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Ancient Mummy Mojo on Games For Boys Ancient Mummy Mojo
The Mummy Mojo means an unsuspected strength, a road full of teasing and challenges, an unforgettable journey into a world of illusion. Use your jetpack to fly through the tomb, avoiding obstacles and flying mummies. Gain gold and upgrade your skills! Use arrow keys to move and Space for teleportation!
Ancient Ninja Codes on Games For Boys Ancient Ninja Codes
Courage and tenacity are the main qualities of these ancient warriors. Boys will use sneak attacks, poison, spying techniques and hits below the belt for the mission to succeed. The brave ninjas are going to encounter the evil Overlord who wants to capture their land.
Angela And the Baby on Games For Boys Angela And the Baby
Such an event never occurred unnoticed among those around us. The boys have the privilege of enjoying a unique event. Help the cat deliver in this Talking Angela giving birth game and you will get to witness a very special moment in both of their lives. Use the mouse to tend to your patient, Talking Angela.
Angela Bike Insurance on Games For Boys Angela Bike Insurance
The boys can learn from Angela how to become a successful insurance agent. Listen more, talk less, provide solutions and ask for referrals. Angela is the best on the market. She can get bike insurance or moto insurance for you very fast. Today Angela is shopping for a motorbike and she will need a moto insurance for herself. Help her assemble the motorbike and decorate it in a fun way. Use the mouse!
Angela's Baby Bath on Games For Boys Angela's Baby Bath
Bath will become the favorite time of the day. Boys will learn new tips from our experts. You can use, soap, robes, towels, accessories, creative toys and warm smiles. Let your baby take a few moments in the bath to enjoy the warm water. Angela wants to pamper her baby today by giving him a bath. Follow the instructions and give the cute kitty a nice bath with many bubbles and toys. Use the mouse!
Angie The Lazy Cat on Games For Boys Angie The Lazy Cat
Some cats are more lazy than the definition of the word itself. The boys are dealing with such an example. This cat is very lazy. Her hands, teeth and face are very dirty. First, help it wash hands. There is hand washing liquid and hand cream beside the mirror. Second, help it brush teeth. Its teeth decayed and there are some tooth worms. Use the mouse to play this game.
Angry Acrobat Smasher on Games For Boys Angry Acrobat Smasher
Angry birds have transformed and entered into a new phase. Shoot with accuracy beat all records. In this sequel is set in the colorful world of the circus, and Bobby takes on his enemies by choosing a very original way to do it. He gets a gun circus devises some plans, and to take some shots of his servants to make them fly far enough. Use the mouse!
Angry Avalancher on Games For Boys Angry Avalancher
We aimed to collect all the treasures dropped in nothingness. The boys started the most intense race for fast enrichment. Collect a range of advanced weapons to slice and blow up buildings to collect gold and gems. Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move, use the mouse for weapons.
Angry Birds Adventure on Games For Boys Angry Birds Adventure
These nervous birds do not find peace too easy. Angry Birds and Naughty Pigs live together in the jungle, but they are the best neighbors in the world. They occur in all sorts of conflicts from smoldering incidents. Use arrow keys to walk, up or down arrow keys on the ladder or ropes, X to throw bombs, Z to hit.
Angry Birds Bombing on Games For Boys Angry Birds Bombing
Bomberman disguised and adapt these troubled times. With each completed explosion he will go down in history. Move fast and beat all records. Help Peashooters to kill all the incoming zombies. Spacebar to shoot and arrow keys to move around. Have some angry fun!
Angry Birds Comeback on Games For Boys Angry Birds Comeback
Colorful birds are in the mood for another challenging episode. These angry birds are back. Help them make a counter-attack on the light green pigs. With each level the game becomes more and more difficult. Use your mouse to adjust the angle to launch the birds.
Angry Birds Disorder on Games For Boys Angry Birds Disorder
Why these strange birds are so angry? How much we can stretch nerves? Angry birds are in trouble and we have to intervene in force. How many birds can they catch? Use the mouse to play the game. Follow on screen instructions!
Angry Birds for Love on Games For Boys Angry Birds for Love
Angry birds are looking for love in this world full of bad people. Help them catch wings, to fly overseas, for love and peace. Use z,x,c keys and have a good time !
Angry Birds Mania on Games For Boys Angry Birds Mania
Angry birds are back with a new mission, other characters and further challenges. Use the mouse on the catapult to launch the animals in order to take out the aliens in this fun game. Rodents are angry and we need to calm them!
Angry Birds Rio Maze on Games For Boys Angry Birds Rio Maze
PacMan is undoubtedly the most popular game in the world. When the situation is mixed with Angry Birds, everything becomes more complicated. Move throughout the maze with the arrow keys. The objective is to eat the dots and to progress to another higher level, you must eat all of them! There are some monsters that you need to keep away from, so give your best to do so. But they can also be eaten by you. Have a long journey!
Angry Birds Rock Flight on Games For Boys Angry Birds Rock Flight
Angry Birds left in a chaotic mission whose purpose is to combat the boredom of a rainy day. They need to fly very very far, cellect eggs and write an important part in the history of world aviation. Follow on screen instructions and have some fun with angry birds!
Angry Birds Space on Games For Boys Angry Birds Space
Angry birds are back on a cosmic mission, among the stars, planets and other such. Any adventure becomes more interesting when it happens in space. The birds are angry because you stole their eggs. Shoot the birds to eliminate the green pigs and destroy structures. This game is played with the mouse!
Angry Birds Spaceships on Games For Boys Angry Birds Spaceships
Control your airship, get over all obstacles and do not look back. Angry birds seized spaceships and entered the competition. Collect gold to upgrade your shuttle, for speed and performance. Arrow key to race, Spacebar to jump.
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