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Action (4044)
Alien Cave on Games For Boys Alien Cave
How long can you guide your ship for?
Alien Complex Structure on Games For Boys Alien Complex Structure
Another civilization has other methods of struggle and interaction. Those boys are trained and prepared differently for the battle. Aliens have built an underground complex and are preparing to attack the humans. You must thwart their plans and save humanity! Use WASD to move around, use the mouse to aim and shoot.
Alien Defense Quest on Games For Boys Alien Defense Quest
For years they talk about a confrontation with aliens and the boys are preparing daily for this purpose. The game's mission is to defend the galaxy planets from the space invading aliens. There are waves of alien spaceships rushing towards your base so build many types of towers to defend the well known path. Use the mouse to play!
Alien Hominid on Games For Boys Alien Hominid
Alien Invasions Scenario on Games For Boys Alien Invasions Scenario
The battle with the extraterrestrial civilization seems without end. Our boys shall take control and attack on the wings. We must eliminate all aliens and clear them out. Use your weapon to blast them out. But you only have limited bomb so use it wisely. Use the mouse to play this one.
Alien Rescue Mission on Games For Boys Alien Rescue Mission
Conflict between civilization has reached a new level. Save all of the escaped aliens then rescue your classmates from the government operatives. Use your pulse blast to disable their vehicles and free all prisoners to take all the glory.
Alien Room Escape on Games For Boys Alien Room Escape
Alien Symmetry on Games For Boys Alien Symmetry
Symmetry is the mother of all organized things. The boys will cooperate again with extraterrestrial civilizations. Try to collect as many stars as you can… Your alien friends really need them. The goal of the game is to get orange and blue aliens to there ships. Click different sides of the screen to move your heroes, but watch out! These aliens are moving different directions. Don’t make a mistake…
Alien Tower Bastion on Games For Boys Alien Tower Bastion
This war has not even begun and scenarios about it are more varied. Those boys will fight for a better world. The aliens are trying to invade the forest and you are the only one that can save it at this point. The only thing standing between them and your base is a narrow and twisty road where you have to mount turrets in order to defend yourself from them. Try not to let any of them pass. Use the mouse!
Alien Wars on Games For Boys Alien Wars
Aliens and Cyborgs on Games For Boys Aliens and Cyborgs
It is an adventurous foray in a point-and-click that takes place in a world of aliens and cyborgs. Infiltrate the enemy base and take care not to be caught. You infiltrate an enemy base and you will ensure you do not identify. You can analyse and move around to observe your environment. Be discreet and evolve in this particular world. Use the mouse!
Aliens Hurry Home on Games For Boys Aliens Hurry Home
Aliens are at war and we are the battlefield. After a long chase, one Zerc ship is intercepted and falls on planet earth, in the backyard of your house. Now the world is in danger and only you can save it from a terrible catastrophe. Pack up the little alien and send him home in his box-ship! Use the mouse to play this game.
Aliens in Urban Chase on Games For Boys Aliens in Urban Chase
Chase the aliens who are driving these extremely fast vehicles in a story that takes place measured in nanoseconds. Complete all levels by chasing them down. Watch out for all the other cars. The alien car is marked with an arrow. Use arrow keys to control the vehicle.
Aliens Rescue Mission on Games For Boys Aliens Rescue Mission
Aliens need the help of brave boys in those situations where nothing seems as before. Alien civilization may depend on these points. They are looking for a hero to save themselves. You should save these aliens by solving puzzles in each level. This is not going to be easy for the aliens and you. Use the mouse and help those boys!
Alloy Arena on Games For Boys Alloy Arena
Alluring Balloon Travel on Games For Boys Alluring Balloon Travel
Flying, one of the greatest dreams of mankind, gets a new dimension today. We have to get as far on this trip. You need to help the little boy collect as many balloons as possible. Be careful of buildings and birds. Complete the mission within time limit! Use the mouse to play this game.
Alpha Bravo Charlie on Games For Boys Alpha Bravo Charlie
Fly your helicopter and complete the missions.
Alpine Escape on Games For Boys Alpine Escape
Shoot down enemy planes while riding your motorcycle, and avoid getting bombed into submission!
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