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Cool (2039)
Baby Father's Day Props on Games For Boys Baby Father's Day Props
The relationship between a father and his children is shrouded in magic. Boys, in this game we work as assistants for an anniversary project. This adorable baby and her father will be going out for their father and baby day! They will be doing lots of things such as grooming session, fun time at the theme park, dressing up, and of course, eat their favorite foods! Use the mouse to play this game.
Baby Girl Fashion World on Games For Boys Baby Girl Fashion World
Fashion plays a prime role in our everyday life. Boys, let's see how well we can get to the clothes. Have fun and enjoy dressing up the little baby girl with different job roles they represent. Use the mouse to interact, be creative and have all the fun in the world.
Baby Hazel Police Uniform on Games For Boys Baby Hazel Police Uniform
Baby Hazel has decided to try several professions and qualifications. This time she decided to make herself a police officer. The uniform fascinates and we can take advantage of this. Go with her to the station and pick up where police clothes for her. Use the mouse to play this game. So we can convince her to become a policewoman and protect us from villains.
Baby Horse Care on Games For Boys Baby Horse Care
Use the mouse, creativity and imagination, and take care of a baby horse. Boys, this is a little more delicate task. Start his spoiling with a long relaxing bath and make sure you get rid of all the dirt accumulated while you rub his skin. Once the nurse part is over you can jump on the funny stage that imply a total makeover of his look. Get the accessories you like the most and try something crazy, maybe a colorful outfit.
Baby Is Brilliant on Games For Boys Baby Is Brilliant
A new way of life may occur in the life of our brothers and sisters. Take care to feed, entertainment and dress up this cute little baby. Use the mouse to play this game.
Baby Make Up Joke on Games For Boys Baby Make Up Joke
Cosmetics pretend makeup signature set is imaginative and and full of beautiful ideas. On gamesforboys, makeup is an art. First youíll cut her hair and clean it using the following procedure, then youíll apply a cream to prepare her face for the next step. Find a cute outfit and put some natural make up, but donít forget the accessories too. Have some fun!
Baby Party Time on Games For Boys Baby Party Time
The boys are looking for creative first birthday party ideas. Use all baby shower party supplies and show us an interesting side of your imagination. Baby is hosting her very first party. Help her prepare by taking a bath and dressing her up! Use the mouse to interact in the game and have some fun.
Baby Room Decorator on Games For Boys Baby Room Decorator
Nursery decorating ideas are cool. Boys will create a stylish and organized baby room with the most beautiful and fun toys. Baby room designs are here to turn your child's room in a magical story. Arrange all items by elementary criteria. Use the mouse to play this game.
Baby Seven Fishing Day on Games For Boys Baby Seven Fishing Day
Cartoon characters love relaxing activities. Fishing is one of them. Boys will teach some basic elements for a fisherman. Seven Baby loves to fish, she has a place in a quiet bay, where a lot of fish, but the hook can fall and debris floating in the water, and this is undesirable. Use the mouse and do the task indicated in the upper left corner.
Baby Spa Salon Manager on Games For Boys Baby Spa Salon Manager
Salon marketing ideas are highly valued on gamesforboys. Boys, this is a charming game for all of us. Follow the steps and start with the bathing process, but make sure your baby is feeling good all the time at spa salon for babies. You have to make her a bath and wash her then spoil her with baby oil on skin. Find a cute clothing with unique details on and add pretty accessories too.
Baby Surfing Brands on Games For Boys Baby Surfing Brands
Kids surf clothes and accessories are more popular in certain areas of the world. Those boys are out for the summer fun surf sailing the beach! Use the mouse to play this game.
Baby Turtle Care on Games For Boys Baby Turtle Care
Learn how to care for aquatic turtle in minutes. They may be slow but they're delightful and fascinating. Some turtles needs land and a small amount of water. If you want an easy pet to take care of, you should get a turtle! They love to sleep, easy to care for, and will be occupied and entertain by a head of lettuce for hours. Use the mouse to play this game.
Baby Winter Flu on Games For Boys Baby Winter Flu
Flu symptoms increase during winter and the boys must be cautious. Your doctor skills are needed! Apply a cold compress to lower the baby's temperature, check the heart rate and administer some syrup. Use the steam sprayer and the cute baby girl will feel much better. Use the mouse and make him well!
Baby With a Cold on Games For Boys Baby With a Cold
All children are sensitive in this season due to rapid temperature change. We have a good example in this regard. The boys will learn some things with a new medical game. Today our baby goes sick because when she is playing outside, it rains suddenly. Take a really good care for our little baby. Check her temperature and look after her. Use the mouse and help her fast!
Babysit for Twins on Games For Boys Babysit for Twins
Have you ever taking care of a younger brother? When it comes to two, the problem is even worse! You have to do the babysitting for some time. You need to bathe the babies. Wash them thoroughly and then put some shampoo on their hair and massage it well. Use the mouse!
Babysitting Baby John on Games For Boys Babysitting Baby John
Dear boys, we urgently need you for a spontaneous babysitting event. Managing kids can be a challenge and we know that better than anyone. You have to give him a morning bath, get him dressed and feed him his cereal. Don't forget to clean his face! Use the mouse and make us proud!
Babysitting Baby Sister on Games For Boys Babysitting Baby Sister
All the boys have a little sister or a cousin who must take care from time to time. Babysitting your baby sister can be a unique and enjoyable experience. Help Sofia wrap the baby in a warm blanket and start feeding her the bottle of milk. Cheer the little girl up with a cute toy, cuddle her until she feels relaxed and continue feeding her. Use the mouse!
Babysitting Bad Boys on Games For Boys Babysitting Bad Boys
The safety of your children are the most important thing. Stay focused and stay safe and everything will be fine. Babysitting troubled children is not easy and therefore we need trained staff.When good boys become bad boys, there's only one babysitter who can handle them! Ignore the negative behaviors, hitting and kicking are not acceptable. Use the mouse and have some fun! The emergency phone numbers are on the refrigerator!
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