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Firefly Memory on Games For Boys Firefly Memory
We have a new game for boys, focused towards developed memory and attention. Attention and memory are related mental skills. Here is a firefly, which shows the different lights. You need to remember the order of light and repeat it to your hero. If you do it right you will join a few individuals, but if you start to make mistakes, they will scatter in all directions. Use arrow keys.
Fish And Mathematics on Games For Boys Fish And Mathematics
In this educational game, we catch fish only if we do the math correctly. Click with the mouse on the correct answer and your fish will fall into fishing rod. It is a game for boys who are in middle group in kindergarten.
Fishery Anatomy on Games For Boys Fishery Anatomy
The world of fish is a big question mark for us humans. Create the best adaptation of fins on your fish to overcome the problems that are presented to you. This is an educational game about how genes effect the speed of a fish. You create a fish and then set it against another fish in a race to eat the most food. Follow on screen instructions!
Fishmen Visual Memory on Games For Boys Fishmen Visual Memory
Memory is a skill that must be a trained every day, to bring it to a competitive level. Fishermen are people with imagination and have a fantastic visual memory. Enjoy the various types of fishes in the deep waters and their beautiful colors while you play the refreshing memory game. Use the mouse to flip the cards.
Floating Numbers on Games For Boys Floating Numbers
I think you like math more than we suspected. This is a math-skills and strategy based game where you require making a chain of numbered balls to get a sum of zero.
Fly Over America on Games For Boys Fly Over America
Fly around the USA and enjoy the beauty of this great country. Collect all of the stars as fast as you can for additional bonus points. You can fly around Las Vegas, Florida, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington. Dont forget to hold down space bar for an extra boost!
Fngrz of Typing Fury on Games For Boys Fngrz of Typing Fury
Type in the letters, words and phrases to create the energy needed that allow you to fight against these vicious opponents. Boys will fight it with elegance, using dictionaries, like real gentleman. Use the keyboard to text quickly, get the power, then unleash the full force on your enemy. Type Type Type!!! The better you do, the more powerful your attack becomes.
Fold Origami Paper Cranes on Games For Boys Fold Origami Paper Cranes
Origami cranes are creative and can easily fly in our imagination. All the boys can learn how to fold a paper crane. My sister became expert in stationery games. She likes folding paper cranes very much. Fold the top corner of the paper down to the bottom corner. Do not make any mistakes! Use the mouse!
Form Of Blocks on Games For Boys Form Of Blocks
A new online game for boys from back to school category. In this game you must draw in the form of blocks located on your right in the blue area to make them disappear.
Frankenstein Math Knowledge on Games For Boys Frankenstein Math Knowledge
The Modern Prometheus became an expert in math, figures and numbers. The boy is prepared for all possible tests. The famous monster Frankenstein wants to check how much you are good friends with math. Above his head there examples and answers are located at the bottom of the screen, they are just four options. You have to choose the right one. Follow onscreen instructions to interact! Have some fun and learn some things.
Free IQ Test on Games For Boys Free IQ Test
IQ Test Games for Boys, Accurate Online Boys Games IQ Test, IQ Intelligence Labs.
Fresh Vegetable Memo on Games For Boys Fresh Vegetable Memo
The boys must find activities to be convinced to eat fresh vegetables daily. We must remember every vegetable in the picture and find them pair. Find tomato, cucumber, zucchini, broccoli, beans or carrots. Use your memory to perceive how rapidly you can match the sets for me so my instructor will never take note! Use the mouse
From A to K on Games For Boys From A to K
Letters may create magic and mystery. WASD moves all tiles in the corresponding direction. When similar letters meet, they merge into the next letter in the alphabet. Turn A's into B's, B's into C's and so forth, and see if you can reach the letter K in this way! Have a great learning adventure!
Fruit Swordman Typing Test on Games For Boys Fruit Swordman Typing Test
We have new tips and tricks to master the keyboard. Boys can learn a lot from this story. Type out the correct spelling of each word in order to destroy them. Higher levels get progressively more difficult. Type as fast as you can!
Fun With Happy Numbers on Games For Boys Fun With Happy Numbers
where you have to left click on all the floats in an ascending order to make them disappear from the board, before the time runs out. To clear a level, dont click on the bombs, as they will reduce your 10 seconds, however you can click the sun to gain hundreds of extra points.
Fun with Words on Games For Boys Fun with Words
Words are the most precious moments in life. Enjoy a fun new word-puzzle game. While most word-puzzlers have you building words, in this chapter its time to tear them down! Choose a difficulty setting by working with 4, 5, 6 or 7 letter words. Either use the mouse to click on the letters or use your keyboard for this.
Funland Hazard on Games For Boys Funland Hazard
Interactive decors and color helps children to learn faster. This is a fun way to learn English through play. You have to find the requested objects and use the hook on the stick to pick them up. Use the mouse to interact!
Galactic Typing on Games For Boys Galactic Typing
We have to learn to write correctly, as soon as possible. Write the words that come from galaxy, to destroy the squares. As you progress, the words come more quickly and become more difficult.
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