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Racing (1800)
ASDA Airplane Runway on Games For Boys ASDA Airplane Runway
We need experienced pilots on our new airline company. Passengers must be transported in maximum safety conditions. Drive your plane on runway and take off your flight without hitting the obstacles. Collect speed power up to increase your speed and collect armor power to drive with armor around you. Health is not effected with armor power. Complete the tasks and Unlock new planes. Have fun!
Assault of the Monster Truck on Games For Boys Assault of the Monster Truck
This monster truck is made for aggressive drivers. Boys will drive around in an organized and supervised race. Set the best record and we will be proud of you! Just go ahead and do not forget to collect all coins that will help you to upgrade! Use arrow keys to control the truck!
Assistencialism on Games For Boys Assistencialism
Assistencialism vs Liberation! Boys will learn social welfare programs are presented in a hilarious manner. This is a funny chapter, full of sarcasm, about Argentinian political assistencialism. Collect/catch the boxes being thrown at the cyclist and earn a medal.
Astonishing Race on Games For Boys Astonishing Race
Astonishing Race and cool racing games for boys, latest driving games with monster trucks. Create chaos and disorder with your pro driving skills in this racing game. Upgrade the speed, acceleration and handling with the given money and win the races so you can gain more money. Use WASD or ARROW KEYS to drive the truck and SPACEBAR to brake.
At Maximum Speed on Games For Boys At Maximum Speed
Use arrow keys for direction and Space for Nitro. The dream of every driver is to drive around the world and that you will you do today. You can choose multiple vehicles and several trails and show us that you are the best. Wish you success and maximum speed!
Atlantic City Ride on Games For Boys Atlantic City Ride
A course in Atlantic City is an unforgettable adventure. It is like a weekend in Vegas. This race has something unusual, that you can drive on skyscrapers. Collect tokens and a Poseidon statue to get ahead of the game. Use your arrow keys to drive and your X key to use Nitro. Have fun driving!
Attentive Zoo Parking on Games For Boys Attentive Zoo Parking
Animals must be transported to the annual medical visit. The boys will play the role of drivers for vets at the zoo. You will have to learn how to park your car correctly, collect coins all over the map and even connect a trailer to your car. The trailer will have some big cages on it which will be very helpful when transporting the animals from one space to another. Use arrow keys to drive.
ATV Exhibition on Games For Boys ATV Exhibition
This powerful vehicle needs a bold driver. My ATV is by far the most powerful. The crowd has gathered around the central arena to see you score some tricks in this monster truck game. You should not disappoint and most importantly you should not crash the vehicle. Use arrow keys!
ATV For Pleasure on Games For Boys ATV For Pleasure
A four-wheeled adventure is a story about winners. Car drivers are more aggressive than those of ATV. Use the arrow keys to control the car and outrun your opponent. Prove to us that you are born to be a winner !
Atv Mashup Courses on Games For Boys Atv Mashup Courses
ATV safety training is very important in such cases. Boys are ready a competition with smoke, level differences and controlled jumps. Your opponents are tough, but youíre tougher. Perform stunts to get a Nitro Boost and blast your way to the finish line! Use arrow keys to move around.
ATV Offroad Firebolt on Games For Boys ATV Offroad Firebolt
Speed ‚Äč‚Äčwill make you shake you like a cartoon character. ATV can catch a high speed if you do not carefully control. This new ATV will take you even higher, farther and faster than anything you've imagined. Jump, made the figures, but beware of the fall. Use the arrow keys to ride and Spacebar for Nitro!
ATV Renegade Challenge on Games For Boys ATV Renegade Challenge
The most powerful ATV on Earth is here and needs a brave boy to win all competitions. A 169cc engine powers this vehicle so you have to drive carefully, especially in areas with steep curves. Enroll yourself in the competition, ride your ATV and overcome lots of obstacles like wood piles, tires, sand, cars. Try not to flip over and finish the first to earn money. Use arrow keys to drive and have some fun on the ATV.
ATV Rider Course on Games For Boys ATV Rider Course
Ride your super ATV bike on the obstacles to finish the course. Jumping an ATV is equivalent to learning to walk for the very first time. Advanced ATV racing for true professionals that are not afraid of speed and rough terrain.
ATV Site Drive on Games For Boys ATV Site Drive
We know it is difficult to drive an ATV. We know that it is more difficult to drive it on the scaffolding of a building site. Use arrow keys and try to keep your balance all the way. Climb up pieces of metal to the end!
ATV Supercross Trial on Games For Boys ATV Supercross Trial
Supercross racing has allowed these new vehicles to show their skills. ATV's are amazing because they can tackle any type of terrain, can speed through swamps or sandy mud and the sound of engine gives us the feeling that we are at an international car competition. Use arrow keys to control the ATV and have some on the road.
ATV Top Speeds on Games For Boys ATV Top Speeds
Check your helmet and get ready for action. Everyone came together, as an circus performance, to look at you as you do different tricks with the ATV. You must not disappoint them. This game is played with the arrow keys. An ATV with an automatic transmission is highly recommended in real life !
ATV Total Speed on Games For Boys ATV Total Speed
Speed ‚Äč‚Äčis a mood understood only by competitive people. Mario is riding his super ATV to prove that he is one of the best competitors in its category. Try to reach the end as fast as possible and not be crashed. Use arrow keys to control the vehicle!
ATV Trail Riding Time on Games For Boys ATV Trail Riding Time
ATV quad bikes are amazing difficult terrain. Boys, this is all about safety and awareness. Four wheelers are made for off-road so ride the motorbike and take the challenge to overcome various obstacles without flipping over. Use arrow keys to ride them and have some fun on the road.
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