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Sports (737)
Dodge Ball on Games For Boys Dodge Ball
Game of dodge ball anyone?
Dodgeball (PC) on Games For Boys Dodgeball (PC)
Play dodgeball on your PC
Dogged Raft Surfer on Games For Boys Dogged Raft Surfer
Rafting champs are ready for competition. The boys will use the best paddle techniques to detach in final standings. Chimpoo's ready for a wet and wild rush of adrenaline...bring on the rapids! Use arrow keys to play this game.
Doggy Boxer on Games For Boys Doggy Boxer
Animals will try human sports. Today we see that there is a close connection between dogs and boxing. Click on the numbers that appear on the screen for the training to flow smoothly. The dog is about to enter the global competition if it passes this test. A boy can help with some basic moves. You are given the combination you want to play fast. The more closely the action, the sooner you send the opponent in the knockout.
Dolphin Match Arena on Games For Boys Dolphin Match Arena
Dolphin is an intelligent animal, always attentive to detail, color and other such. Use the mouse to rotate it and to shoot balls onto the string. Match 3 or more of the same color to make them pop. Use the mouse and the Spacebar to change the color!
Doraemon Bowling on Games For Boys Doraemon Bowling
Bowling is all about precision training and pleasure to play. Boys have recruited cartoon characters in this story. Doraemon is the first of them. Learn some bowling tips for beginners. If you're determined to become a master of the game of bowling, this is the day for you. Use the mouse to choose the direction, trajectory and power.
Doraemon Fishing on Games For Boys Doraemon Fishing
Double Hardcourt on Games For Boys Double Hardcourt
Sport gives birth to legends and beautiful stories, especially on gamesforboys. What could make basketball better? Punching! Player One, use arrow keys to move around and Space to shoot, Player Two--use WASD to move and 0 to shoot. Have some fun!
Downhill Adventure on Games For Boys Downhill Adventure
Ski downhill on a sled and avoid hitting objects.
Dragonball Z Pong on Games For Boys Dragonball Z Pong
Defeat your opponent in pong and you can shoot him as well!
Dread Rock on Games For Boys Dread Rock
Climb the cliff with limited tools
Drift Battle on Games For Boys Drift Battle
Drive And Dodge on Games For Boys Drive And Dodge
Drive and dodge away from the other car.
Drop Off on Games For Boys Drop Off
Dubai Sandboarding on Games For Boys Dubai Sandboarding
Use the arrow keys to ride and spacebar to jump. Cool recreational activity that takes place on sand dunes of Sahara, in new online challenges for the brave boys who want to try new sports. Sandboarding is the new cool!
Easy Skate Tricks on Games For Boys Easy Skate Tricks
Boardslide, dancer, ollie off kickers and the finger flip are tricks known only by professionals. In this game you are in the role of an experienced skater, complete all levels and pass dangerous obstacles. Try not to hit yourself falling from buildings and ramps and make tricks in the air to a higher score.
Egyptian Horse Riding on Games For Boys Egyptian Horse Riding
The Egyptian horse started trotting and galloping on games for boys. He is waiting to be ridden through dusty areas of the Sinai Peninsula. Jump over the discarded items, logs, bones and spines. Use arrow keys to play this game.
Elastic Soccer on Games For Boys Elastic Soccer
Unusual Soccer game, but fun to play.
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