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Calculating Area on Games For Boys Calculating Area
Calculating Area and games for smart boys. Use your mouse and add the correct answer. I think you are able to do lightning calculations in your head. Solve your basic math problems in this educational game for little boys.
Canada on Games For Boys Canada
Learn More about Canada on Games for Boys, vast and diverse geography of Canada
Cartoon Coloring Buddy on Games For Boys Cartoon Coloring Buddy
Cartoon characters live in a colorful world. Without color, their universe is a sad story. The boys are here to paint for fun. Here is the best chance to check your coloring skill! Winnie the Pooh is out for a trip to the jungle and is having some chat with his friends.Make them appear colorful! Use the mouse, be creative and have some fun!
Cell Functionality on Games For Boys Cell Functionality
You are a single celled organism. Collect centrosome and move around. Build a cell, fight against the virus and survive in different worlds. Save the species! This game is played using the mouse and keyboard.
Chairman Quiz on Games For Boys Chairman Quiz
Today we will test your general knowledge with a quick quiz. Let's see what you know about the State President, waterfalls, wars and cars. In this game your task is to find the correct answer for the given question. Focus and show us what you know!
Check Medieval Paintings on Games For Boys Check Medieval Paintings
During the Renaissance have appeared the greatest painters of humanity. Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Sandro Botticelli and Giovanni Bellini left behind masterpieces that have comforted dozens of generations. Use the mouse to find the hidden images in the pictures of paintings!
Children Learn Words on Games For Boys Children Learn Words
Children Learn Words in games for boys. Learn words and improve your vocabulary with our English learning games for little boys.
Choose Your Fruit on Games For Boys Choose Your Fruit
Fruits should become a daily routine for boys. Everyone should eat bananas, oranges, tangerines, figs, apples, pears, strawberries or cherries. This game helps create a friendly relationship with fruits. Choose the several fruit or animal that provided beside with click and drag the rope that connected between the question and answer. When you finishing it, click OK button. Use the mouse and eat your daily fruit!
Christmas Scramble Puzzle on Games For Boys Christmas Scramble Puzzle
In these times of celebration must not forget to do educational exercises. Arrange correct words as globes, ornaments, celebration, Christmas, reindeer. You have to solve all the Christmas scramble words. Click and drag the letters to the place holder and click CHECK. A box will appear on top to say whether the word is correct or not.
Christmas Typing Lesson on Games For Boys Christmas Typing Lesson
Santa will bring more gifts if you learn to write faster. Even if it is vacant now, we should not forget the school. The boys must learn to write quickly and correctly, in difficult conditions, under pressure. This wonderful holiday can make you smarter. Enjoy a typing game with Christmas theme. Have a smart Xmas!
Cities in France on Games For Boys Cities in France
Where is Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Strasbourg or Montpellier. Can you find all the cities in France on the map ? Test your knowledge of French geography in this quiz game! When given the name, click the part of the map you think the city is in. Try to get the city in as little tries as possible.
Cities in Germany on Games For Boys Cities in Germany
Learn the most important cities of this European country. See how well you know the cities of Germany in this quiz. When the game gives you the name of a city click the dot where you think the city is located. Learn more about Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main or Stuttgart.
Civic Europe on Games For Boys Civic Europe
We need to test your geography knowledge. Today we will learn more about ancient European cities. Guess the correct country in Europe for which current city is capital. You will get points for your performance. You must achieve higher than 85 percent in order to finish the game. Use the mouse and learn some things!
Civil Geography Quiz on Games For Boys Civil Geography Quiz
Boys need to learn as much about the world we live in, learn about capitals, countries, cities and villages. Answer correctly to these questions and try to multiply your knowledge. Test your geographical skills with this geography quiz, and try to score a higher score. Use the mouse to interact in the game.
Classic Cinema Quiz on Games For Boys Classic Cinema Quiz
Boys need to know as many things about art cinema and its heroes. Travel in time throughout the history of cinema with Llama. Answer the questions and learn interesting facts from film history from the very beginning till modern times. The questions include such topics as directors, film plots, soundtracks, characters, props. Use the mouse to play the game.
Classic Quiz Trivia on Games For Boys Classic Quiz Trivia
Classic Quiz Trivia for smart guys who played the most popular games in recent years. Online games for boys who need to learn in extracurricular activities. Go back to school for a few questions about game history.
Clocks Gears And Pins on Games For Boys Clocks Gears And Pins
Watches fascinates us by thoroughness and mechanical mechanisms, those tiny parts are spinning to infinity. Boys must make way through this Lilliputian mechanism and to come to an end. Reach the exit with the marble by rotating with the arrow keys. Avoid hitting the sharp pins and the generators.
Close To Ten on Games For Boys Close To Ten
Practice estimatation to the nearest ten using this table. Education is a flower that you have to soak every day. You can improve your math skills with this interactive game. Use the mouse and click submit! Have fun!
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