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Wonders of Science on Games For Boys Wonders of Science
Children must be pushed towards science through education. You have to tell stories about the great inventors, experiments of quantum physics and wonders of chemistry laboratory. You will get an average amount of both solar and wind power. Beware of the floods. Use the mouse!
Words and Phrases on Games For Boys Words and Phrases
An intelligent game for boys who want to develop their vocabulary. Fill the white squares with letters, forming words or phrases by using clues which lead to answers.
Words Are Flying on Games For Boys Words Are Flying
The Fast Typer in great learning games for boys. Type as quickly as you can all words on the screen. They will disappear as you type them and you hit Enter. You must win in this online typing competition.
Words Are The Key on Games For Boys Words Are The Key
For you to learn English as easily, little worms will help you in this mission. Find all words and learn how to pronounce them. Press the Start button, and then NEXT PLAY to start the game. Use your mouse and click left click on the letters to form the word written on the board.
Words from Words on Games For Boys Words from Words
The words have all the answers. Words and letters are the best friends of creative boys. Find the words disappearing in the sands. There are hundreds of bottles showing up on the shore, so let's see what words have formed between the sea shells. Use the mouse and have some fun for summer!
Words Inspector on Games For Boys Words Inspector
You are the detective of precious words and you must rediscover unsuspected mysteries. Solve the mystery with the help of colour coded clues. The less time you take, the more points you will make! As the game progresses, the words get longer and the time gets shorter. Have all the fun in the world!
Words Not Bombs on Games For Boys Words Not Bombs
This game aims to teach boys to type quickly and accurately. We thought of a creative way to learn to type at the computer. Destroy enemies by pressing the correct letter on keyboard. Use Space for Panic Bomb, only if absolutely necessary, to destroy all at once. Check How to Play for more details.
Words Per Minute on Games For Boys Words Per Minute
Click the letters on the screen to break squares. Test your writing speed with this funny game. Letters flying like hawks when you write fast. In 15 to 30 minutes you will be using all your fingers - and without even peeking down at the keyboard! As a result the typing course will feel much easier.
Words With Honey on Games For Boys Words With Honey
The words are sweet and full of value. We gather and enjoy each of them in a few moments. Boys, enjoy the words, letters and words said from the heart. Form words to fill the jars with honey. Fill all jars in a level to advance to the next! At the end of every level your bee can upgraded to match your play style. Use the mouse to interact, use the keyboard to type!
World Atlas Quiz on Games For Boys World Atlas Quiz
The boys must have geographical knowledge to help them to travel and enjoy life. This unique educational game that's perfect for geography learning. The main objective is guessing the names of countries, capitals and flags. Click on the flag, country name or capital name to answer each quiz question. Have fun learning!
World Chess Trap on Games For Boys World Chess Trap
Chess is a game of wise minds, for smart boys, for the geniuses. Be like Garry Kasparov, Anatoly Karpov or Mikhail Botvinnik. On each board you must click on safe squares to place your pieces on. Enemy pawns attack downward diagonally. If you click on a square under attack or you run out of time, you lose a life.
World of Pinocchio on Games For Boys World of Pinocchio
A new game with Pinocchio on Games for Boys, try to Examine your observing skil, find Hidden Objects, observation skills are critically important to success.
Xmas Flavours of Math on Games For Boys Xmas Flavours of Math
Christmas and math were always in a perfect symbiosis. Boys, we must interact with the elements around us. Playing this game is very simple. Inside game, you can see two panels; on left hand side: Shop Panel and on right hand side: Click on an item in the shop panel to purchase it. Click on an item in Cart panel to remove it from cart. Purchasing or returning an item will affect the amount of money you have. Your money is displayed on bottom left corner of screen. Use the mouse to play!
Zecora Zebra Coloring on Games For Boys Zecora Zebra Coloring
For a while, I live in a hut in the Everfree Forest. I urgently need plenty of color for a much better mood. I am Zecora, a little pony who lives in a sort of hut in the forest Everfree. Choose your favorite colors, be creative and make her happy.
Zero Math Logic on Games For Boys Zero Math Logic
Math go hand in hand with logic. Boys will make a colored foray into the fascinating world of numbers. We have a math game where youíll try and reduce a Monsterís number to zero using math guns. This is about addition, subtraction and multiplication. Shooting a gun will apply the gunís number and operator to the Monsterís number. So if you shoot a gun with ď+10Ē on it, 10 will be added to the Monsterís number. Plan ahead as a gun can only be fired once per level. Using fewer guns to bring the Monsterís number to zero will give you a higher score.
Zoological Memory Deluxe on Games For Boys Zoological Memory Deluxe
We have hundreds of animals in our memory. The boys have to match them in a predetermined order. Animals are angels who live among us. In this game you need to open the cards in an order so that two same card get opened continuously. If you open different cards continuously both cards get closed automatically. Use the mouse!
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