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Cool (2039)
Aria Tail Surgery on Games For Boys Aria Tail Surgery
Any future doctor dreams to operate famous patients. The boys can start with a famous cartoon character. Aria, the princess of the oceans needs your help. She got injured while she was swimming in the North Pacific. Her tail looks really bad so she needs a doctor immediately. Be a doctor today and fix her tail. Use the mouse and help her fast!
Ariel Cheesecake Tips on Games For Boys Ariel Cheesecake Tips
All the boys will learn how to make a cake. We have some great tips about baking better cheesecakes. Measure ingredients accurately and try not to change the amount. We found a really great cheesecake recipe and Ariel wants to test it. Follow the instructions to see how it will be done. Use the mouse to shop and to bake one tasty cake.
Ariel Wants Tattoos on Games For Boys Ariel Wants Tattoos
Tattoos are very important for cartoons stars. Tattoos are a great form of self-expression especially for celebrities. You can try different styles like Japanese, portraiture, biomechanical or surrealism. Create the most amazing tattoo for Ariel in this amazing game. Use the mouse to interact!
Ariel X Lagoona on Games For Boys Ariel X Lagoona
Get ready to spend the day with two cute sea babies: Baby Ariel and Baby Lagoona Blue are in the house with a super entertaining baby caring challenge prepared for you! Select one baby to spoil today and then fulfill the given tasks one by one: wake her up, spoil your baby with a delicate body massage, feed her with a delicious slice of cake, feed her fish pet, too and then send your baby sailing on a friendly shark! Use the mouse!
Ariel's Pizza on Games For Boys Ariel's Pizza
Princess Ariel is famous for her wacky ideas. Today she decided to open the first pizzeria for the cartoon characters. Boys will help her in the beginning. Get the necessary ingredients, wash them, cut, roll out the dough and spread it evenly on the food. Keep her decorating until a thick layer of the filling, and then send it in the oven until cooked. Use the mouse!
Aries House Decorator on Games For Boys Aries House Decorator
Add style and personality to your house. Aries needs a decorator for a new home. Inspirational interior design ideas are always appreciated on #gamesforboys. Each element should reflect the owner's personality. Look at these goodies and design a house in a way you would always want to live! Use the mouse to play this game.
Armoured Train on Games For Boys Armoured Train
Armoured Train cool games for boys, complete the mission with train equipped with railroad cars armed with artillery and machine guns, online games for smart boys, artillery online misssion, infantry great games for boys, use the anti-aircraft machine gun with trains like Zaamurets or General Annenkov and La Rafale.
Armoured Warfare on Games For Boys Armoured Warfare
This is a war game in which you control a massive tank. You must besiege and capture enemy territory and positions. Use mouse to drag and arrows for direction. Professional soldiers are found in this mission, dotted with operational mobility and tactical offensive.
Aromatic Wedding Cake Design on Games For Boys Aromatic Wedding Cake Design
We are looking for some inspiration for your cake design. Any strange idea is appreciated and embraced. Design your own wedding cake that you like the most. And make it creative so that it is attractive to everyone. Use the mouse to play this game.
Art and Craft Show Fashion on Games For Boys Art and Craft Show Fashion
Good taste and creativity are absolutely necessary in this game. Boys, our imagination can create wonders. Dress up the hosts of The Art and Craft Show, the popular TV show that covers the latest trends and offers new ideas for crafting and creating art! You can change their hairstyles and clothes but there are so many other things you can customize. Use the mouse to play this game.
Art Of Pizza on Games For Boys Art Of Pizza
For Italian cuisine, pizza is an art. Click on the customer to begin making a pizza for him. Refer to the recipe book for the appropriate ingredients. Click on the ingredient dispenser to make the pizza. Click on the microwave to bake the pizza. Click on the customer to serve. When oil appears on the dish, drag and drop on the microwave. Likewise, when drinks or cookies appear, drag and drop on the waiting customers to increase their patience levels. Use the mouse to play!
Asian Travel Clothing on Games For Boys Asian Travel Clothing
Traditional Asian clothing and fascinating for us Europeans. Komomo, Han Fu, Cheongsam, are all here. She is travelling in different asian countries as tour guide. Get the chance to make her wear the appropriate dress and get to her destination. Use the mouse to play this game.
Augury Princess Creator on Games For Boys Augury Princess Creator
Creativity and imagination have no borders, on gamesforboys. You have to create the most sympathetic princess ever seen. Create your own princess with these elegant dresses. Use the mouse!
Aurora Home Decoration on Games For Boys Aurora Home Decoration
Spring cleaning gives us an excellent mood. Boys shall organize and arrange objects in the house, we clean the kitchen appliances and you must dusting the living room and bedroom and other chores. Do all the steps necessary to clean the area and then give it a new look with the decorations. Use the mouse!
Authentic Mexican Taco on Games For Boys Authentic Mexican Taco
Authentic Mexican taco recipes have that extra taste and flavor I was looking for. Boys, we can use flank steak, white vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, limes, olive oil, paprika, onions, tomatoes and peppers. Make your own real Mexican taco and serve it. Yummy! Use the mouse to play this game.
Authentic Taco Cooking on Games For Boys Authentic Taco Cooking
Authentic tacos are very difficult to make in these troubled days. Filling mixture inside taco shell is the favorite activity of our boys. Prepare the ingredients, chop the vegetables, fry them and then put the tomatoes, the greenery, the cheese and the cooked meat in a piece of baked dough and then you can use your imagination to create a design for this delicious food. Use the mouse to play this game.
Aviation Pioneers on Games For Boys Aviation Pioneers
Wright brothers in great online games about air planes pioneers. Read the manual and tries to revolutionize the mission. The first practical fixed-wing aircraft is here and must demonstrate that we are the greatest pilots ever known.
Awesome Egg Breakfasts on Games For Boys Awesome Egg Breakfasts
In winter we try to eat foods that keep us from cold. The boys will face such an example. A girl has to eat meals that are rich in vitamins C and for this she could use your culinary skills to help her cook a delicious winter egg breakfast. The recipe contain eggs, onion, tomatoes, ginger and green chilli to scare the colds away. Cook this delicious meal, use the mouse and have some fun!
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