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Cool (2039)
A Strong Throw on Games For Boys A Strong Throw
Help the goblin reach the treasure to enrich and to be happy. A strong throw can bring you many points. Up there in the air, this goblin is the happiest.This game is played with the mouse and the Space Bar.
A Thousand Shining Coins on Games For Boys A Thousand Shining Coins
A Thousand Shining Coins cool games for boys, behind the fruits icons there will come out some surprise bonus for you such as power strength and higher jump. There are some enemies walking form one side to another. Be careful not to touch them or you will lose your life, free games for boys.
A True Rocker on Games For Boys A True Rocker
Rock is the music that has remained over generations. Led Zeppelin, Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Metallica or Nirvana, all these big names have contributed to building the personality of this boy in our game. Follow on screen instructions and rock!!!
Accessorize The Pony on Games For Boys Accessorize The Pony
The pony wants to look increasingly better. When she is a pony, you could change her skin color, manes and tails, etc. The pony require interesting clothing accessories. They are both so cute! Use the mouse to play this game.
Adorable Baby Bath on Games For Boys Adorable Baby Bath
The baby-sitters club is ready to accept a new member. Requirements for babysitting‎ are well established and not everyone is fit for this mission. Jump into the shoes of a babysitter and start taking care of this adorable baby. Place him in a tub and give him a nice bath. After making the baby fresh, you can dress him up in stylish outfits and make him play with his toys. Use the mouse!
Adorable Cat Makeover on Games For Boys Adorable Cat Makeover
Cats need our full attention. Your cat was playing in the backyard with you and, after a few hours, her fur and legs were filled with grease and dirt. Give her a bath and proper grooming. Dress up the cat in its chic outfits and accessories. Make your pet cat cute with a makeover and have some fun with this game. Use the mouse!
Adorable Kids On The Beach on Games For Boys Adorable Kids On The Beach
This is the best time of day for some memorable memories on the beach. Boys, we choose the cutest accessories, clothes and other items for the beach. Try the ultimate guide to having your best beach day ever. Those are cute kids on the beach! Dress them up its fun! Use the mouse to play this one.
Advanced Eye Surgery on Games For Boys Advanced Eye Surgery
Children's eye care basics will instill in these games. Today, our friend going through difficult times. She went to the doctor and he said that she has to go through an eye surgery. We must use the skills of future physicians and solve the case. She is really scared about this situation. Use the mouse to play the game.
Adventure Time Character Dressup on Games For Boys Adventure Time Character Dressup
The nicest clothes are ready for Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Marceline the Vampire Queen and Earl of Lemongrab. Boys, we gonna be fashion designers, again and again. Adventure Time follows the adventures of a boy, Finn the Human and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake the Dog, who has magical powers to change shape and to change size at will. Use the mouse to interact!
Africa Multiplayer on Games For Boys Africa Multiplayer
Africa Multiplayer cool games for boys Africa Multiplayer, use W D and S, best games for boys, Left arrow key to run elephant. Attention, you should wait until power gauge is full before unleashing elephant! Send as many elephants as you can to your enemy’s camp. When time is up, you will have your highest score.
Agrarian Realities on Games For Boys Agrarian Realities
Tractor shall carry fruits and vegetables. Fresh games for boys that deal with agriculture. They must not fall because it will damage. Fruits and vegetables should not miss the daily diet of boys.
Agricultural Troubles on Games For Boys Agricultural Troubles
Agricultural world hit an unprecedented problem. Evil Professor Ivan Grishenko turns Farmer Ray's livestock into hordes of zombie animals who attack the farm. Peace and serenity mutate into havoc and chaos. Help Ray cleaning up his farm of the zombie creatures and teach Professor Grishenko a hard lesson!
Aircraft Protection on Games For Boys Aircraft Protection
You are the colonel of an anti-aircraft batteries and you must shoot enemy planes and defend your aircraft. Shoot as precise and be careful not wasting bullets. You must knock down all enemy aircraft and save the front line.
Airfield Guardian on Games For Boys Airfield Guardian
Defend your airfield in this bloody campaign that could decide the fate of the entire war. Collect coins, buy new airplanes for defense and shoot down all of the enemy planes advancing toward you. Place your defenses strategically for maximum results. Use the mouse to play! The airfield must be saved!
Airpane Coatings on Games For Boys Airpane Coatings
Awesome airplane paint jobs awaits us all in the near future. There are several color available and boys can demonstrate their creativity level. Get the brush with the mouse and have some fun in colors.
Airplane Battle on Games For Boys Airplane Battle
Airplane Battle cool games for boys, army games for boys great air battles free online games for boys, aircraft will follow the mouse, while left click to fire selected weapon, press spacebar to open the minimap, best games for boys refuel and repair buy weapons or select another aircraft.
Airplane Cleanup Team on Games For Boys Airplane Cleanup Team
American Airlines, Lufthansa or Delta Air Lines, all these companies need cleaning teams. This plane needs to be cleaned because the interior and exterior are in real mess. Use lubrication Remove unwanted things lying on the floor, do some electrical repair and set right the seats. Then clean the floor and passenger seats also. You have to clean the other cabin and also the cockpit. Use the mouse to play this game.
Airport Parking Vehicles on Games For Boys Airport Parking Vehicles
Airport Parking Vehicles and games for boys, cool online games with cars. Try your skills in this new plane parking game. You are the driver of a plane carrier vehicle and you have to maintain the order on the airport. Move the planes without crashing them and help them take off.
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