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Birthday Mahjong Conjoin on Games For Boys Birthday Mahjong Conjoin
Mahjong connections work better when they are taken for a birthday. Boys, it is time to make all possible combinations in this colorful game Asian game. Connect identical tiles to each other to clear the board. Each connection can have no more than two turns. Use the mouse to play!
Blast Magus Rhinestone on Games For Boys Blast Magus Rhinestone
Mismatched diamonds have no value for connoisseurs. The boys will match them will match according to the value. Blast gems and make combos to clear all the obstacles, earn golden stars and win the title! Gems will clear in groups of the same color. Look for the special shapes shown next to the board for combos! Use the mouse!
Blend Doodle Eggs on Games For Boys Blend Doodle Eggs
like bombs and we need to ensure that we will get points by carefully match them to disappear from the game. It's like a matching tetris for creative boys. Match three or more eggs of the same color in horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines to make them disappear. Use arrow keys.
Blending Flower Power on Games For Boys Blending Flower Power
Flower power was a movement of passive resistance. Today we will play with the scent of flowers in this game of matching by color, time and aspect. Help the garden bloom by collecting flower petals. Use special power ups! Drag and drop the flowers to make matches with other similar flowers.
Blocky Blocky Xmas Match on Games For Boys Blocky Blocky Xmas Match
The identity of these blocks must be discovered in the following moments. Boys, match everything that comes your way. Collapse blocks by clicking on horizontal or vertical groups containing 3 or more of the same Christmas items. The amount of points you can get for a collapse is shown at the bottom of the screen when you hover the mouse over a group of items. Move to the next level by reaching the target score for each level. Use the mouse to play this game.
Blocky XMAS Comedy on Games For Boys Blocky XMAS Comedy
My Christmas themed game is endowed with all possible capabilities. Boys, enjoy the warmest December stories. You are the star and you are magnetic. Can you put all the Christmas tree blocks into place in 40 levels? Use cursor keys to move. Space/Return to high five Santa at the end of a level.
Bloons Bubbles With Tom on Games For Boys Bloons Bubbles With Tom
Tom and Jerry, the funniest cartoon characters in the world, have come into the world of boys with a new bubble shooter game. Only we control the color wheel. The most important thing is that you can understand and know how to properly fold the three balls in a row, and then they get the same of the same color. Use the mouse!
Blue Bubble Bloat on Games For Boys Blue Bubble Bloat
We need to sneak through a dizzying maze. Boys, take your time and have some fun! Avoid deadly bubbles. Shield bubble gives you protection for limited time, bomb bubble clears a path for you. Survive as long as you can and get the high score! Use the mouse to play this game.
Bobblin Goblin Matching on Games For Boys Bobblin Goblin Matching
A new character was rebranded in the world of games for boys. Bobblin The Goblin is all about matching, speed and finesse. But as every aspiring magic apprentice he wants to become a wizard. Guide his way through this Match 3 Puzzle game and help Bobblin to level up, gain new magic skill and perfect them on his way to wizardomness. Use the mouse!
Bomboozle Boooom on Games For Boys Bomboozle Boooom
Bomboozle is an explosive puzzle for boys capable of agility and responsiveness. Find a group of three or more blobs of the same colour, then click and drag to draw a line connecting them. Click on bombs to detonate them, but be careful not to run out of moves!
Border of Galactic Gems on Games For Boys Border of Galactic Gems
Recently discovered gems in this forgotten corner of the Universe need some help from boys, to select them, to organize them by color, size and grammage. Swap adjacent gems to make matches of 3 or more in vertical or horizontal lines. Clear all background bricks to proceed to the next level. Create powerful bonuses and have some matching fun. Try to score as much points as possible. Use the mouse!
Boys Memory Boost on Games For Boys Boys Memory Boost
Improve your memory using this charming game. We have memory-boosting tricks for boys of all ages. In this game you need to open the cards in an order so that two same card get opened continuously. If you open different cards continuously both cards get closed automatically. Use the mouse and find them all in minutes.
Brainy Halloween Match on Games For Boys Brainy Halloween Match
Halloween is not an official holiday but it is always fun and creative. Halloween means pumpkins, October 31, trick-or-treating, beautiful memories of autumn and many handmade items. Boys must match all Halloween crafts quickly and flawlessly. Use the mouse and match all of the pictures.
Brick Are Easy to Match on Games For Boys Brick Are Easy to Match
Endless walls consist of colored blocks should disappear into a mix of oblivion and new. Boys are invited to enroll in this matching adventure. Click groups of two same colored blocks and try to clear the board. To get a bigger bonus when you destroy a group of equally colored bricks, it is better to have as many bricks as possible. Use the mouse.
Bright Jewel Mysteries on Games For Boys Bright Jewel Mysteries
A new type of diamond is about to be revealed. This is a matching game enveloped in color and dexterity. A young magus is gathering jewels for her magical powers in a dark and gloomy magical forest. She must collect magical jewels that hold elements such as fire, earth, water and thunder. You must remove jewels by clicking on groups of 3 or more jewels. Use the mouse and match them all!
Bright Memo Match on Games For Boys Bright Memo Match
The memory can be tickled and perfumed with interactive and colorful games. In this game you need to collect all the cards on the board. If you open different cards continuously both cards get closed automatically. If you are opening a card for first time, there will not be any score penalty, but opening cards again and again will make your score reduced. Use the mouse!
Bubble Harm Compound on Games For Boys Bubble Harm Compound
Matching balloons with bubble shooter means that a fabulous game is about to emerge. All boys must participate and to beat all possible records. Shoot the bubbles to make as many matches as possible in this fun puzzle game. Match them all and make them disappear forever. Use the mouse to play.
Bubble Match in Trinigo on Games For Boys Bubble Match in Trinigo
Break them all and shoot down the balls of the same color. Boys will relax and will enjoy this great bubble shooter matching venture. The main objective of the game is to shoot shoot the orbs to make set of 3 or more. Try the best to fill the points bar to finish the level. Use the mouse to play this game.
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