty.
Barber Shop Employee on Games For Boys Barber Shop Employee
Everyone needs a haircut and being a great barber is a great thing this days! A true barber is someone who adapts quickly to customer needs, who can shave quickly and flawlessly and that is always in tune with the requirements of the times. Use the mouse to shave beards, mustaches and hair. Will take some time to build clientele but i think you can do it!
Barbie Arm Surgery on Games For Boys Barbie Arm Surgery
Healthcare professional has arrived at the scene. The boys are here for an urgent case. Barbie fights evil and bad guys every single day, but she injured herself when trying to stop a villain and now she needs you. Heal her wounds, make the pain go away, check for broken bones and fix them. Use the mouse and help her fast!
Barbie At The Dentist on Games For Boys Barbie At The Dentist
Healthy teeth are important, take care of the pulp, bone, cavity enamel and gum. Some celebrities have problems that ordinary people. Barbie have cavities at canines and incisors teeth. Take care of her, fix her dental problems and help her overcome this existential problem.
Barbie Eco-Safari Trip on Games For Boys Barbie Eco-Safari Trip
Barbie have the opportunity to go to the best holiday of her life. Eco-friendly safari adventures in Kenya Africa are becoming more popular year by year. Boys are travel consultants on wildlife and adventure holiday in Kenya. Use the mouse to play this game.
Barbie Head Lice on Games For Boys Barbie Head Lice
The boys will learn some things about treating and preventing a lice infestation. This girl probably picked up lice from an infested sibling or playmate. She got the uninvited guests after playing outside with her puppy pet. On top of that, she is covered in mud from head to toe. Her clothes, hair and body are super messy. Use the mouse and follow instructions to finish the game.
Barbie Homework Time on Games For Boys Barbie Homework Time
Homework is sometimes more important than the lesson learned in the classroom. Homework teaches kids about time management, priorities and how to work independently. Get fabulous slacking tips from the pretty baby girl which will make your homework time pleasant and entertaining. Use the mouse to play this game.
Barbie Mask Designer on Games For Boys Barbie Mask Designer
Masks designers have taken on particular importance since medieval times. The boys will work as designers for the the most popular doll in the world. You will find many tools with the help of which you can create and decorate the Super Barbie mask the way you like it. Once you have the desired shape, it's time to draw it by connecting the dots and cut the mask with the help of a scissor. Use the mouse!
Barbie Skateboard Injury on Games For Boys Barbie Skateboard Injury
Famous cartoon characters began practicing extreme sports. Barbie just had a skateboard accident and she must be rushed to hospital for immediate medical care. Treat her body wounds, cuts and bruises. Check the heart beat, oxygen level and blood pressure. Clean the injuries using antiseptic lotion and apply sterile bandages for quick recovery. Use the mouse!
Barbie Winter Case on Games For Boys Barbie Winter Case
The most beautiful winter stories are those that are shaken in midsummer. The frozen family are making their hearts ready for the Christmas. You have greetings, balloons, stars and things like that. You have decorative items more than you need. Each and every bell you hang may sing and spread the joy of Christmas. The frozen family is very much thankful to your service. Use the mouse to play!
Barbie's Astronaut Costume on Games For Boys Barbie's Astronaut Costume
The civilian space exploration team is here for us. Private spaceflight has become a daily activity for ordinary people. Barbie was chosen to fly into space and we have to help her with the suit. The boys must be creative to the end.
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