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Shooting (983)
Angry Birds Corsair Calling on Games For Boys Angry Birds Corsair Calling
The legendary pirates of the past centuries were involved in this popular game. The boys need to stay calm in this nervous situation/ Angry Birds were caught by pirate naughty pig. They want to build a building and, if their mission succeed, those Angry Birds will be trapped there for life. Use the mouse to play this game.
Angry Birds Counteraction on Games For Boys Angry Birds Counteraction
Angry Birds were tired of being laughed at and started a devastating counter-attack against all evil and arrogant opponents. Use the mouse to change the power and trajectory of the slingshots and shoot as hard as you can! Angry birds will calm only if you eliminate all opponents.
Angry Birds on Halloween on Games For Boys Angry Birds on Halloween
It's Halloween, the time for angry pumpkins. The boys should behave like real gunners and throw with precision and accuracy, as in Angry Birds. Hit the target as better as you can. Break them all and you will be the champion! Use the mouse and have a great Halloween!
Angry Birds Pest Attack on Games For Boys Angry Birds Pest Attack
Bomb, Bubbles, Chuck matilda, Red, Terence and Dahila started a new fabulous game. Life on the farm give birth to immortal stories. He planted lots of vegetable and fruit. There would be a big harvest in autumn. But the pests came and ate the crops. Angry Birds came and helped killing the pest, and let the village be comfortable. Use the mouse!
Angry Birds Rivalry on Games For Boys Angry Birds Rivalry
These two groups are at odds. It is a war rooted in an eventful past. The boys must choose a belligerent and enter the fight. The war between angry birds and pigs always never ends. Our mission is to help angry birds, kick piggies fall off the platform. Use the mouse, be precise and have some fun!
Angry Birds Sling Time on Games For Boys Angry Birds Sling Time
Angry birds are forced to reinvent themselves every day. The boys will trigger the pursuit for points and glory. In this game your task is to hit all the birds by slingshot with Angry Bird. Each and every hit your score will increase on your score board. You have 5 lives here. Use the mouse!
Angry Birds Slingshot Hero on Games For Boys Angry Birds Slingshot Hero
Use the slingshot like a true medieval hunter. The boys will travel once again in a colorful world of nerve birds. We will bring back the angry birds slingshot for a new mission based on precision and accuracy. Use the mouse, focus and have some fun!
Angry Birds Zuma Nerve on Games For Boys Angry Birds Zuma Nerve
Angry birds were reshaped and they entered the tumultuous world of matching games. Use your mouse to move the crane around the screen and click to drop it. Shoot the different types of birds into the center grouping by the rest. Join similar birds to clear. Have some fun with this matching poultry game.
Angry Bubble Stroke on Games For Boys Angry Bubble Stroke
Bubble shooter stories become more beautiful when it happens with celebrities. Angry birds heros came here to whirling the atmosphere. Just shoot the Angry Birds with similarly colored Angry Birds Make combinations of 3 or more Angry Birds to make them disappear and score points. Use the mouse to aim and shoot!
Angry Christmas Gifts on Games For Boys Angry Christmas Gifts
Christmas has passed and it's time for undelivered gifts to take revenge on Santa Claus. Boys will see how it feels to be on the other side of the fence. Get all the achievements that offers you the game. Use the mouse to play it. Hold down and move it to select the power and the trajectory kick. Have fun!
Angry Piggies Shelling Attack on Games For Boys Angry Piggies Shelling Attack
A powerful weapon was recently discovered by these funny creatures. Angry birds launched by the cannon will be upgraded at the best possible version. You must pass the level in the limited amount of shells. Bad piggies will all be killed now! Use arrow keys and have some fun!
Antarctic Penguin Bubble on Games For Boys Antarctic Penguin Bubble
Popping bubbles can be fun, any time, any day. The penguins will direct and coordinate moments of joy for all of us. Bubble shooter with Antarctic penguins can be a true combo for our boys. As you progress you will reach more difficult levels but don't worry the gameplay is designed to have a relaxing casual pace. Use the mouse!
Anti Meow Fury on Games For Boys Anti Meow Fury
The boys must lead this virtual army to final victory in this epic shooter, where courage is part of recipe. Shoot as precise to take them down quickly. Help the professor to bring back fish population back to normal. Use the mouse, aim and hold left click to fire. Have a great fun!
Anti Submarine Gunboat on Games For Boys Anti Submarine Gunboat
Enemies have improved their military equipment and came into our territorial waters with submarine and submersible boats. Boys must protect coastal border with honor, dignity and a lot of courage. Use arrow keys to move the ship, use Spacebar to drop bombs on submarines.
Antiaircraft Battery on Games For Boys Antiaircraft Battery
Antiaircraft battery is in action. Prevented paratroopers reach to the ground, they can infiltrate easily and they can destroy the cannon. Whenever you lose projectile and did not find the target, it will get negative points! Use the left and right arrow keys to move the cannon and Space to shoot. Nowadays, sabotage is the most powerful weapon in the war.
AO War On Iraq on Games For Boys AO War On Iraq
Shoot down Iraqis, tanks, and everything you see using AK Machine guns.
AO-War On Iraq on Games For Boys AO-War On Iraq
Shoot down Iraqi Terrorists, Jeeps, Grenaders and hostile villagers using AK Machine guns.
Apple Shooting Skill on Games For Boys Apple Shooting Skill
Apples are good for little boys, they need to eat them on the daily basis for Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and dietary fiber. Today we will hunt for falling apples. Move the target and shoot the falling apples to increase your score. Put the target slightly below to catch the fruit in the air. Use the mouse.
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