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Shooting (983)
Basketball For Xmas on Games For Boys Basketball For Xmas
Santa is fascinated by games of precision and accuracy. Shoot the ball into the basket, select the exact power and angle to shoot the basketball. Mouse distance will decide the power and mouse position will decide the angle. If you get the basketball in the basket the first try you will get 3000 points. Use your mouse to aim, set the power and shoot.
Basted in Blood on Games For Boys Basted in Blood
This town is blah shoot the turkeys but avoid shooting the babies.
Batman Archery Tricks on Games For Boys Batman Archery Tricks
Achive a new level of archery with this game. Batman decided to use handmade weapons in the following missions. Boys will help him with a few training sessions. Calculate the force with which you need to pull the string and shoot. With each level there will be more and more difficult. Use the mouse, be precise, be the greatest superhero!
Batman Game on Games For Boys Batman Game
Battalion CO on Games For Boys Battalion CO
Battalion commander may decide the fate of this battle. Control your army to eliminate as many enemies and make incursions into their territory. Make upgrades that will help you reach the end of the path. This game is played with mouse.
Battle Gear War Strategist on Games For Boys Battle Gear War Strategist
Military strategists have changed the fate of battles that seemed lost. Those boys have liberated towns and villages with their heroism and skill. Set the strategy to put the troops in the right place in order to destroy the enemy base, check the position of the portal so that you donít get stuck into the blackhole. USe the mouse, WASD, ZXC for the map, 123456789 for units and QWE to change units. Be brave!
Battle of Trafalgar on Games For Boys Battle of Trafalgar
We are at the beginning of the eighteenth century, when Napoleon was ruler of Europe. The Royal Navy regrouped and decided to retaliate with an stormy attack. Through this historic game we will relieve the great battle between British Royal Navy against the combined fleets of the French Navy and Spanish Navy. Use the arrow keys and have fun!
Battlefleet Commander on Games For Boys Battlefleet Commander
True soldiers are those who fight for truth. The island is under threat. Enemies attacking daily for its natural wealth. Fly your plane and shoot down huge fleets of battleships. Use the mouse to move, W for shoot, A for bombs, S for torpedo, D for rocket!
Bazooka For Supermario on Games For Boys Bazooka For Supermario
The boys know that Super Mario is not a violent guy, but has his bad days, like everyone. Mario was armed and started a devastating war against his lifetime enemies. He will use an antitank rocket launcher, a Bazooka, an extremely powerful weapon for this peaceful setting. Aim precisely on these walking mushrooms and fire-breathing dragons and destroy all your enemies. Use the mouse to aim and shoot!
Bazooka Paratrooper on Games For Boys Bazooka Paratrooper
Portable antitank rocket launcher weapon is known worldwide as Bazooka, or Stovepipe. The boys will not use it against armored vehicles or machine gun nests, this time we made a peaceful demonstration. Fighting against people who escaped from prison and is hiding in cities. Grab your bazooka and discard targets into the air. The less shots you make, and the better your score at the end you get. Use the mouse, be precise and have a blast!
Bean Hunter on Games For Boys Bean Hunter
Test you skills by shooting as many beans as possible.
Bear in Super Action War on Games For Boys Bear in Super Action War
Some animals were organized military for a battle awaited by many. Some boys will work secretly as military assistants. Rabbit has returned to try and invade the Bear home planet again during while the bears are in hibernation. Our hero, Bear, has found himself on a quest to save his planet yet again. Fight while upgrading Bearís abilities to help make him even more powerful!
Beelzebub Boom on Games For Boys Beelzebub Boom
We must find new weapons and new means to fight these demonic beings. The boys are on the battlefield, responsible for placing explosives in key moments. Make the explosive potion roll and explode near the vampire to kill him. Use the mouse!
Bellerophon Space Arena on Games For Boys Bellerophon Space Arena
A new team of brave boys will be sent into orbit. This is the most exciting mission so far. Fight, earn money, upgrade your spaceship with a kick-ass equipment and nuclear warheads. We have 20 missions, 8 maps for custom battle, settings to adjust difficulty and game style. Use the mouse to look around, R for Zoom, Z to switch weapons, QE for axial rotation, F to fire missile, W to accelerate and the mouse to shoot! Follow instructions and be brave!
Ben 10 Bellwood Artillery on Games For Boys Ben 10 Bellwood Artillery
Ben 10 is back on anti-aircraft warfare, on a difficult mission in which he is on the front line. Use the ack-ack and protect the Earth against the horde of enemies. Help Ben 10 defeat the evil alien Megawatt using Heatblast, a original alien from Omnitrix. Shoot fireballs at the Megawatt and hit the energy balls that he throws in direction of the town. Use the mouse to shoot and be as effective as anti-aircraft artillery.
Ben as Heatblast on Games For Boys Ben as Heatblast
A magma-based lifeform is our hope for freedom. Join this group of super heroes who are in the vanguard of the fight against aliens. Ben 10 needs brave boys in this delicate mission. Heatblast and Gwen are the last line of defence to hold the enemies from entering the city. Use arrow kyes to move, Z to fire and X for special attack! Be brav
Ben10 Sweep the Aliens on Games For Boys Ben10 Sweep the Aliens
UFOs or aliens started another quick attack in some parts of the world. An alien invasion of this magnitude can be stopped only by a superhero. We can use the asymmetric warfare, guerilla tactics and boys prepared for any sacrifice. Ben10 needs your help as usual to defend the universe from evil aliens. If you want to help him, please do it fast! Use arrow keys to move and Space to shoot.
Big Hero 6 Bubble Shooter on Games For Boys Big Hero 6 Bubble Shooter
Big Hero 6 came out in the world and wants to break all the balls that appear in his way. The boys are obliged to coordinate him on this amazing bubble shooter venture. You have to try to group at least 3 balls of the same type and remove them. Use the mouse to play this game.
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