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Generic Additional Challenge on Games For Boys Generic Additional Challenge
Addition is the longest street of mathematics. Boys will enjoy this game, with simple graphics that won't over-stimulate concentration and response speed. Player is supposed to answer as many sums as possible in 30 seconds of time to make the high score. A wrong answer results in negative score. Use the mouse to play.
Geographic Location on Games For Boys Geographic Location
We wanted to learn something new every day. Test your knowledge in European geography and become a true teacher in this area. Find the countries, the capitals and the flags of Europe as fast as you can to make the maximum of points. To help you find the flags and capitals, there is a help after 5 second, selecting three countries in red, you just have to choose the right one. Have fun learning on Games for Boys!
Geographical Tetris on Games For Boys Geographical Tetris
An educational game for boys who can learn European countries and their location on the map. Use arrow keys to place every country in the right place and earn points for that.
Geography With Blocks on Games For Boys Geography With Blocks
Geography has come to be more interactive than ever. The boys can learn more about countries of the European continent through this game of tetris. Put Portugal, France, Romania and Germany in their place on the map. Stack the countries in their actual location as they fall from the top of the screen! Use arrow keys to move them left and right!
Geometric Matching on Games For Boys Geometric Matching
A geometric game for smart boys who are passionate about learning, about circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. You have to remove colored figures using limited amount of clicks.
Give your Dog a Bath on Games For Boys Give your Dog a Bath
Cool games for smart boys, tips on cleaning, bath game for boys and dogs, guess the words and save the dog from the scary water.
Global Geography on Games For Boys Global Geography
We must know the planet, earth, country and region of residence. Improve your geographical knowledge by finding cities, capitals, buildings, monuments, or countries by their flag, on a map of our planet. As closer as you get to your target, the more points you will get! Use arrow keys to move on the map and the mouse to click for answers!
Grab Best Letters on Games For Boys Grab Best Letters
Learning at the speed increases your ability to concentrate. Chatty critters are falling from the sky to form phrases and words in extreme chaos. Click on a wordy to grab its letter, then arrange the letters to form words. Form as many words as you can before the timer runs out. If you get stuck, click Skip Word!
Grocery Mathematics on Games For Boys Grocery Mathematics
Learn to add and subtract with some funny animals. Try to give us the correct answer in the shortest time. Mathematics is a science that is becoming more beautiful with daily exercise. Use the mouse!
Guess All Shapes on Games For Boys Guess All Shapes
Today, small boys have to show us how much they learned in terms of objects, shapes and details. Forms are fascinating and they represent what is most beautiful in the small world of childhood. Click on the shape when you hear the voice. Press the start button when you are ready. Be fast and have some fun!
Guess The Flag on Games For Boys Guess The Flag
Boys must learn, to become the best in class at geography. Choose the country represented by the displayed national flag. If your answer is correct, you will be given a score based on the remaining time, but if your choice is wrong, 500 points will be deducted. Have fun learning!
Guess The Word on Games For Boys Guess The Word
We need to increase vocabulary and learn some new words daily. Press on the letters and try to guess the word on the screen. You can use HINT if you do not have inspiration and you will have ten tries for each word.
Gutsy Math Defender on Games For Boys Gutsy Math Defender
Math is the science that knows how to reward us with lucky numbers. The boys are fearless knights defending math against ignorance and indifference. Each bird monster has a code number on it. You have to fire the feather on the bird monster using your cannon. Clicking on wrong bird will take a life. If you loose all the gems in a level or loose all the life. Use the mouse!
Halloween Typing Class on Games For Boys Halloween Typing Class
Monsters of this autumn holiday are more numerous, aggressive and more focused. Stop them by typing the words or letters as fast as possible. The levels are increasingly difficult and more waves of new monsters keep coming and coming. Their speed and number is increasing too so you have to improve you typing speed. Have fun learning on Halloween!
Hand Painting Images on Games For Boys Hand Painting Images
We offer craft activities and fine arts lessons for little boys. Daily work can help the talent and the masterpiece can occur at any time. You are an art student and need to reproduce the pictures provided in the game using all techniques you learned. Mix colores, trace the contours, and apply materials to add detail to your master piece. Use the mouse!
Hangman Speed on Games For Boys Hangman Speed
Hangman Speed cool games for boys, educational activities and quiz games for boys, hangman words solver games for smart boys, solve all hangman words and phrases
Happy Alphabet on Games For Boys Happy Alphabet
Happy alphabet cool games for boys, the real speed typing test, make points when you enter letters on keyboard, computer keyboard key explanation, school games for boys keyboard shortcuts and typing tips.
Hashi Connect on Games For Boys Hashi Connect
Connect all islands according to the number of bridges so that there are no more than two bridges in the same direction and there is a continuous path connecting all islands together. Bridges can only be vertical or horizontal and are not allowed to cross islands or other bridges. Point mouse on an island, move arrow in the direction of the bridge you want to connect and click when only one bridge area remains highlighted. First click connects one bridge, second click connects a second bridges and the third click removes all bridges.
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