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Barnyard Personality Quiz on Games For Boys Barnyard Personality Quiz
Barnyard is an imaginative and creative character. Boys will face a funny quiz and will learn new things about him. Answer tricky questions by selecting either option, and the results of the answers you will present the image of a cartoon character, like you, of course, not the outside, in nature. Remember that joke test, use the mouse and finish the quiz.
Basic Mathematics on Games For Boys Basic Mathematics
Great online learning games for boys. Learn to make additions and subtractions to the speed of light. Click the mouse on the right answer and show us how smart you are. Interactive activities and practice exercise for little boys.
Basking Shark Colors on Games For Boys Basking Shark Colors
The basking shark, angel shark and the cookiecutter shark were chosen by the boys for a story about color and destiny. Sharks are more gentle around color. With your mouse, click on a color and then the area of the picture you would like to make that color. Use the mouse and make him smile! Have fun with colors!
Beat Barrel Balance on Games For Boys Beat Barrel Balance
The barrels have entered a competition able to change the laws of gravity. Balance is the only one who can change the fate of the game. The boys must interact with objects around and finish each level. Remove some blocks and turn others into groups of smaller blocks. Get rid of the barrels to win. Use the mouse to play this game.
Ben10 Skater Math on Games For Boys Ben10 Skater Math
Math and numbers will help us to get over this mission. We are looking for super-fun and creative ways to learn math facts. Take a ride with Ben on a skateboard. Solve math problems by clicking on the button with the correct answer, so that the character had time to settle accounts with the enemy. Use the mouse!
Best Domino Effect on Games For Boys Best Domino Effect
Best Domino Effect click on the deck to draw a new piece, read the instrucions at the begining of the game, best smart games for boys, optical illusions in dominoes, latest boys games about domino pieces falling in a spiral
Best Spelling Book on Games For Boys Best Spelling Book
Now we begin to learn about our favorite animals. The boys, along with their friend Dora, will step on the field of knowledge. When a picture appears on the screen, the word is spelled out beside it. Dora reads it aloud. Then Swiper swipes the letters! Fill in the blanks with the correct letters. Use the mouse!
Bibi's Maths Test on Games For Boys Bibi's Maths Test
Bibi Blocksberg wants better results at school and decided to enroll in tutoring every day. The boys will help her from time to time. In the first test you should set the figure at a certain limited space, the second - to fill in the cells missing numbers previously memorized them. Use the mouse, help Bibi and learn some things.
Big Cats Jigsaw on Games For Boys Big Cats Jigsaw
The mind of a clever boy must be train with puzzle pieces. Today we learn more about wild animals in the jungle. You can choose between a lion, tiger, lynx, leopard, jaguar, and others. To flip the piece of the puzzle you need to click on it twice. Use the mouse to play it.
Bike The Math on Games For Boys Bike The Math
When you pay attention to math class you can become one of the best bikers in the world. It makes sense? Click on the answer to the addition problem to speed up the bike. Choosing an incorrect answer will slow the bike down. Use the mouse, be exact, be fast and have some fun!
Binary Connect on Games For Boys Binary Connect
The boys, guided closely by faters, will complete a great adventure into the binary puzzle maze. Numbers gives us the most pleasant moments. Inspired by the beauty of numbers and math, Connect 21 was created to be an addicting brain teasing game, especially for math games lovers. Use the mouse!
Boxing With Math on Games For Boys Boxing With Math
Boxing and math and shook hands for educational games, creative way of learning numbers, for smart boys. The champion must respond correctly most of the time. Choose whether the operation to the left is more than equal to, or less than the operation to the right. Hit him 3 times for KO. Learn some things with gloves!
Brain Speed Exercises on Games For Boys Brain Speed Exercises
The brain must be trained every day, to be able to process information with extreme speed. This a new program to keep your brain to have the good reactions at the right time. When you see the right symbol on the screen, you have to press the right key. Use the keyboard to play the game!
Brain Wheels on Games For Boys Brain Wheels
It is a relaxing game for those who have had a difficult time. Press the right button at the right time and get to the end of the program. Boys need some peace for brain wheels to regenerate.
Brainy Addition Teaser on Games For Boys Brainy Addition Teaser
Numbers have a magic that lasts forever and the boys cand learn some important things from this story. For addition you need to first select 2 or more than 2 numbers by clicking on them. While adding you should ensure that either the selected numbers are same or the total of selected numbers should be equal to another number in the board. If you want to add some unequal number, the addition of those unequal numbers must be equal to another number present in the board. Use the mouse and follow on screen instructions for more details!
Brainy Frozen Quiz on Games For Boys Brainy Frozen Quiz
Frozen became the most popular animated film in years. The boys brags that they are the greatest fans in the world. How do we really know about Frozen? We have created the questions in such a way that in the end not only will you get your character, but also a short description of your personality. Use the mouse and answer correctly all your questions.
Brainy Smurf Typing on Games For Boys Brainy Smurf Typing
Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Hefty, Brainy and the Grouchy Smurf are invited to an educational game. The boys should help them learn to type faster. Type the correct letter and go to the next level. Watch out the letters will fall faster. Use the keyboard to play. Be fast, be smart, be good!
Calculated Hudles on Games For Boys Calculated Hudles
Morning training is sprinkled with a few math exercises. We must keep our mind and body healthy. Fences should be dropped by the mind! Answer simple math questions to jump hurdles. Type the correct answers to the math problems. Use the keyboard!
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