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Racing (1800)
Awesome Tractor Power on Games For Boys Awesome Tractor Power
Mainly used in agriculture, tractor is one of the coolest vehicles due to engine power and large wheels that command respect in city traffic. Boys will play the role of a proud tractor driver, able to overcome all things for the good of others. Use arrow keys to control the tractor and have a great ride!
Bad Weather Drifting on Games For Boys Bad Weather Drifting
Bad Weather Drifting cool driving games for boys, how to do a drifting donut with the best car ever made, flash games for boys drifting with steering wheel
Badly Parked Cars on Games For Boys Badly Parked Cars
Towing car is back in town for a series of traction missions. Use X to hook and unhook cars, Space ber for brake and arrow keys for driving. Impound the cars at the pound. New driving games for boys who want to clean the streets of badly parked cars.
Bahrain Grand Prix on Games For Boys Bahrain Grand Prix
Formula One championship race in Bahrain on Games for Boys. Use arrow keys to drive. Prove that you are a talented driver by winning this competition. Enjoy this amazing racing game on Bahrain International Circuit.
Balloons Parking Time on Games For Boys Balloons Parking Time
The boys are ready for a new unexpected foray in the history of ballooning. Have some fun with this game. Hot air balloon parking rides, park three balloons to the parking locations, to control adjust the altitude of the balloon to fly right or left across the sky. Use the mouse, A or Space to interact in the game.
Barbie Bicycle Bliss on Games For Boys Barbie Bicycle Bliss
Barbie is a fan of healthy lifestyle, where movement and good will are well represented. She uses the bike everyday activities. Use the mouse to jump and grab floating gems to avoid objects along the way. Remember to wear a helmet whenever you ride. Have a great day!
Barbie On skijet on Games For Boys Barbie On skijet
Barbie the fashion doll bought a ski jet and wants to test it on these quiet waters. Collect as many presents, jump over obstacles and enjoy these unique moments. Ruth Handler would be proud of Barbie. Use arrow keys to control the skijet!
Barbie Race on Games For Boys Barbie Race
Barbie is a fashion doll and do not know how to drive the car. She is a cute girl who needs our help. Win the race to get qualify for the next round. Barbara must finish the race without hitting the car.
Barbie's Trip to Manhattan on Games For Boys Barbie's Trip to Manhattan
Manhattan is the place where Barbie dreams to live, to forget the problems and worries of life in the countryside. Boys will help her drive around, to reach the destination as soon as possible and visit Central Park, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge or the Empire State Building. Use arrow keys to drive and have some fun!
Barrel Truck Delivery on Games For Boys Barrel Truck Delivery
Military logistic must be transported with special attention. The load is extremely valuable and you should not lose it on the road. Boys have to drive like professionals. Deliver barrels in your transportation truck and try to get them at the end safely! Use arrow keys to control the vehicle.
Bart At The Wheel on Games For Boys Bart At The Wheel
Bart Simpson in new driving game for little boys. Bart is the eldest child and only son of Homer and Marge. Today he took driver's license and wants to drive through the city by car or tractor.
Batman Batcave on Games For Boys Batman Batcave
The Batcave is under attack and you have to intervene to help our hero. Get in your Bat mobile and drive around the cave searching for the bombs The Joker has placed. You will have to dismantle them in an awesome mini-game. Use your arrow keys to drive, your space bar to brake and to dismantle bombs.
Batman Drifting Trip on Games For Boys Batman Drifting Trip
Batman is always on the run. Where the law is not respected he must be there to make things right. The roads are slippery and drifting is the only solution at the moment. Use arrow keys to drive and Space to break. Have a great fun with Batman! Turn into the corner and downshift to build up the revvs. Floor the accelerator for a sensational visual effect.
Batman Night Race on Games For Boys Batman Night Race
Batman received a warning and must get out on the streets to bring peace in the city. Try to beat the others and win this race! Watch out for the Joker! You can play the career mode, time trial or a single race. Use the arrow keys to control the car!
Batman On Zombieride on Games For Boys Batman On Zombieride
Batman is back on gamesforboys for a race car with unseen repercussions. Boys, we can will push the throttle to the heights of glory. Make sure you drift and squish the given number of zombies in each level and unlock other exciting levels. Do it as fast as you can to make a high score have fun!
Batman Winter Ride on Games For Boys Batman Winter Ride
I wonder if superheroes are bothered by the weather conditions?! Their costume is durable enough for extreme temperatures? The boys will find that in a few moments. Ride your bike as Batman over the snow hills to win the moto champ competition. Use arrow keys to control the bike and resist as much on the frosty weather!
Batmobile Drift Smash on Games For Boys Batmobile Drift Smash
High-speed drifting took on a strange valence. The Batmobile is a self-powered armoured fighting vehicle, fitted and equipped with the latest technologies for drifting. The gang, led by the Joker trashes residential quarter. Batman needs a skilled driver for this mission. Our hero will have to race through the winding streets and to drift on particularly tight corners. Use arrow keys to control the car.
Battlefield Bump on Games For Boys Battlefield Bump
The best drivers in the military gathered for a single race. Crash into your enemies to destroy them before they have the chance to get you out. Pick up power ups that will help you and collect money to repair your vehicle, upgrade it or buy a new and better one. Use your arrow keys to move, your space bar to brake, your X key for turbo and your Z key for dropping mines.
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