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Explore Happy Candies on Games For Boys Explore Happy Candies
Candies are variants, different and always sweet. There are thousands of kinds of candy, all with different tastes. The boys will match today several dozen of them. Smash candies and earn mad points in this addicting matching game. Explore different lands and levels as you continue to chow down on yummy candies. Use the mouse and have all the fun in the world.
Factory Balls 3 Ways on Games For Boys Factory Balls 3 Ways
Our factory has produced balls that did not find their place in the delivery area. Boys, this is a match game with interesting ideas and shapes. A third set of levels to the unique puzzle series in which you must create the required balls by using each set of tools in the correct order. Use the mouse to interact with the game.
Familiar Faces Match on Games For Boys Familiar Faces Match
I wonder how careful we are to those around us, on their appearance and their smiling faces. Boys must always retain the friendly faces and to remember them. Swamp the faces to create a group. This is a simple and small bejeweled game, a great way to increase concentration, memory and attention. Use the mouse to play this game.
Fiat Car Differences on Games For Boys Fiat Car Differences
Fiat Panda Cross, Tipo Station Wagon, Fiat 595 Abarth 50th Anniversary and Fiat Panda, which are significant differences between them? Boys, this is a game for us, for those who love cars. You need to keep locate differences between the two pictures. You can turn off the time limitation if you want to play the easier way. Use the mouse! Good luck!
Fiat Chrysler Memory on Games For Boys Fiat Chrysler Memory
Chrysler is one of the most renowned car-makers in America. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles appeared in 2014 after a long-awaited merger. Boys can learn more about a great brand from our game. Locate differences between the two pictures in the limited amount of time! Use the mouse. Make sure that you donít make a mistake more than five times because that will make you fail.
Fiat Tipo Memory Match on Games For Boys Fiat Tipo Memory Match
Teaching memory training with car pairs can be fun. How quickly can you find two identical cars? Fiat Tipo Station Wagon and Fiat Tipo 5-door have some significant differences. Boys, let's find them in a few minutes Spot the identical pairs in each level. Match the pairs and get lucky! Use the mouse!
Find Cleopatra's Treasure on Games For Boys Find Cleopatra's Treasure
Cleopatra VII Philopator has fascinated the world for decades with her ​​fantastic stories. Boys will travel in time for a matching adventure, a mysterious journey's of undiscovered treasures and untold miracles. Match 3 or more items to form a line and to accumulate points. Use the mouse to play this match 3 game about active pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.
Findergarten Pets on Games For Boys Findergarten Pets
Animals are the funniest actors from the world of entertainment. Boys, this is another relaxing and comforting game. Each small photo is taken from the big one. You job is to find the source of the small photo inside the big photo. Find all five small photos to complete a level. Finish all 30 levels to win the game. Use the mouse!
Flibricks Cupid Items on Games For Boys Flibricks Cupid Items
Moments of love, hearts and grandson are brilliant and uplifting. The boys will fit them until the end. The essence of the test is that before us will line up in a row with the image tiles. We must remember them and as soon as they get on the playing field quickly open the same. For this, we will charge the experience points. Use the mouse!
Floral Garden Collapse on Games For Boys Floral Garden Collapse
Colorful garden is full of fragrant flowers and the boys should arrange them according to some well-established criteria. Your aim is to destroy the flowers as soon as possible before the timer turns off. Same colored flowers explodes when the comes near to each other. You can drag the flowers to possible vacant locations. Use the mouse to play!
Flower Shop Matching on Games For Boys Flower Shop Matching
A boy will learn how to be a florist. Starting a florist business is not hard, it is extremely difficult to have consistent sales every day. In the Match 3 game you have to collect all flower parts by swapping two flowers and then creating 3 in a row. Use the watering can for help. Use the mouse to play this game.
FooDoo Fit on Games For Boys FooDoo Fit
All marine items should be matched in groups of three or more. It's a relaxing game for those with distributive attention. The boys will have some fun. Match the color sequences strategically so that you gather larger groups to gain more points! oh and don't forget about the time! Use the mouse!
Football Brain Puzzles on Games For Boys Football Brain Puzzles
The most popular sport in the world has hundreds of brothers. Those boys are ready for the largest gathering ever. Eliminate all the blocks to let the player do the goal. To do this, find a group of horizontally or vertically adjacent similar blocks. Use the mouse and match them all.
Foreseen Puzzle Collapse on Games For Boys Foreseen Puzzle Collapse
The colored blocks tend to break easily and predictably. Each move must be anticipated in advance. A boy can clean all items in minutes. Can such clear the board in just three moves? Or sit puzzling for several hours? Intellect and intuition are necessary ingredients to maximize your success. Use the mouse!
Frozen Tribal Tattoos on Games For Boys Frozen Tribal Tattoos
Frozen heroes are becoming increasingly cool. Elsa and Anna are big fans of tribal tattoos. The boys must find a pair for each tattoo. This will be fun! Find matching pairs of cards by clicking on them. You will get point for every match. Use the mouse to play this one.
Fruit Harvesting Culture on Games For Boys Fruit Harvesting Culture
We need vitamins! A farmer wants to group all kinds of fruits in different baskets Boys can help in the early stages of this project. Press the left mouse button to start. Match fruits horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Make bigger chains to collect more fruits in single move! Use the mouse to play this game.
Fruit Monkey Mess on Games For Boys Fruit Monkey Mess
Monkeys have intervened in our game and the boys must bring the situation to normal. Boys should must bring the situation to normal. Remove groups of two or more same colored fruits and score points. Strike out all the fruits before hitting the monkey as you lose the game. Use the mouse!
Fruits Mahjong Connection on Games For Boys Fruits Mahjong Connection
What are the benefits of fruits on gamesforboys ? There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of them. Look for two identical tiles with a clear path between them. There cannot be more than two 90-degree turns between the tiles. Use your mouse to click one tile, then the other, to remove them from the board. Repeat until all tiles are gone.
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