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Zuma For Footballers on Games For Boys Zuma For Footballers
Football is one of the most popular sports on Earth. Zuma is one of the biggest online attractions. Together, they can make an unbeatable team. Play Zuma in this sport setting, with a stadium full of fans in the back. Use your mouse to click on launch the balls! Have fun with zuma!
Zuma For Honey on Games For Boys Zuma For Honey
The bear really needs honey and wants to solve this challenge, in bubble shooter style. Shoot similar color balls and have all the fun in the world. Teddy can use bomb balls, wall or black bombs. Use the mouse!
Zuma Fruition on Games For Boys Zuma Fruition
Fruits are vital for our boys. Oranges, tangerines and minolele, apples and pears, bananas and kiwi, all these fruits have to be basic elements in the chemistry of our children. Today we combine a string of fruit with a Zuma mission. Move the mouse to control the direction and click on the left button to shoot. Shoot the fruits of the same color! Have another tasty fun with Zuma!
Zuma In Neon Light on Games For Boys Zuma In Neon Light
Zuma is back with a scientific episode. Neon was discovered in 1898 by William Ramsay and Neon lights were first made in 1911 by chemist Georges Claude. Since then, brightens our day full of records and champions. Destroy them balls of the same color and finish all the snake. The world Neon derived from neos, the Greek word for New. Use the mouse to aim and shoot!
Zuma In White Decor on Games For Boys Zuma In White Decor
Zuma is the solution to relax on a rainy day. Destroy yellow balls, green, red or blue, in groups of three or more. Zuma can lead to a never-ending journey to a simple and easy world. Use the mouse to shoot blobs in order to match them by group of 3 or more. Have fun with Zuma!
Zuma is Spinning on Games For Boys Zuma is Spinning
Zuma is a beautiful story that must end at some point. Shoot the magical balls and match them with three or more same colored balls to stop the chain. As many you break the more points you earn. Use the mouse!
Zuma on Jelly Ground on Games For Boys Zuma on Jelly Ground
A gelatinous Zuma easy stretches all over our screen. Zuma is specifically designed to relax and de-stress ourselves after a hard day. The more balls destroyed in one shot, the more opportunity to get new items. Destroy 3 or more balls in one shoot! Use the mouse to play this Zuma like venture!
Zuma Scathing Attack on Games For Boys Zuma Scathing Attack
Shoot with precision on balls of the same color to make the string disappear. The attack on these balls must be fast and devastating. Zuma is a relaxing game, full of vivid colors and quiet moments. Use the mouse to aim and shoot! Zuma is the best game in the world!
Zuma Ultimate Blast on Games For Boys Zuma Ultimate Blast
Zuma is a classic game, a bubble shooter with funny perspective. The explosion of these balls must be destructive. Shoot the same colored balls and let them all stunned! Zuma causes explosion of joy in our hearts. This crab has to prevent the color balls from entering its home. Use the mouse to control the situation and have fun!
Zuma With Donuts on Games For Boys Zuma With Donuts
Zuma is more fun with donuts flavor. Local donuts shop takes you to a tasty bubble shooter adventure. Shoot accurately and think you will eat all the donuts in the shortest time. Collect three or more doughnuts of the same color in one line. Try to get bonuses to increase the score, slow doughnut speed or fast shooting!
Zuma With Pigs on Games For Boys Zuma With Pigs
Pigs were bored and they decided to play zuma. It is a type of rapidly bubble shooter, requiring more concentration and dexterity. Use the sledgehammer on pearls of the same color. Eliminate all the balls to pass each level. Use the mouse!
Zuzu The Brave Elf on Games For Boys Zuzu The Brave Elf
On this delicate mission, our support is vital. Boys must be involved for the idea of justice and righteousness. For centuries, elves have co-existed with all manner of magical being in the lands of foof in perfect harmony. The elfan world have been thrown into imbalance and destruction is already spreading in the borderlands. The only way to restore world balance is to find the legendary chest and close it. Follow instructions and help them.
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